2007 Scholar Athlete Awards

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the scholar atheletes for the 2007 season. All student-athletes who achieved the criteria described below have been named CRCA National Scholar-Athlete.


·  The student-athlete has met all eligibility rules as defined by her institution

·  The student-athlete was in her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of eligibility

·  The student-athlete rowed in her institution’s NCAA or IRA eligible boat(s) for a minimum of 75% of the current spring races or racing in a regional conference event.

·  The Head Coach of the student-athletes institution was a member in good standing of the CRCA as of April 1, 2006.


·  The student-athlete has had a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher for her career (through the fall semester/quarter for the current competition year).

Last Name First name Institution GPA Majors Division
Dearborn Rachel Brown University 3.89 English Literature DI
Fison Elizabeth Brown University 3.52 Political Science DI
Hammer Alex Brown University 3.50 Developmental Studies DI
Saraidaridis Jeanette Brown University 3.90 Human Biology DI
West Devorah Brown University 3.50 Developmental Studies DI
Bird Sophie Bucknell University 3.54 Economics and Psychology DI
Henry Meredith Bucknell University 3.53 Animal Behavior DI
Roberts Laura Bucknell University 3.72 Mechanical Engineering DI
Shadle Susan Bucknell University 3.60 Biology and Psychology DI
Trayes Jennie Bucknell University 3.67 Economics and Spanish DI
Humphreys Elena California 3.60 Undeclared DI
Lou Kinder California 3.52 English DI
Bendik Megan Clemson University 4.00 Health Science DI
Borgan Caroline Clemson University 3.55 Health Science DI
Brendle Kimberly Clemson University 3.74 Psychology DI
Broeker Sarah Clemson University 3.51 Biological Sciences DI
Gamble Brittney Clemson University 3.58 Political Science DI
Hayward Sarah Clemson University 3.52 Political Science DI
Heiner Katherine Clemson University 3.60 Marketing DI
Jennings Elizabeth Clemson University 3.87 Psychology DI
McDaniel Melanie Clemson University 3.78 Special Education DI
Rau Nicole Clemson University 4.00 Biological Sciences DI
VanFleet Suzanne Clemson University 3.65 Early Childhood Education DI
Wait Kathryn Clemson University 3.52 Communications DI
Weinacker Kristen Clemson University 3.89 Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Mgt (2nd degree) DI
Young Julia Clemson University 3.50 Psychology DI
Carlson Kinsey Colgate University 3.56 Sociology DI
Kruse Sarah Colgate University 3.55 Biology DI
Reisman Ande Colgate University 3.52 Peace Studies DI
Remmer Meredith Colgate University 3.83 Pre-Med DI
Feldmeier Elizabeth Columbia University 3.67 Economics DI
Tvetenstrand Emily Columbia University 3.75 Mathematics DI
Pucher Jane Columbia University 3.78 Political Science DI
Kelly Jacqueline Columbia University 3.61 Political Science DI
Hartzell Madeline Columbia University 3.66 Architecture/French DI
Barton Virginia Columbia University- Barnard College 3.63 History DI
Baker Alyson Columbia University-Barnard College 3.67 English DI
O’Shea Bethany Columbia University-Barnard College 3.80 Africana Studies/English DI
Pearce Elizabeth Columbia University-Barnard College 3.52 Architecture DI
Fredrick Sarah Creighton University 3.66 Chemistry DI
Lindseth Nicole Creighton University 3.68 Exercise Science DI
Miyashiro Dayna Creighton University 3.64 Chemistry DI
Bergeson-Bradshaw Jamie Dartmouth College 3.84 Spanish DI
Bertucci Nicole Dartmouth College 3.63 Sociology DI
Bozzuto Laura Dartmouth College 3.66 Sociology DI
Dutko Katherine Dartmouth College 3.69 Linguistics DI
Harney Katherine Dartmouth College 3.61 Sociology DI
Kennedy Anne Dartmouth College 3.75 History/Film Studies DI
McConnell Claire Dartmouth College 3.60 Engineering DI
Ousterhout Brittany Dartmouth College 3.65 Environmental Studies DI
Twyman Kathryn Dartmouth College 3.98 Chemistry/Physics DI
Bogenschutz Allie Dayton 3.53 Public Relations and Marketing DI
Gates Allison Dayton 4.00 Middle Childhood Education DI
Heink Jeanna Dayton 4.00 Chemical and Materials Engineering DI
Leopold Susan Dayton 3.69 Early Childhood Education DI
Otte Maria Dayton 3.69 Computer Engineering DI
Sanders Kate Dayton 3.62 Mechanical Engineering DI
Shockey Marcie Dayton 3.53 Accounting DI
Weschler Katrina Duke University 3.53 Cultural Anthropology Major; Certificate in Markets & Management DI
DeJules Lisa Eastern Michigan University 3.51 Dietetics DI
Foust Arielle Eastern Michigan University 3.82 Speech & Lauguage Patholoty DI
Larder Katie Eastern Michigan University 3.50 Sociology DI
Logsdon Elizabeth Eastern Michigan University 3.77 Geography/Social Studies (secondary education) DI
Ohnmeiss Rebecca Eastern Michigan University 3.68 Nursing DI
Daniels Jennifer Fordham University 3.68 Mathematics DI
Gibbons Caroline Fordham University 3.84 American Studies DI
Kroetz Stacia Fordham University 3.86 Accounting DI
Roussil Jennifer Fordham University 3.86 International Political Economy DI
Clausen Casey George Mason University 3.50 Accounting, MIS DI
Dolan Kathleen George Mason University 3.60 Music Education DI
Fisher LeeAnn George Mason University 3.51 Nursing DI
Mockler Jennifer George Mason University 3.77 Anthropology, Chinese DI
Nelson Amelia George Mason University 3.53 Nursing DI
Wheatley Jordan George Mason University 3.74 Government & International Politics DI
Austin Elizabeth The George Washington University 3.52 Biology DI
Austin Katharine The George Washington University 3.82 Public Health DI
Feistritzer Jenna The George Washington University 3.65 International Affairs DI
Gordon Elizabeth The George Washington University 3.67 Environmental Studies DI
Larrimore Ashley The George Washington University 3.54 Religion, Biology DI
Scott Bonnie The George Washington University 3.89 Exercise Science DI
Shah Mansi The George Washington University 3.94 Biology DI
Calabro Rosemarie Georgetown University 3.52 Government; Spanish DI
Cesari Whitney Georgetown University 3.53 Human Science DI
Goldman Dana Georgetown University 3.71 Government DI
Hupp Margaret Georgetown University 3.76 Government, History DI
Lipperini Maria Georgetown University 3.56 English DI
Moldawer Lauren Georgetown University 3.58 International Health DI
Reahard Elizabeth Georgetown University 3.84 Finance & Marketing; French minor DI
Wang Samantha Georgetown University 3.79 Psychology; English minor DI
Nelson Cory Gonzaga 3.54 Business DI
Steinhaus Kelly Gonzaga 3.86 Psychology DI
Golden Katie Harvard University 3.50 Biology DI
Lubsen Julia Harvard University 3.80 Neurobiology DI
O’Brien Courtney Harvard University 3.50 Applied Math DI
Parfit Emily Harvard University 3.50 Engineering DI
Robinson Phoebe Harvard University 3.80 Applied Math / Physics DI
Blankstein Sarah Harvard University 3.66 History and Literature DI
Conyngham Sarah Harvard University 3.86 Special Concentration DI
Walro Kathleen Harvard University 3.92 Government DI
Beckham Kourtney Indiana University 3.68 Exercise Science DI
Spruell Madison Indiana University 3.78 Journalism and Kinesiology Concentration DI
Stebbins Laura Indiana University 3.83 Exercise Science DI
Young Stacey Indiana University 3.89 English with a Sociology minor DI
Johnson Ashley Indiana University 3.66 Business-Legal Studies DI
Carrel-Thomas Abigail Iona College 3.64 Political Science DI
Costa Veronica Iona College 3.54 English DI
O’Sullivan Amanda Iona College 3.75 Sociology DI
Rahon Cara Iona College 3.82 Chemistry DI
Van Gelder Melissa Iona College 3.92 Finance DI
Anderson Adelina Jacksonville University 4.00 Accounting DI
Sefton Audrey Jacksonville University 3.97 Studio Art DI
Cessna Melissa Kansas State University 3.62 Mass Communications DI
Davidson Danna Kansas State University 3.50 Nutritional Sciences DI
Dillon Kate Kansas State University 3.93 Nutrition & Exercise Science DI
Hart-Schwartz Magda Kansas State University 3.53 Nutrition & Exercise Science DI
Hoffman Heather Kansas State University 3.96 Communication Science & Disorders DI
Knoll Michael Kansas State University 3.94 Business Administration DI
Rice Bjai Kansas State University 3.77 Nutritional Sciences DI
Richman Kris Kansas State University 3.50 Biology DI
Roque Julia Kansas State University 3.63 Animal Science DI
Vogt Nicole Kansas State University 3.93 Architectural Engineering DI
Walter Liz Kansas State University 3.64 Family Studies & Human Services DI
Williams Kaci Kansas State University 3.63 Family Studies & Human Services DI
Alderson Nicole Louisville 3.67 Exercise Science DI
Allen Jen Louisville 3.96 Biology DI
Ardiel Anna Louisville 3.85 Exercise Science DI
Cers Laura Louisville 3.94 Accounting DI
Daunhauer Beth Louisville 3.94 Exercise Science DI
Grace Lisa Louisville 3.95 Nursing DI
Hagglund Kathryn Louisville 3.51 Exercise Science DI
Hamman Mallory Louisville 3.66 Exercise Science DI
Pelette Allison Louisville 3.72 Exercise Science DI
Van Zeyl Liz Louisville 3.66 Exercise Science DI
Austin Jill Loyola Marymount University 3.71 Communication Studies DI
Guion Amy Loyola Marymount University 3.92 Natural Science DI
Holzberger Kathryn Loyola Marymount University 3.61 Natural Science DI
Maloney Kathryn Loyola Marymount University 3.54 Business Administration DI
Nolan Becky Loyola Marymount University 3.69 Biochemistry DI
Allison Becky Marist College 4.00 Psychology DI
D’Aniello Lisa Marist College 3.93 Psychology/Special Ecucation DI
Eigenbrood Marissa Marist College 3.60 Communications/Public Relations DI
Foster Anna Marist College 3.95 Math w/French Minor DI
Page Christine Marist College 3.60 Communications/Advertising DI
Shoemaker Sarah Marist College 3.82 Communications/Public Relations DI
Wright Lindsay Marist College 3.76 Communications/Comm. Studies DI
Ainsworth Alice Mass. Institute of Technology 4.70 Brain and Cognitive Sciences DI
Fitzgerald Erin Mass. Institute of Technology 3.70 Mechanical Engineering DI
Greenlee Alison Mass. Institute of Technology 4.50 Mechanical Engineering DI
Lin Cynthia Mass. Institute of Technology 4.40 Mechanical Engineering DI
Liskovich Inessa Mass. Institute of Technology 4.70 Economics and Mathematics DI
Polak Samantha Mass. Institute of Technology 4.70 Chemical/Biological Engineering DI
Russo Genevieve Mass. Institute of Technology 4.70 Nuclear Science and Engineering DI
Sprague Leslie Mass. Institute of Technology 3.70 Civil Engineering DI
Wolcott Jane Mass. Institute of Technology 3.90 Linguistics and Philosophy DI
Brown Joanna Michigan State University 3.62 History DI
Burdick Kate Michigan State University 4.00 Kinesiology DI
Gamble Lauren Michigan State University 3.83 Biological Science DI
Peters Jenna Michigan State University 3.90 Kinesiology DI
Schmidt Sarah Michigan State University 3.81 Education DI
Yantovsky Tamara Michigan State University 3.86 Psychology DI
Armstrong Margaret University of Minnesota 3.54 Political science DI
Buskohl Jenna University of Minnesota 3.90 Pharmacy DI
Casey Catherine University of Minnesota 3.65 Art BA DI
Niemiec Erica University of Minnesota 3.96 Classical Civilization DI
Olson Sally University of Minnesota 3.59 Kinesiology BS DI
Vilmo Ashlee University of Minnesota 3.70 Biology DI
Weinzierl Mary-Ann University of Minnesota 3.68 Microbiology DI
Schumacher Kathryn MIT 4.5 / 5.0 Chemical Engineering DI
Brown Anna Murray State University 3.60 Chemistry DI
Delaney Karen Murray State University 3.72 Organized Communications DI
Benedetti Giulia Ohio State University 3.83 Psychology DI
Dymalski Andrea Ohio State University 3.50 Health Sciences DI
Haubner Simone Ohio State University 3.96 International Business DI
Mahler Justine Ohio State University 3.83 Engineering DI
Shepherd Jessica Ohio State University 3.63 Biology DI
Smith Chelsea Ohio State University 3.63 Social & Behavioral Sciences DI
Franceschi Rebecca Oregon State University 3.64 General Science DI
Hanway Claire Oregon State University 3.75 Human Development and Family Science DI
Ivey Jane Oregon State University 3.92 Exercise and Sport Science DI
O’Connell Erica Oregon State University 3.69 Animal Sciences DI
Penwell Melissa Oregon State University 3.71 Ethnic Studies DI
Towne Kaylie Oregon State University 3.68 General Science DI
Arbuthnot Margaret Princeton 3.50 Anthropology DI
Baumann Marcelline Princeton 3.50 Anthropology DI
Chambers Abigail Princeton 3.50 Psychology DI
Cody Elizabeth Princeton 3.60 History/ Pre-med DI
Nagy Luca Princeton 3.50 Anthropology DI
Piaskowy Sara Princeton 3.50 Engineering DI
Sachs Savannah Princeton 3.50 Psychology DI
Wood Carolyn Princeton 3.50 Molecular Biology/ Pre-med DI
Allan Cara Rutgers University 3.55 Agricultural Business DI
Berg Stephanie Rutgers University 3.60 Biology DI
Blessing Rachel Rutgers University 3.69 Latin American Studies, Anthropology DI
Coulter Kaitlin Rutgers University 3.60 Anthropology, Political Sci. DI
Miller Annikea Rutgers University 3.65 Russian Language and Literature, Political Science DI
Spero Melanie Rutgers University 3.63 Biotechnology DI
DeCindis Aleisha Sacramento State 3.65 History DI
Hill Krista Sacramento State 3.65 Liberal Studies DI
Kilby Alexxa Saint Mary’s College 3.52 Integral DI
Medved Whitney Saint Mary’s College 3.63 English DI
Pichelli Alessandra Saint Mary’s College 3.58 Kinesiology / Human & Health Performance DI
Timmer Johanna Saint Mary’s College 3.72 Integral DI
Anderson Lindsey Saint Mary’s College 3.66 Marketing DI
Dickson Christine San Diego State University 3.67 Child and Family Development DI
Drake Kaitlin San Diego State University 3.57 Political Science DI
Cieszkiewicz Ellen Southern Methodist University 3.95 Engineering, Mathematics DI
Brown Jenifer Stanford University 3.91 Human Biology BA DI
Coleman Meredith Stanford University 3.72 BA/MA in English with Psychology Minor DI
Morawetz Jennie Stanford University 3.74 BS Earth Systems with Japanese Minor DI
Prevost Olivia Stanford University 3.81 BA East Asian Studies DI
Reel Jessi Stanford University 3.60 Art BA DI
Vick Sarah Stanford University 3.56 (Undeclared) DI
Cruickshank Marilyn Stetson University 3.53 Aquamarine Science DI
Downing Karlyn Syracuse University 3.81 Health & Exercise Science DI
Benes Lane U of Wisconsin 3.57 Kinesiology DI
Holoyda Kathleen U of Wisconsin 3.93 Medical Microbiology & Immunology; Spanish DI
Lhost Jennifer U of Wisconsin 3.56 Biochemistry; History DI
Shiel Cecily U of Wisconsin 3.63 Chinese; International Studies DI
Boe Madeline U.S. Naval Academy 3.77 Honors Oceanography DI
Cote Diane U.S. Naval Academy 3.79 Chemistry DI
Hannon Kerry U.S. Naval Academy 3.90 Mathematics DI
McFarland Fiona U.S. Naval Academy 3.59 Honors Political Science DI
Ortman Catherine U.S. Naval Academy 3.93 Ocean Engineering DI
Ponce Daphne U.S. Naval Academy 3.77 Ocean Engineering DI
Roberts Sarah U.S. Naval Academy 3.50 Aerospace Engineering DI
Selbach-Allen Megan U.S. Naval Academy 3.87 Mathematics DI
Aiello Brittany University at Buffalo 3.73 Psychology DI
Barnum Catherine University at Buffalo 3.72 Studio Art Communication Design DI
Briggs Sheralyn University at Buffalo 3.93 Registered Accounting anDInternal Audit DI
Kenefick Heidi University at Buffalo 3.75 Nutrition Science DI
Minardo Diana University at Buffalo 3.50 Occupational Therapy DI
Witte Morgan University at Buffalo 3.71 Business DI
Wodzinski Ashley University at Buffalo 3.86 History DI
Wotawa-Bergen Adriane University at Buffalo 3.90 Electrical Engineering DI
Lee Elizabeth UCLA 3.64 Biology DI
Wachtel Leah UCLA 3.54 Political Science DI
Arcari Maria UMass 3.67 Psychology DI
Brewster Hannah UMass 3.80 Kinesiology DI
Burrill Airlina UMass 3.90 Human Nutrition DI
Guinan Tara UMass 3.57 Marketing DI
Kelly Erin UMass 3.69 Nursing DI
LeDoux Jeanine UMass 3.59 Bio/Chem DI
Lively Abigail UMass 4.00 Kinesiology DI
Malinkevich Anna UMass 3.50 Biology DI
Marsan Sarah UMass 3.55 Marketing DI
Mawn Amanda UMass 3.62 History DI
Papineau Gabrielle UMass 4.00 Kinesiology UG GPA: 3.66 DI
Plevock Karen UMass 3.78 Biology DI
Reynolds Emily UMass 3.58 Journalism DI
Welch Anna UMass 3.77 Legal Studies DI
Cotten Christin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 3.70 Public Policy Analysis DI
McIntee Lisy University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 3.80 Peace War and Defense DI
Mitzel Megan University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 3.58 Business Administration DI
Sasson Mary University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 3.50 Psychology DI
Sours Chandler University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 3.67 Biology DI
Spinks Adriann University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 3.55 Exercise Sports Science DI
Woodside Ruby University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 3.66 Chemistry DI
Allaway Katie University of Alabama 3.62 Nursing DI
Beaver Sarah University of Alabama 3.51 Chemistry DI
Frease McKenna University of Alabama 3.61 Marine Science/Chemistry DI
Lazarus Leigh Ann University of Alabama 3.72 Health Care Management DI
Liveoak Cristin University of Alabama 3.65 History DI
McClellan Christina University of Alabama 3.87 International Studies DI
Strojny Margaret University of Alabama 3.64 Art DI
Tippey Katherine University of Alabama 4.00 Economics DI
Bacci Laura University of Central Florida 3.68 Finance DI
Chapman Katie University of Central Florida 3.50 Undeclared DI
Pauls Caitlin University of Central Florida 3.56 Health Sciences DI
Riegel Erin University of Central Florida 3.82 Film Production DI
Rogers Tara University of Central Florida 3.62 Chemistry DI
Sarff Krystina University of Central Florida 3.67 English Education DI
Wiatt Taylor University of Central Florida 3.73 Sports & Fitness DI
Beebe Jessica University of Cincinnati 3.83 Criminal Justice DI
Coolbaugh Crystal University of Cincinnati 3.80 Biomedical Engineering DI
Idoine Julie University of Cincinnati 3.69 Communications/Organizational Leadership DI
Tremblay Elizabeth University of Cincinnati 3.63 Industrial Design DI
Wolff Ashley University of Cincinnati 3.60 Chemical Engineering DI
Beasley Katie University of Connecticut 3.88 Physiology and Neurobiology major DI
Bryant Stephanie University of Connecticut 3.68 Human Development and Family Studies DI
Dobbins Katie University of Connecticut 3.59 Pathobiology DI
Gates Heather University of Connecticut 3.68 Political Science DI
Mocko Kerri University of Connecticut 3.65 Biological Sciences DI
Beaufort Laura University of Delaware 3.63 History and Political Science DI
Bellumori Maria University of Delaware 3.82 Fitness Management DI
Gooding Katie University of Delaware 3.61 Biological Sciences DI
Hamski Lynn University of Delaware 3.84 Elementary Education DI
Lotrionte Nicolette University of Delaware 3.69 Poltical Science and Journalism DI
Off Camela University of Delaware 3.75 English Education DI
Plangemann Kenna University of Delaware 3.65 Political Science and History DI
Rivers Lana University of Delaware 3.71 Biological Sciences DI
Seeger Betsy University of Delaware 3.82 hotel, restaurant, anDInstitutional management DI
Strausser Justine University of Delaware 3.65 Biological Sciences DI
Keyes Brittany University of Iowa 3.72 Athletic Training DI
Lewis Emily University of Iowa 3.55 International Studies & Political Science DI
Wordelman Melissa University of Iowa 3.71 Art of International Studies DI
Colwell Karen University of Michigan 3.52 Physical Education, Health DI
Musto Michela University of Michigan 3.64 Statistics DI
Strzalkowski Kate University of Michigan 3.67 History DI
Boyle Meghan University of Notre Dame 3.52 Anthropology DI
Buck Lauren University of Notre Dame 3.82 Science Pre-Professional DI
Cassell Shannon University of Notre Dame 3.79 Theology DI
Copeland Erica University of Notre Dame 3.91 Political Science DI
Guzik Jessica University of Notre Dame 3.68 Classics DI
Keithley Sarah University of Notre Dame 3.59 Chemical Engineering DI
McNamara Mary University of Notre Dame 3.53 Marketing DI
Petnuch Laura University of Notre Dame 3.52 Accounting DI
Trezza Christine University of Notre Dame 3.55 Biochemistry DI
Bergquist Dana University of Rhode Island 3.60 Political Science/Elementary Ed. DI
Fulkerson Karin University of Rhode Island 3.79 Ocean Engineering/Marine Biology DI
McArdle Beth University of Rhode Island 3.52 Biology/ Secondary Education DI
Pruszynski Catherine University of Rhode Island 3.53 Animal Science/Biology DI
Schubert Stephanie University of Rhode Island 3.56 Chemistry/Chemical Oceanography DI
Sumners Lucy University of Rhode Island 3.62 Art History/Honors Program DI
Nudelman Amanda University of San Diego 3.70 Accounting/Finance DI
Shorey Samantha University of San Diego 3.56 Communications DI
Smith Robin University of San Diego 3.55 Political Science (Philosophy Minor) DI
Hextrum Robin University of Southern California 3.78 Neuroscience & Fine Arts DI
Marciszewska Kinga University of Southern California 3.71 Business Administration & Accounting DI
McIlvaine Julia University of Southern California 3.59 History DI
Richardson Cassie University of Southern California 3.94 Linguistics & Psychology & Broadcast Journalism DI
Tenscher Claire University of Southern California 3.53 Creative Writing DI
Davis Stephanie University of Tennessee 3.94 Social Work DI
Dobratz Nina University of Tennessee 3.84 College Scholars Progam/Honors DI
Hill Heather University of Tennessee 3.65 Civil Engineering DI
Howell Caroline University of Tennessee 3.51 Logistics DI
Shelton Erin-Monique University of Tennessee 3.50 Art DI
Shishkov Alexandra University of Tennessee 3.60 Nutrition DI
Bartz Danielle University of Texas 3.69 Double major in Spanish Honors/Government DI
Gloge Carly University of Texas 3.82 Studio Art DI
Kemp Katy University of Texas 3.54 Double major Psychology/Spanish DI
Krouse Caitlin University of Texas 3.71 Public Relations DI
McMahon Whitney University of Texas 3.67 International Business DI
Andrews Vanessa University of Tulsa 4.00 Geophysics and Mathematics DI
Bridge Allison University of Tulsa 3.80 Elementary Education DI
Burch Julie University of Tulsa 3.80 Psychology DI
Dooley Meaghan University of Tulsa 4.00 Exercise and Sports Science & Education DI
Jenschke Rebecca University of Tulsa 3.94 Nursing DI
Sechser Michelle University of Tulsa 3.83 Business Marketing DI
Bowman Corianne University of Washington 3.73 Psychology DI
McDermott Elena Villanova University 3.72 Honors DI
Niemczyk Jennifer Villanova University 3.88 Chemical Engineering DI
Eddy Mary Virginia 3.64 Pre-Med DI
Ellison Michelle Virginia 3.67 Nursing DI
Leigh Diane Virginia 3.55 Chemistry DI
Monaghan Chrissie Virginia 3.55 History DI
Mixter Caitlin Virginia 3.51 Religious Studies DI
Gibson Becca Washington State University 3.78 Communications DI
Homan Carey Washington State University 3.87 Accounting (Bachelor and Masters degrees completed DI
Rodriquez Tiana Washington State University 3.57 Marketing DI
Watt Cat Washington State University 3.52 Zoology DI
Canales Nicole West Virginia University 3.73 Political Science DI
Johnson Kristin Wisconsin 3.86 Undeclared DI
Koepp Stephanie Wisconsin 3.59 Landscape Architecture DI
Kuhn Kristin Wisconsin 3.68 Political Science/Environmental Studies DI
Cleveland Emily Yale University 3.80 History of Art/ French DI
Glandorf Lee Yale University 3.82 History DI
Glandorf Christine Yale University 3.62 History DI
Redman Jamie Yale University 3.76 History of Science DI
Salgado Suzanne Yale University 3.77 International Studies/ Latin American Studies DI
Arpin Claire Boston College 3.76 Economics DI
Hindle Patton Boston College 3.55 English & Art History DI
Maciolek Tracy Boston College 3.92 Secondary Education DI
Orofino Elizabeth Boston College 3.61 Early Childhood Education & Human Development DI
Barkan Sophie Northeastern University 3.73 Graphic Design DI
Griffeth Ashley Northeastern University 3.63 Sociology, Spanish DI
Kava Lauren Northeastern University 3.63 Pre Med/Biology DI
Ketcham Jillise Northeastern University 3.83 Criminal Justice DI
Ortez Emily Northeastern University 3.56 Nursing DI
Sanders Svenja Northeastern University 3.85 Business Administration DI
Sparano Meredith Northeastern University 3.93 Criminal Justice DI
Zubrowski Pia Northeastern University 3.80 Business Administration DI
Bartos Jessica University of Pennsylvania 3.90 History DI
Beitler Anne-Marie University of Pennsylvania 3.58 Nursing DI
Fox Laura University of Pennsylvania 3.54 Art History DI
Purdy Kathryn University of Pennsylvania 3.70 Marketing DI
Griffin Sarah Cornell University 3.50 Animal Science DI
Bucholz Eleanor Cornell University 3.60 Biology DI
Russo Elizabeth University of California, Davis 3.71 International Relations DI
Lautze Lucianna University of California, Davis 3.65 Mathematics DI
Thomas Brooke University of California, Davis 3.52 Biochemistry and English DI
Schulze Sarah University of California, Davis 3.51 Political Science DI
Mackenzie Sarah Dowling College 3.72 B.A. English DII
Johnson Jennifer Florida Tech 3.86 Marine Biology DII
Purvis Rachel Florida Tech 3.76 Marine Biology DII
Barnhart Rachel Humboldt State University 3.87 DII
Duwell Ashley Humboldt State University 3.71 Nursing DII
Gress Carol Humboldt State University 3.84 DII
Kwan Hilda Humboldt State University 3.65 Forestry DII
May Elan Humboldt State University 3.61 English DII
Miks Colleen Humboldt State University 3.58 Fisheries Biology DII
Nowel Clare Humboldt State University 3.74 Kinesiology DII
Bogart Ali Mercyhurst College 3.66 Bio-chemistry DII
Handzel Michele Mercyhurst College 3.60 Pre-Pharmacy DII
Dzhupanova Miglena Nova Southeastern University 3.66 Pre-Med Biology DII
Liput Taylor Nova Southeastern University 3.78/4.0 Psychology/Cross Disciplinary Studies DII
Kathleen Broom Rollins College 3.91 English DII
Kelly McNoldy Rollins College 3.61 Critical Media Studies / Art -Minor DII
Gosling Sarah University of California, San Diego 3.50 Sociology and Cognitive Science DII
Hansen Kelly University of California, San Diego 3.50 Communications DII
Hatlen Megan University of California, San Diego 3.86 Bioengineering/Biotech DII
Myers Jennifer University of California, San Diego 3.53 Human Biology DII
Shaffer Kim University of California, San Diego 3.84 Human Biology DII
Switick Monica University of California, San Diego 3.53 Human Biology and Music DII
Urbanczyk Caryn University of California, San Diego 3.54 Bioengineering DII
Auriemma Gina Western Washington 3.92 Communications DII
Coon Audrey Western Washington 3.93 Spanish- Elementary DII
Ritchie Nicole Bates College 3.61 Chemistry DIII
Voeller Gabrielle Bates College 3.62 Chemistry and Environmental Studies DIII
David Shannon Chapman University 3.65 English Literature DIII
Perring Kim Chapman University 3.80 Psychology DIII
Westwood Claire Chapman University 3.65 English Literature DIII
Atkind Elyse Colby College 3.77 Government DIII
Curtis Carolyn Colby College 3.50 Sociology DIII
Hudnut Mariah Colby College 3.64 International Studies DIII
Scott Justine Colby College 3.75 Biology, Government DIII
Freitag Britt Hamilton College 3.60 Theater DIII
Pallin Catherine Hamilton College 3.80 Spanish DIII
Chesney Alexandra Ithaca College 3.50 Exploratory DIII
Edley Stephanie Ithaca College 3.69 Sociology DIII
Hoover Lara Ithaca College 3.50 Mathematics DIII
Hopkins Amanda Ithaca College 3.51 Exercise Science DIII
Krug Jessica Ithaca College 3.57 Exercise Science DIII
Mateskon Julia Ithaca College 3.81 Cinema Photography DIII
Morris Kristin Ithaca College 3.97 Physical Therapy DIII
O’Driscoll Catherine Ithaca College 3.67 Journalism DIII
Smith Hilary Ithaca College 3.78 Physical Therapy DIII
DeMare Laura Johns Hopkins University 3.67 Molecular & Cellular Biology DIII
Hoy Allison Johns Hopkins University 3.80 Neuroscience DIII
Williamson Rebecca Johns Hopkins University 3.74 Neuroscience DIII
Hart Katie Lewis & Clark College 3.93 DIII
Bacon Emily Mills College 3.67 Bio-Chemestry & Molecular Biology & Women’s studies minor DIII
Van Meir Shannon Mills College 3.62 Studio Art (Photography) & Philosophy Minor DIII
Wang Mailee Mills College 3.59 Political, Legal, Economic Analysis (Social Justice) DIII
Center Elissa Mount Holyoke College 3.55 Neuroscience DIII
Cote Paige Mount Holyoke College 3.52 Physics DIII
Gray Sarah Mount Holyoke College 3.86 Neuroscience DIII
Green Whitney Mount Holyoke College 3.61 Psychology DIII
Ouellette Katie Mount Holyoke College 3.53 Studio Art DIII
Anderson Kari North Park University 3.60 Elementary Education DIII
Donnelly Amanda North Park University 3.63 Psychology DIII
Safstrom Annika North Park University 3.70 Athletic Training DIII
Stromquist Jennifer North Park University 3.73 Spanish & Psychology DIII
Hannity Jenna Pacific Lutheran University 3.87 Nursing DIII
Jenkins Katherine Pacific Lutheran University 3.82 Physics DIII
Knutson Audrey Pacific Lutheran University 3.84 Political Science, Norwegian, Global Studies DIII
Warren Savannah Pacific Lutheran University 3.53 English: Creative Writing DIII
Bryant Eliza Smith College 3.78 Government DIII
Lee Jeana Smith College 3.60 Chemistry DIII
Pheiffer Chantel Smith College 3.72 Government DIII
Robinson Kathryn Smith College 3.50 Chemistry DIII
Schlenker Lela Smith College 3.85 Biology DIII
Taylor Emily Smith College 3.62 Government DIII
Benfield Kathryn Trinity College 3.67 Hispanic Studies DIII
Case Eveline Trinity College 3.50 Undeclared DIII
Friendsmith Augusta Trinity College 3.53 Hispanic Studies & American Studies DIII
Gordon Katie Trinity College 3.85 International Studies: Latin American/Caribbean & Hispanic Studies DIII
Knipple Hannah Trinity College 3.60 Neuroscience DIII
Denefrio Cassandra Union College 3.71 Biology DIII
Domnarski Kate Union College 3.74 Psychology DIII
Millar Heidi Union College 3.61 Psychology DIII
Paul Alexandra Union College 3.96 Biology DIII
Seeman Stephanie Union College 3.70 Biology DIII
Milam Julie University of Mary Washington 3.96 International Affairs and Economics DIII
Ostrow Ellen University of Mary Washington 3.57 American Studies, Human Rights DIII
Anderson Taylor University of Puget Sound 3.70 French DIII
Green Emma University of Puget Sound 3.80 Natural Science DIII
Keeler Larissa University of Puget Sound 3.53 English DIII
Onnis Nicola University of Puget Sound 3.52 Spanish DIII
Scinta Bethany University of Puget Sound 3.52 Art DIII
Grillo Lola Vassar College 3.56 Environmental Studies DIII
Mixter Katy Vassar College 3.59 Environmental Studies DIII
Lapointe Jenna Washington College 3.62 Psychology DIII
Walburn Megan Washington College 3.88 English DIII
Lewandowski Jacqueline Wellesley College 3.60 Classical Civilizations & Economics DIII
Topic Adrienne Wellesley College 3.57 Biological Chemistry & Pre-Med DIII
Lauriat Elaine Wesleyan University 3.56 History DIII
Nebenhaus Amelia Wesleyan University 3.68 Classics DIII
Ogata Elizabeth Wesleyan University 4.14 Earth and Environmental Science DIII
Cristina Mulcahy William Smith College 3.61 Politics DIII
Dodge Michelle William Smith College 3.93 Environmental Science and English DIII
Loddengaard Kathryn William Smith College 3.55 Environmental Studies and Geoscience DIII
Brown Elissa Williams College 3.64 Psychology & Environmental Studies DIII
Conan Meg Williams College 3.92 Psychology, History & Neuroscience DIII
Weir Abby Williams College 3.53 Art History DIII
Hall Adrienne Willamette University 3.67 Anthropology DIII
Ralston Rebecca Willamette University 3.61 Rhetoric and Media Studies DIII
Arnold Traci Rutgers University at Camden 3.83 Political Science & Criminal Justice DIII