2006 DI Regional Coaches of the Year

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announced its list of Regional Assistant Coaches of the Year for 2006. The award is intended to recognize a coach that fits one or more of the following criteria:

  • He/she has had outstanding success during the current season
  • He/she has demonstrated great team improvement from prior season
  • He/she has fulfilled his/her team potential
  • He/she has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and integrity as a coach
  • He/she is a current member in good standing of the CRCA
West Region

Head Coach: Jane LaRiviere, Washington State

Assistant Coach: Melissa Flint, Gonzaga

Central Region

Head Coach: Martin Stone, Notre Dame
Assistant Coach: Robbie Tenenbaum, Ohio State

South Region

Head Coach: Lisa Glenn, Tennessee

Assistant Coach: Caroline King, Texas

New England Region

Head Coach: Holly Hatton, Boston University
Assistant Coach: Cory Bosworth, Harvard

Mid-Atlatic Region

Head Coach: Lori Dauphny, Princeton

Assistant Coach: Helen Betancourt, Princeton