2007 DI All America Athletes

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announced its Pocock All-America teams for the 2007 season on Monday. The awards recognize the outstanding performances of rowers from each of the five Division I regions, organized into first and second-team selections.

Yale University, the 2007 NCAA National Champions, placed three rowers and their coxswain rowers on the first team.

First Team Selections
Name University
Rachel Dearborn Brown University
Alex Hammer Brown University
Anne Kennedy Dartmouth College
Ester Lofgren Harvard University
Gabriele Albertavituce Ohio State University
Annabelle Fago Ohio State University
Kristin Haraldsdottir Princeton University
Genevra Stone Princeton University
Elle Logan Stanford University
Vanessa Teff University of California, Los Angles
Megan Smith University of California, Berkeley
Krystina Sarff University of Central Florida
Jennifer Barnes University of Minnesota
Amanda Polk University of Notre Dame
Ligita Kaviere University of Southern California
Gabriela Varekova University of Southern California
Melanie Kok University of Virginia
Kerry Maher University of Virginia
Tess Gerrand Yale University
Rachel Jeffers Yale University
Jamie Redman Yale University
Emily Cleveland Yale University (coxswain)
Second Teams Selections
Name University
Katherine Brewster-Duffy Bucknell University
Emily Tvetenstrand Columbia University
Sarah Cooper Clemson University
Lia Hart Duke University
Kelly Steinhaus Gonzaga University
Laura Lee Larsen-Strecker Harvard University
Roz Bialczak Michigan State University
Katherine Glessner Northeastern University
Kaylie Towne Oregon State University
Kerry Birk Stanford University
Lindsey Spiese U.S. Naval Academy
Mara Allen University of California, Berkeley
Beth Daunhauer University of Louisville
Allison Marsh University of Notre Dame
Elizabeth McIntee University of North Carolina
Valerie Hutchins University of Pennsylvania
Lauren Cowan University of Southern California (coxswain)
Erin-Monique Shelton University of Tennessee
Cara Troelstra University of Virginia
Sarah Waterfield Washington State University