2009 DI All Region Athletes

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.-The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the 2009 Division I all-region award-winners. These awards recognize the outstanding performances of rowers and coxswains from each of the five regions, organized into first- and second-team selections.

Nominated student-athletes are evaluated on the strength of their team’s regional finish, coaches’ recommendations and 2,000-meter erg score. Nominees must be eligible student-athletes who have competed in their teams’ varsity boat in 75 percent of races this season.

These athletes will be eligible for All-America awards selection following the NCAA Rowing Championships. The NCAA regatta will be held May 29-31 on the Cooper River in Camden, N.J.

All-West Region First Team
Liene Bertasjus – University of Southern California
Adrienne Fritsch – Stanford University
Ame Hicks – Oregon State University
Lou Kinder – University of California, Berkeley
Jenny Kossowsky – Oregon State University
Jenna Levy, coxswain – Stanford University
Erica Lewis – Washington State University
Elle Logan – Stanford University
Adrienne Martelli – University of Washington
Hanna McClintock – Gonzaga University
Iva Obradovic – University of California, Berkeley
Erika Roddy – Stanford University
Vanessa Teff – University of California, Los Angeles

All- West Region Second Team
Holly Hopkins – Sacramento State
Katie Humm – Oregon State University
Elena Humphreys – University of California, Berkeley
Grace Luczak – Stanford University
Kayleigh Mack – University of Washington
Katy Milton, coxswain – University of California, Berkeley
Lauren Nowinski – University of California, Berkeley
Anna Specjalska – University of Southern California
Johanna Timmer – St. Mary’s College of California


All-New England Region First Team
Cristina Caligiuri, coxswain – Brown University
Jeannette Daley – Boston University
Emily Dreissigacker – Dartmouth College
Tess Gerrand – Yale University
Laura Huppert – Harvard University, Radcliffe Crew
Esther Lofgren – Harvard University, Radcliffe Crew
Hannah Malvin – Brown University
Christina Person – Yale University
Jenessa Redfern – University of Rhode Island
Taylor Ritzel – Yale University
Jessica Stage – Brown University
Veronica Townsend – Northeastern University

All-New England Region Second Team
Olivia Coffey – Harvard University, Radcliffe Crew
Christine Glandorf – Yale University
Anna Kendrick – Harvard University, Radcliffe Crew
Eleanor Pascall – Dartmouth College
Hope Richardson – Brown University
Svenja Sanders – Northeastern University
Colleen Saville, coxswain – Northeastern University


All-Central Region First Team
Karen Colwell – University of Michigan
Laura Dunn, coxswain – University of Michigan
Ashley Kroll – University of Michigan
Adrienne Mecham – University of Michigan
Sarah Schmidt – Michigan State Univeristy
Emily Regan – Michigan State University
Theresa Shields – University of Wisconsin, Madison
Maggie Galloway – University of Wisconsin, Madison
Susanne Herbrand – Ohio State University
Jessica Novack – University of Iowa
Ashlee Vilmo – University of Minnesota

All-Central Region Second Team
Caitlin Trumble – University of Michigan
Amanda McGeachie, coxswain – Michigan State University
Laura Cowal – Michigan State University
Michelle Mussett – Michigan State University
Peta-Leigh Dakyns – Ohio State University
Kristin Kelly – University of Iowa
Jennifer Flannigan – Kansas State University
Ellie Benson – Indiana University


All-Mid-Atlantic Region First Team
Debra Bateman – St. Joseph’s University
Erica Crump – Cornell University
Elizabeth Donald – University of Pennsylvania
Alison Fishman – Princeton University
Ariel Frost, coxswain – Princeton University
Annie Gayman – Princeton University
Sara Hendershot – Princeton University
Whittney Henry – Bucknell University
Liz Henwood – Syracuse University
Page Kannor – Bucknell University
Meredith Mead – Columbia University
Kathryn Purdy – University of Pennsylvania

Mid-Atlantic Region Second Team
Regine Adrien – University of Delaware
Airlina Burrill – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Rebecca Donald – University of Pennsylvania
Kelly Henkler – Bucknell University
Genevieve Joy – Columbia University
Natalie Mastracci – Syracuse University
Carol Schoenecker – Bucknell University
Lauren Wilkinson – Princeton University
Jeweliet Yost, coxswain – Bucknell University


All-South Region First Team
Desiree Burns – University of Virginia
Amanda Chase – University of Virginia
Jennifer Cromwell – University of Virginia
Brittany Cummings – Clemson University
Kristin Falovo – University of Louisville
Mallory Hamman – University of Louisville
Chelsey Lauzon – University of Central Florida
Jessica Leidecker – Clemson University
Jennifer VanderMaarel – University of Texas

All-South Region Second Team
Hillary Cumbest – Clemson University
Stefani Kozuszek – Clemson University
Megan McMullin – University of North Carolina
Liz Robinson – University of Central Florida
Rachael Sporko – University of Miami
Augusta Stratos – University of Virginia