2008 DI All Region Athletes

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announced its All-Region teams for the 2008 season on Tuesday. The awards recognize the outstanding performances of rowers from each of the five Division One regions, organized into first and second-team selections.

University of California, the nation’s top-ranked team in the latest US Rowing/CRCA poll, placed five rowers total on the first and second teams from the West Region. Three of the selections were first-team for the Golden Bears, including the coxswain and one second team selection. Stanford University is ranked fifth and placed four athletes two first team and three second team including their coxswain.

In the Central Region, sixth-ranked Michigan State University placed four rowers and their coxswain on the All-Region first or second teams.

In the Mid-Atlantic Region, Princeton University the eighth ranked crew produced four All-Region selections. The Tigers had three first-team selections and one athlete on the second team.

In the South Region, fourth-ranked University of Virginia placed three athletes and coxswain on the first team and an additional athlete on the second team.

In the New England Region, second-ranked Brown University who are the 2007 NCAA Team Champions placed five athletes, four first team and one second team selection. Yale University, the defending National Champions in the Varsity 8; had four total All-Region selections, including two on the first team and two on the second team.


West Region
1st Team
Mara Allen: University of California
Taryn O’Connell: University of California
Candice Rediger: University of California
Jessie Reel: Stanford University
Stephanie Morrison: Stanford University
Irena Neffeova: Washington State University
Krista Ellis: University of California
Liene Bertasjus: University of Southern California
Ashley Jones: University of Washington
Kaylie Towne: Oregon State University
Hannah McLintock: Gonzaga University
Vanessa Teff: University of California Los Angeles
Coxswain: Karin Brevick: Washington State University

2nd Team
Lou Kinder: University of California
Adrienne Frisch: Stanford University
Lauren Hofmayer: Stanford University
Tiana Rodriquez: Washington State University
Diana Ivanova: University of Southern California
Jenifer Brown: Stanford University
Jacquelyn Harris: University of San Diego
Aimee Chenard: Sacramento State University
Coxswain: Kara Farquharson: University of Washington

Central Region
1st Team

Gabriele Albertaviciute, Ohio State University
Adrienne Mecham, University of Michigan
Joanna Brown, Michigan State University
Kate Burdick, Michigan State University
Karen Colwell, University of Michigan
Anne Cowan, Michigan State University
Lori Gordon, University of Michigan
Amanda Polk, University of Notre Dame
Ellie Benson, Indiana University
Coxswain: Kathryn Bitz, Michigan State University

2nd Team

Patricia Goodeman, Ohio State University
Jennifer Barnes, University of Minnesota
Emily Regan, Michigan State University
Julie Sobolewski, University of Notre Dame
Caitlin Trumble, University of Michigan
Sarah Allison, Eastern Michigan University
Bjai Rice, Kansas State University
Coxswain: Laura Dunn, University of Michigan

1st Team

Katherine Brewster-Duffy, Bucknell
Jennie Trayes, Bucknell
Kristin Haraldsdottir, Princeton
Lauren Wilkinson, Princeton
Sara Hendershot, Princeton
Meg Gilley, Pennsylvania
Gracie Kaplan-Stein, Pennsylvania
Ally Doodeman, Syracuse
Emily Tvetenstrand, Columbia
Fiona McFarland, Navy
Laura Crotty, George Washington
Coxswain: Elizabeth Agnew, Princeton

2nd Team
Caitlin Doolin, Bucknell
Annie Gayman, Princeton
Rebecca Donald, Pennsylvania
Kristen Haneman, Pennsylvania
Natalie Mastracci, Syracuse
Sarah Marsan, Massachusetts
Regine Adriene, Delaware
Coxswain: Carey Sloane, Pennsylvania

South Region
1st Team

Jennifer Cromwell, University of Virginia
Kelsie Chadoin, University of Virginia
Lauren Hutchins, University of Virginia
Suzanne Van Fleet, Clemson University
Jessica Leidecker, Clemson University
Erin-Monique Shelton, University of Tennessee
Libuska Bruncvikova, University of Tennessee
Kristin Falovo, University of Louisville
Laura Cordner, University of Miami
Krystina Sarff, University of Central Florida
Elisabeth McIntee, University of North Carolina
Coxswain: Caitlin Mixter, University of Virginia

2nd Team
Katrin Sydlik, University of Virginia
Elizabeth Robb, Clemson University
Meg Bendik, Clemson University
Kendra Warren, University of Tennessee
Mallory Hamman, University of Louisville
Bryn Crawford, University of Alabama
Danielle Reed-Hudson, Stetson University
Coxswain: Elise Roenick, Clemson University
New England Region
1st Team

Emma Olson, Brown University
Jessica Stage, Brown University
Corey Finnerty-Ludwig, Brown University
Tess Gerrand, Yale University
Taylor Ritzel, Yale University
Anna Kendrick, Harvard-Radcliffe University
Laura Lea Larsen-Strecker, Harvard-Radcliffe University
Elene Brett-Evans, Boston University
Ashley Bruno, Northeastern niversity
Coxswain: Sarah Wu, Brown University

2nd Team
Hannah Malvin, Brown University
Jamie Redman, Yale University
Christina Person, Yale University
Laura Huppert, Harvard-Radcliffe University
Veronika Karlsson, Boston University
Rebecca Contreau, University of Rhode Island
Tracy Maciolek, Boston College
Coxswain: Sarah Devine, Harvard-Radcliffe University