2012 DI All America Athletes

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the 2011 Pocock All- America award winners. These awards recognize the outstanding performances of rowers and coxswains on the national level in women’s collegiate rowing.

General requirements for nominating a student-athlete for CRCA post-season honors are:
-The student-athlete must meet all eligibility rules as defined by her institution
-The student-athlete must have rowed at least 75% of the current spring season’s races in the varsity boat (before and including May 17, 2011)
– The student-athlete must be nominated by her institution
– The Head Coach of the student-athlete’s institution must be a member in good standing of the CRCA

The nominated student-athletes are then selected to 1st and 2nd teams based on the following criteria:
– Strength of finish of the institution’s varsity eight within the country
– Coach comments
– 2k erg score

2012 Pocock First Team All America Awards

Keziah Beall, University of Virginia
Molly Bruggeman, University of Notre Dame
Allison Courtin, Brown University
Sarah Cowburn, University of Virginia
Ulrike Denker, Ohio State University
Emily Eifferet, University of Michigan
Elise Etem, University of California, Berkeley
Taylor Goetzinger, Cornell University
Paparangi Hipango, University of California, Berkeley
Martie Kuzzy, University of Virginia
Kate Mansfield, University of Wisconsin
Daphne Marschenko, Stanford University
Catherine McDermott, Yale University
Felice Mueller, University of Michigan
Michelle Neuder, Michigan State University
Kristine O’Brien, University of Virginia
Kelly Pierce, Princeton University
Heidi Robbins, Princeton University
Liz Soutter, Harvard-Radcliffe
Britta Syverson, University of California, Los Angeles
Lenka Vrecnikova, University of Southern California
Kristy Wentzel, Stanford University
Sidney Thorsten, University of Virginia, coxswain

2012 Pocock Second Team All America Awards

Anastasia Alexander, University of California, Los Angeles
Katherine Ashton, United States Naval Academy
Erin Bennet, University of Louisville
Maryann Concannon, Saint Mary’s College of California
Heather Cummings, Clemson University
Hayley Daniell, Dartmouth College
Courtney Diekema, Harvard-Radcliffe
Tessa Gobbo, Brown University
Greta Haselmann, Northeastern University
Lindsey Healy, University of Michigan
Erika Lauderdale, University of Tennessee
Chelsey Lauzon, University of Central Florida
Cecilia Madsen, Cornell University
Vineta Moca, University of Southern California
Stephanie Rogers, University of Tulsa
Lisa Roman, Washington State University
Helen Tinkus, University of Southern California
Emily Walsh, Ohio State University
Samantha Warren, Columbia University
Asja Zero, Indiana University
Colleen Macke, University of Michigan, coxswain