2008 Scholar Athlete Awards

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the scholar atheletes for the 2008 season. All student-athletes who achieved the criteria described below have been named CRCA National Scholar-Athlete.

1. The student-athlete has met all eligibility rules as defined by her institution
2. The student-athlete was in her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of eligibility
3. The student-athlete rowed in her institution’s NCAA or IRA eligible boat(s) for a minimum of 75% of the current spring races or racing in a regional conference event.
4. The Head Coach of the student-athletes institution was a member in good standing of the CRCA as of May 1, 2008.

1. The student-athlete has had a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher for her career (through the fall semester/quarter for the current competition year).

Last Name First name Institution Division GPA Majors
Greeno Jane Boston College I 3.733 Management
Lobkowicz Elisabeth Boston College I 3.69 English
Maciolek Tracy Boston College I 3.845 Education
Schofield Heather Boston College I 3.549 Biology
Bird Sophie Bucknell University I 3.59 Economics and Psychology
Mitchell Devon Bucknell University I 3.94 Biology
O’Reilly Meghan Bucknell University I 3.7 English and French
Regan Elizabeth Bucknell University I 3.92 Accounting
Trayes Jennie Bucknell University I 3.74 Spanish and Economics
Wilson Mary Bucknell University I 3.72 Math Education
Wu Sarah Brown University I 3.76 Economics
Stage Jessica Brown University I 3.52 Psychology
Caligiuri Cristina Brown University I 3.5 Economics
O’Brien Kelly Brown University I 3.5 Old World/Archaeology and Art
Bendik Meg Clemson University I 4 Health Sciences
Brendle Kimberly Blaire Clemson University I 3.71 Sociology
Colberg Allison Clemson University I 4 Math
Heiner Katherine Clemson University I 3.55 Marketing
Jennings Elizabeth Clemson University I 3.89 Political Science
McDaniel Melanie Clemson University I 3.82 Special Education
Nance Michelle Clemson University I 3.86 Language and International Trade
O’Neill Caitlin Clemson University I 3.5 Secondary Education-Math
Rau Nicole Clemson University I 4 Biological Sciences
Trimboli Mairi Clemson University I 3.59 Economics
Van Fleet Suzanne Clemson University I 3.74 Early Childhood Education
Buerger Meredith Colgate University I 3.81 Art History
Kruse Sarah Colgate University I 3.62 Molecular Biology
Patchen Allison Colgate University I 3.64 Sociology
Remmer Meredith Colgate University I 3.85 Biology
Barton Virginia Columbia University-Barnard College I 3.66 History
Comfort-Cole Anne Columbia University-Barnard College I 3.44 Urban Studies
Gaynor Jessie Columbia University I 3.6357 History
Hartzell Madeline Columbia University I 3.7082 Architecture
Joy Genevieve Columbia University I 3.5597 French
Kelly Jacqueline Columbia University I 3.6085 Political Science
Kwon Christine Columbia University I 4 East Asian Languages & Cultures
Pearce Elizabeth Columbia University-Barnard College I 3.61 Architecture
Pucher Jane Columbia University I 3.8694 Political Science
Tvetenstrand Emily Columbia University I 3.7765 Mathematics
Werner Alexandra Columbia University I 3.7818 Undeclared
Achille Kara Cornell University I 3.52 Human Biology, Health & Society
Bucholz Eleanor Cornell University I 3.75 History of Art & Chemistry
Goldsmith Amy Cornell University I 3.58 Near Eastern Studies
Griffin Sarah-Jean Cornell University I 3.52 Animal Science
Hanson Courtney Creighton University I 3.571 Marketing
Lindseth Nicole Creighton University I 3.836 Exercise Science
Macan Kathryn Creighton University I 3.9 Theology
Miyashiro Dayna Creighton University I 3.52 Chemistry
Silverman Susan Creighton University I 3.522 Athletic Training
Takeshita Shelby Creighton University I 3.715 Chemistry
Bartholdson Janet Duke University I 3.544 History
Kane Virginia Duke University I 3.504 Psychology
King Lesley Duke University I 3.545 Biological Anatomy & Anthropology and Psychology
Pade Amanda Duke University I 3.508 History and Political Science
Weschler Katrina Duke University I 3.627 Cultural Anthropology
Anderson Heather Eastern Michigan University I 3.8 Dietetics
Clary Maria Eastern Michigan University I 3.845 Occupational Therapy
Dirks Kate Eastern Michigan University I 3.844 Elementary Education
Domin Jackie Eastern Michigan University I 3.865 Interior Design
Dunkin Kristen Eastern Michigan University I 3.784 Nursing
Logsdon Beth Eastern Michigan University I 3.813 Secondary Education
McAuliffe Noel Eastern Michigan University I 3.722 Speech Pathology
Ohnmeiss Becky Eastern Michigan University I 3.713 Nursing
Stoddart Alex Eastern Michigan University I 3.968 Physical Education
Crowley Mary Fairfield University I 3.5 Marketing
Rosen Samantha Fairfield University I 3.52 Nursing
Strong Karisten Fairfield University I 3.56 International Studies
Daniels Jennifer Fordham University I 3.744 Mathematics
Gibbons Caroline Fordham University I 3.883 American Studies
Narduzzo Stephanie Fordham University I 3.733 Business Administration
DeVolder Anika Georgetown I 3.544 Undecided
Ginivan Megan Georgetown I 3.5 International Politics
Koke Victoria Georgetown I 3.6 History
Lipperini Maria Georgetown I 3.553 English
Persenaire Christianne Georgetown I 3.906 Science, Technology, and International Affairs
Post Danielle Georgetown I 3.834 English
Thompson Katharine Georgetown I 3.689 French
Vezina Alex Georgetown I 3.558 Undecided
Dolan Kathleen George Mason University I 3.579 Music
Might Katherine George Mason University I 3.775 Foreign Language
Nelson Amelia George Mason University I 3.613 Nursing
Posner Emily George Mason University I 3.709 Art & Visual Technology
Sigalas Jessica George Mason University I 3.553 Social Work
Wheatley Jordan George Mason University I 3.825 International Policy
Crittle Rhonda George Washington University I 3.58 Business Administration
Rollman Carrie George Washington University I 3.52 Mechanical Engineering
Scott Bonnie George Washington University I 3.93 Exercise Science
Engle Whitney Gonzaga University I 3.52 Accounting with minor in French
Smetana Julie Gonzaga University I 3.76 Art with minor in psychology
Steinhaus Kelly Gonzaga University I 4 Educational leadership and administration-graduate
Berger Jessica Harvard University (Lightweight) I 3.65 English
Frey Erin Harvard University I 3.617 Environmental Science and Public Policy
Huppert Laura Harvard University I 3.728 Molecular and Cellular Biology
Kendrick Anna Harvard University I 3.596 History and Literature
O’Brien Courtney Harvard University I 3.551 Applied Math
Parfit Emily Harvard University I 3.56 Engineering Science
Perkins Alee Harvard University I 3.515 History and Literature
Robinson Phoebe Harvard University I 3.772 Applied Math
Monica Idstein Indiana University I 3.923 Exercise Science and Spanish
Kasavana Emily Indiana University I 4 Business
Spruell Madison Indiana University I 3.769 Journalism
Anderson Adelina Jacksonville University I 3.79 Accounting
Barker Jenna Jacksonville University I 3.64 Sports Administration
Higgins Michelle Kansas State University I 3.95 Nutritional Sciences
Hoffman Heather Kansas State University I 3.969 Communication Sciences and Disorders
Knoll Michael Kansas State University I 3.907 Sociology
Revell Whitney Kansas State University I 3.581 Animal Science
Rice Bjai Kansas State University I 3.835 Nutritional Sciences
Vogt Nicole Kansas State University I 3.797 Architectural Engineering
Walter Elizabeth Kansas State University I 3.673 Nutrition and Exercise Science
Ernst Michelle Loyola College of Maryland I 3.898 Sociology
McHugh Nina Loyola College of Maryland I 3.512 International Business
Staub Liz Loyola College of Maryland I 3.62 Chemistry/Biology
Austin Jill Loyola Marymount University I 3.77 Communication Studies
Holzberger Kathryn Loyola Marymount University I 3.68 Natural Science
Maloney Kathryn Loyola Marymount University I 3.5 Business Administration
Nolan Becky Loyola Marymount University I 3.66 Biochemistry
Speer Stephanie Loyola Marymount University I 3.52 Communication Studies
Allison Becky Marist College I 3.956 Psychology
D’Aniello Lisa Marist College I 3.941 Psychology/Special Education M.A.
Eigenbrood Marissa Marist College I 3.683 Communications/Public Relations
Courtney Jennifer Mills College I 3.65 Public Policy
Fong Gloria Mills College I 3.75 Nursing
Khan Kirin Mills College I 3.89 Political Legal Economics Analysis
Rosenthal Chavon Mills College I 3.91 Economics
Waterhouse Rebecca Mills College I 3.89 French/Art
Brown Joanna Michigan State University I 3.63 History
Burdick Kate Michigan State University I 3.995 Kinesiology
Gamble Lauren Michigan State University I 3.91 BioChemistry
Kursik Megan Michigan State University I 3.85 Social Relations and Policy
Schmidt Sarah Michigan State University I 3.85 Special Education-Learning Disabilities
Woodard Victoria Michigan State University I 3.9 Mathematics
Yantovsky Tamara Michigan State University I 3.89 Psychology
Brown Anna Murray State University I 3.53 Chemistry, Pre-Med
Delaney Karen Murray State University I 3.8 Organizational Communications
Hechtel Carola Murray State University I 3.88 English Literature
Kozuszek Stefanie Murray State University I 3.59 Animal Science
Stamper Jessica Murray State University I 3.94 Philosophy
Griffeth Ashley Northeastern University I 3.71 Sociology
Ketcham Jillise Northeastern University I 3.89 Criminal Justice
Sanders Svenja Northeastern University I 3.86 International Business
Sparano Meredith Northeastern University I 3.89 Criminal Justice
Zubrowski Pia Northeastern University I 3.77 International Business
Albertaviciute Gabriele Ohio State University I 3.557 International Business & Marketing
Dymalski Andrea Ohio State University I 3.557 Health Sciences
Haubner Simone Ohio State University I 3.928 Business Economics
Reardon Sara Ohio State University I 3.821 Pharmacy
Franceschi Rebecca Oregon State University I 3.58 General Science
Hanway Claire Oregon State University I 3.83 Human Development and Family Science
Ivey Jane Oregon State University I 3.82 Exercise and Sport Science
Jarrett Sarah Oregon State University I 3.74 Engineering
Penwell Melissa Oregon State University I 3.77 Ethnic Studies
Towne Kaylie Oregon State University I 3.75 General Science
Simmons Holly Oregon State University I 3.55 Business
Sachs Savannah Princeton University I 3.6 Psychology
White Phoebe Princeton University I 3.6 Economics
Hill Krista Sacramento State University I 3.623 History
Hopkins Holly Sacramento State University I 3.618 Kinesiology
McMullen Michelle Sacramento State University I 3.659 Psychology
Pichelli Sandra Saint Mary’s College of California I 3.674 Kinesiology, Health, and Human Performance
Ripoli Miranda Saint Mary’s College of California I 3.67 Psychology
Sullivan Jamie Saint Mary’s College of California I 3.516 English
Timmer Johanna Saint Mary’s College of California I 3.701 Integral Liberal Arts
Timmer Sierra Saint Mary’s College of California I 3.691 Health Science
Dickson Christine San Diego State University I 3.69 Child and Family Development
Hinman Mary Anne San Diego State University I 3.8 Kinesiology
Hinton Jamie San Diego State University I 3.75 Kinesiology
Lynch Heather Santa Clara University I 3.56 Art Studio / Religious Studies
Cieszkiewicz Ellen Southern Methodist University I 3.996 Management Science, Mathematics
Merideth Caroline Southern Methodist University I 3.913 Business
Brown Jenifer Stanford University I 3.895 Human Biology
Dickson Drusia Stanford University I 3.922 Slavic Languages and Literature
Fritsch Adrienne Stanford University I 3.828 Undeclared
Hasbach Alex Stanford University I 3.67 Earth Systems
Hofmayer Lauren Stanford University I 3.541 Psychology
Kull Cassie Stanford University I 3.503 Classics
Poltoratski Sonia Stanford University I 3.727 Psychology
Reel Jessi Stanford University I 3.632 Art/Management Science & Engineering
Wolfe Lena Stanford University I 3.567 Earth Systems
Mahon Erica Syracuse University I 3.516 Inclusive Education
Cellon Kelsey U.S. Naval Academy I 3.9 Mechanical Engineering
Hannon Kerry U.S. Naval Academy I 3.88 Honors Applied Math
McFarland Fiona U.S. Naval Academy I 3.59 Political Science
Ortman Catherine U.S. Naval Academy I 3.94 Ocean Engineering
Roberts Sarah U.S. Naval Academy I 3.5 Aerospace Engineering
Selbach-Allen Megan U.S. Naval Academy I 3.87 Mathematics
Beaver Sarah University of Alabama I 3.63 Chemistry/Blount
Crumby Courtney University of Alabama I 3.52 Psychology
Frease McKenna University of Alabama I 3.57 Marine Science/Biology
Lazarus Leigh Ann University of Alabama I 3.73 Health Care Management
Ogle Stacey University of Alabama I 4 Communication Studies
Sanders Bailey University of Alabama I 4 International Studies/Political Science
Spohr Katie University of Alabama I 3.89 Pre-Business
Strojny Margaret University of Alabama I 3.63 Art
Tippey Katie University of Alabama I 4 Economics
Aiello Brittany University at Buffalo I 3.80 Psychology
Briggs Sheralyn University at Buffalo I 3.95 Business Administration
Lau Jessica University at Buffalo I 3.88 Biomedical Sciences
Marshall Brittany University at Buffalo I 3.71 Biomedical Sciences
Nwoke Francisca University at Buffalo I 3.75 Physical Therapy
Witte Morgan University at Buffalo I 3.52 Exercise Science
Patterson Andrea University at Buffalo I 3.61 Biology
Walker Sarah University at Buffalo I 3.99 Biomedical Sciences
Humphreys Elena University of California-Berkely I 3.5 Peace and Conflict Studies
Kinder Lou University of California-Berkely I 3.7 English
Hancock Lynn Univerisity of California-Los Angeles I 3.713 Political Science
King Christina Univerisity of California-Los Angeles I 3.831 Communication Studies
Sprouse Christina Univerisity of California-Los Angeles I 3.889 Physics
Chang Susanne Universityof California – San Diego II 3.54 Human Biology
Gosling Sarah Universityof California – San Diego II 3.61 Sociology/Critical Gender Studies
Hansen Kelly Universityof California – San Diego II 3.58 Communications/Sociology
Shaffer Kimberly Universityof California – San Diego II 3.83 Human Biology
Urbanczyk Caryn Universityof California – San Diego II 3.58 Bioengineering
Bacci Laura University of Central Florida I 3.742 Accounting
Carter Michelle Univ. of Central Florida (Lightweight) I 3.792 Physical Therapy
Pauls Caitlin University of Central Florida I 3.627 Health Sciences – Generalist
Riegel Erin University of Central Florida I 3.767 Film
Rossi Anne Marie University of Central Florida I 3.579 Literature
Sarff Krystina University of Central Florida I 3.75 Rhetoric and Composition (Graduate School)
Trupp Hillary Univ. of Central Florida (Lightweight) I 3.92 Elementary Education
Wiatt Taylor Univ. of Central Florida (Lightweight) I 3.779 Sports & Fitness
Beasley Kathleen University of Connecticut I 3.9 Kinesiology
Bryant Stephanie University of Connecticut I 3.7 Human Development Family Studies
Dargie Elizabeth University of Connecticut I 3.766 Fine Arts
Gates Heather University of Connecticut I 3.658 Political Science
Reynolds Jennifer University of Connecticut I 3.582 Chemical Engineering
Willhoft Sarah University of Connecticut I 3.506 Nursing
McCartney Taima University of Delaware I 3.64 Exercise Science
Off Cami University of Delaware I 3.721 English Education
Reardon Maureen University of Delaware I 3.865 English**
Rivers Lana University of Delaware I 3.743 Biological Science
Venturato Erin University of Delaware I 3.686 Elementary Education
Beall Katherine University of Kansas I 3.74 Environmental Studies & International Studies
Best Sarah University of Kansas I 3.52 Sport & Fitness Management
Bortz Amber University of Kansas I 3.82 Accounting & Nursing
Boston Kara University of Kansas I 3.91 Community Health & Occupational Therapy
Brosious Katlin University of Kansas I 3.71 Strategic Communications
Flickinger Brianna University of Kansas I 3.78 Athletic Training & Pre-Medicine
Jackson Valerie University of Kansas I 3.66 Speech, Language & Hearing
Martin Emily University of Kansas I 3.59 Sport & Fitness Management
Rachow Stacy University of Kansas I 3.85 Elementary Education
Burrill Airlina University of Massachusetts I 3.635 Kinesiology
Kelly Erin University of Massachusetts I 3.751 Nursing
Marsan Sarah University of Massachusetts I 3.68 Marketing
Mawn Amanda University of Massachusetts I 3.557 History
Plevock Karen University of Massachusetts I 3.832 Biology
Rayla Amy University of Massachusetts I 3.832 Biology
Colwell Karen University of Michigan I 3.618 Kinesiology
Deinek Margaret University of Michigan I 3.564 Psychology
Luczak Grace University of Michigan I 3.84 Nursing
McAlister Caitlin University of Michigan I 3.75 Graduate Studies
Strzalkowski Kate University of Michigan I 3.72 History
Cira Christine University of Minnesota I 3.871 Marketing & Public Nonprofit Mgmt.
Fisher Allison University of Minnesota I 3.765 Kinesiology
Galvin Brenna University of Minnesota I 3.529 Psychology
Niemiec Erica University of Minnesota I 3.96 Classical Civilization & Latin
Peterson Michele University of Minnesota I 3.804 Biomedical Engineering
Veit Jessica University of Minnesota I 3.647 Kinesiology
Vilmo Ashlee University of Minnesota I 3.573 Biology
Weinzierl Mary Ann University of Minnesota I 3.706 Microbiology
Reynolds Diane University of North Carolina I 3.511 Business
Sours Chandler University of North Carolina I 3.649 Psychology and Biology
Wood Katie University of North Carolina I 3.788 Business
Woodside Ruby University of North Carolina I 3.681 Chemistry
Buck Lauren University of Notre Dame I 3.865 Biology/Psychology
Copeland Erica University of Notre Dame I 3.943 Political Science
Keithley Sarah University of Notre Dame I 3.66 Chemical Engineering
Pearson Laura University of Notre Dame I 3.55 Accounting
Trezza Christine University of Notre Dame I 3.503 Biochemistry
Fox Laura University of Pennsylvania I 3.5 Art History
Purdy Kathryn University of Pennsylvania I 3.5 Business
Fulkerson Karin University of Rhode Island I 3.58 Ocean Engineering and Marine Biology
Klaiber Nicole University of Rhode Island I 3.55 Psychology
Rowse Linnea University of Rhode Island I 3.88 Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Sumners Lucy University of Rhode Island I 3.59 Art History and the Honors Program
Petrich Kat University of San Diego I 3.53 History and International relations
Shorey Sam University of San Diego I 3.5 Communications
Valadez Christina University of San Diego I 3.5 Visual Arts
Dobratz Christina University of Tennessee I 3.83 College Scholars
Dreusike Mary University of Tennessee I 3.55 Business
Hmielewski Danielle University of Tennessee I 3.7 Exercise Science
Ross Katherine University of Tennessee I 3.66 Exercise Science
Shelton Erin-Monique University of Tennessee I 3.69 Studio Art – Painting
Warren Kendra University of Tennessee I 3.54 Sport Management
Arrington Nancy University of Texas I 3.91 Government and Uteach Liberal Arts
Bartz Danelle University of Texas I 3.74 Spanish and Government
Cottingham Sara University of Texas I 3.93 Geography
Irby Colleen University of Texas I 3.86 History and Uteach Liberal Arts
Lee Rachel University of Texas I 3.71 Biochemistry and Pre-Med
McMahon Whitney University of Texas I 3.73 Internationa Business
Andrews Vanessa University of Tulsa I 4 Geosciences/Geography Double Major
Bridge Allie University of Tulsa I 3.9 Elementary Education
Callen Emily University of Tulsa I 4 Biology
Cornell Chelsea University of Tulsa I 3.568 Art
Dooley Meaghan University of Tulsa I 3.804 Exercise & Sports Science/Elementary Ed Double Major
Falvo Nicole University of Tulsa I 3.663 Elementary Education
Grafe Hannah University of Tulsa I 4 Exercise & Sports Science
Guccione Danielle University of Tulsa I 4 Mechanical Engineering
Higgins Sinead University of Tulsa I 3.5 Business
Jenschke Rebecca University of Tulsa I 3.796 Nursing
Sanditen Leslie University of Tulsa I 3.536 Exercise & Sports Science
Sechser Michelle University of Tulsa I 3.847 Business Management
Stangl Susan University of Tulsa I 4 Speech Pathology
Bohlen Stephanie University of Virginia I 3.53 Neuroscience
Brenna Allison University of Virginia I 3.84 Psychology
Eddy Mary University of Virginia I 3.62 Human Biology
Leigh Diane University of Virginia I 3.56 Chemistry
Mixter Caitlin University of Virginia I 3.54 Religious Studies
Wandelt Bridget University of Virginia I 3.64 Environmental Science
Benes Lane University of Wisconsin (Lightweight) I 3.74 Kinesiology
Chaffee Merly University of Wisconsin I 3.50 Zoology and English
Erickson Kaela University of Wisconsin (Lightweight) I 4.00 Kinesiology
Galloway Margaret University of Wisconsin I 3.52 Biological Aspects of Conservation
Geiger Claire University of Wisconsin I 3.84 Biology
Hurtis Katie University of Wisconsin I 3.96 Undeclared
Johnson Krisitn University of Wisconsin I 3.92 Kinesiology
Koepp Stephanie University of Wisconsin I 3.57 Landscape Architecture
Kowitz Kelley University of Wisconsin (Lightweight) I 3.53 Geography and Biological Aspects of Conservation
Latz Grace University of Wisconsin I 3.53 Art History
Lhost Jennifer University of Wisconsin (Lightweight) I 3.55 Biochemistry and History
Olson Ahna University of Wisconsin I 3.79 Sociology
Shiel Cecily University of Wisconsin (Lightweight) I 3.69 International Studies and Chinese
Anderson Lauren Villanova University I 3.53 Comprehensive Science
Collins Laura Villanova University I 3.61 Political Science
Flanders Ashley Villanova University I 3.73 Finance and International Business
Furlong Sara Villanova University I 3.53 Humanities
Ipjian Brianna Villanova University I 4 Accounting
Pietropaolo Jill Villanova University I 3.66 Civil Engineering
Chilibeck Corina Washington State University I 3.65 Bioengineering
Jorgensen Erika Washington State University I 3.54 Nutrition
Lewis Erica Washington State University I 3.57 Movement Studies
Martin Kyann Washington State University I 3.91 Nutrition
Rodriquez Tiana Washington State University I 3.66 Marketing
Rothstrom Johanna Washington State University I 3.7 Nursing
Benda Kimberly West Virginia University I 3.70 Animal & Nutritional Sciences
Johnson Jennifer Florida Institue of Technology II 3.79 Marine Biology
Roman Samantha Florida Institue of Technology II 3.609 Mechanical Engineering
Espinoza Crystal Humboldt State University II 3.76 Pre-Dental
Gress Carol Humboldt State University II 3.76 Wildlife
Kwan Hilda Humboldt State University II 3.62 Forestry
Lane Krista Humboldt State University II 3.53 Nursing
Lopresto Bailey Humboldt State University II 3.7 Chemistry
May Elan Humboldt State University II 3.61 English
Miks Colleen Humboldt State University II 3.63 Fisheries Biology
Norgart Ashley Humboldt State University II 3.77 Communication/Fire Protection
Nowel Clare Humboldt State University II 3.69 Kinesiology/Athletic Training
Bogart Alexandria Mercyhurst College II 3.63 Biochemistry
Celarek Abbey Mercyhurst College II 3.62 Sports Medicine
Handzel Michele Mercyhurst College II 3.55 Biochemistry/Pre-Pharmacy
Peterson Alicia Mercyhurst College II 3.65 Political Science
McElhenny Lauren Nova Southeastern University II 3.58 Education
Broome Kathleen Rollins College II 3.9 English
Dirschka Kimberly Rollins College II 3.62 Political Science/Environmental Studies
Hall Elizabeth Rollins College II 3.64 Anthropology
Tibbetts Erica Rollins College II 3.84 English/Art
Auriemma Gina Western Washington University II 3.94 Planning/Environmental Policy
Coon Audrey Western Washington University II 3.95 Elementary Education
Eckmann Madeleine Western Washington University II 3.53 Engineering/Physical Therapy
Steward Miranda Western Washington University II 3.94 Art
Constantine Kara Bates College III 3.59 Chemistry
Doroski Danica Bates College III 3.7 Environmental Studies
Ritchie Nicole Bates College III 3.61 Environmental Studies
Bixby-Toledo Susanna Cazenovia College III 3.59 Equine Management
Bradshaw Allison Cazenovia College III 3.62 Sports Management
Waldron Kim Cazenovia College III 3.69 Equine Management
Watkinson Amanda Cazenovia College III 3.61 Interior Design
Feinman Sarah Clark University III 3.65 Biology
Brooks Sarah Clark University III 3.74 Biology and Studio Art
Fealhaber Sara Clark University III 3.76 Business Administration
Baker Jessica Clark University III 3.64 Math & Physics
Collins Elizabeth Hamilton College III 3.5 French
Freitag Britt Hamilton College III 3.63 Theater
Henochowicz Sarah Hamilton College III 3.5 Mathematics
Murphy Anne Hamilton College III 3.51 History and Hispanic Studies
Chesney Alexandra Ithaca College III 3.63 Biology
Glicini Diana Ithaca College III 3.82 Physical Therapy
Hall Alden Ithaca College III 3.81 Art History
Morris Kristin Ithaca College III 3.97 Physical Therapy
O’Driscoll Catherine Ithaca College III 3.59 Journalism
Blubaugh Clare Johns Hopkins University III 3.63 Psychology
Cunningham Courtney Johns Hopkins University III 3.63 Chemistry
Rossoff Jenna Johns Hopkins University III 3.8 Chemistry
Williamson Becky Johns Hopkins University III 3.79 Neuroscience
Hart Katharine Lewis & Clark College III 3.94 English and History
Sweeney Allison Lewis & Clark College III 3.57 Psychology
Talasnik Lauren Marietta College III 3.667 Biology
Center Elissa Mount Holyoke College III 3.66 Neuroscience
Cote Paige Mount Holyoke College III 3.6 Architecture
Gray Sarah Mount Holyoke College III 3.87 Neuroscience
Vance Betsy Mount Holyoke College III 3.65 Geology and French
Parsley Caitlin Mount Holyoke College III 3.5 Biology
Donnelly Amanda North Park University III 3.63 Psychology
Jenkins Katherine Pacific Lutheran University III 3.87 Physics
Olsen Caroline Pacific Lutheran University III 4 Nursing
Wuest Mary Pacific Lutheran University III 3.92 Nursing
Arnold Traci Rutgers University – Camden III 3.849 Political Science and Criminal Justice
Gallan Nicole Simmons College III 3.81 Mathematics
Schwarz Elisabeth Simmons College III 3.9 Biochemistry
Searls Lauren Simmons College III 3.5 Biochemistry
Airgood Whitney Simmons College III 3.84 History
Richards Nicole Simmons College III 3.95 Mathematics
Berluti Alexandra Trinity College III 3.504 American Studies
Case Eveline Trinity College III 3.637 International Studies and French
Kulik Amanda Trinity College III 3.563 Hispanic Studies
Minot Amory Trinity College III 3.509 Public Policy and Law
Milam Julie University of Mary Washington III 3.866 International Relations and Economics
Coe Laura University of Puget Sound III 3.79 Business
Foot Liz University of Puget Sound III 3.77 Psychology
Krezowski Maddie University of Puget Sound III 3.86 Foreign Language and International Affairs
Moody Sarah University of Puget Sound III 3.52 Exercise Science
Onnis Nicola University of Puget Sound III 3.57 Spanish
Scinta Bethany University of Puget Sound III 3.51 Art
Green Emma University of Puget Sound III 3.82 Natural Science
Grillo Lola Vassar College III 3.7 English and Italian
Krause Whitney Vassar College III 3.54 Psychology and Hispanic Studies
Jensen Krista Washington College III 3.825 Psychology and Elementary Education
Lapointe Jenna Washington College III 3.512 Psychology
Malow Ericka Washington College III 3.779 Chemistry
Lewandowski Jacqueline Wellesley College III 3.62 Classical Civilizations and Economics
Spelman Kate Wellesley College III 3.64 Art History
Topic Adrienne Wellesley College III 3.52 Biology and Chemistry
Lauriat Elaine Wesleyan University III 3.54 Latin American Studies
Ogata Elizabeth Wesleyan University III 4.1 Earth & Environmental Studies
Warner Ann Sofia Wesleyan University III 3.65 College of Letters
Andrus Hilary Willamette University III 3.53 Chemistry and Mathematics
Ellingson Lacey Willamette University III 3.52 Biology
Mitchell Emily Willamette University III 3.93 Biology and German
Schwartz Lauren Willamette University III 3.56 Biology
Jones Laura Willamette University III 3.52 History
Cooper Kirsten William Smith College III 3.74 Asian Languages & Cultures
DiPalma Abigail William Smith College III 3.67 Mathematics
Brown Elissa Williams College III 3.73 Psychology and Environmental Studies
Conan Meg Williams College III 3.83 Psychology and Neuroscience
Quayle Katherine Williams College III 3.53 Biology and Pre-med
Smith Samantha Williams College III 3.82 Chemistry
Konkel Kaitlin Williams College III 3.8 English and Political Science
Robinson Katherine Williams College III 3.5 English