2013 Scholar Athlete Awards

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the scholar atheletes for the 2013 season. All student-athletes who achieved the criteria described below have been named CRCA National Scholar-Athlete.


  • The student-athlete has met all eligibility rules as defined by her institution
  • The student-athlete was in her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of eligibility
  • The student-athlete rowed in her institution’s NCAA or IRA eligible boat(s) for a minimum of 75% of the current spring races or racing in a regional conference event.
  • The Head Coach of the student-athletes institution was a member in good standing of the CRCA as of May 1, 2013.


The student-athlete has had a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher for her career (through the fall semester/quarter for the current competition year).

First Name Last name Institution Majors Division
Lauren Beebe Boston College Political Science DI
Ellen Burr Boston College International Studies DI
Sarah Loiselle Boston College Political Science DI
Alicia McKean Boston College Applied Psychology and Human Development DI
Stephanie Ragland Boston College History DI
Kaitlyn Votta Boston College Biology DI
Caroline Kimberly Boston University Sociology DI
Katrina Lyter Boston University Business Administration and Management DI
Claire Richer Boston University International Relations and Environmental Analysis and Policy DI
Louise Breen Brown University Health and Human Biology DI
Tessa Gobbo Brown University Sociology DI
Rachel Gottlieb Brown University Geo-Physics/ Math DI
Morgan Lee Brown University Biomedical Engineering DI
Katherine McKeen Brown University Environmental Studies DI
Camilla Polakoff Brown University Political Science DI
Molly  Sandza Brown University Architectural Studies DI
Margo Boyd Bucknell University Undeclared DI
Emily Gladstone Bucknell University Chemical Engineering DI
Anne Goldman Bucknell University Political Science DI
Kathleen  Hickes Bucknell University Undeclared DI
Kumari Lewis Bucknell University Undeclared DI
Sarah Riessen Bucknell University International Relations DI
Julia Steen Bucknell University Chemical Engineering DI
Meghan Martin Canisius Colleeg Criminal Justice DI
Allison Braun Canisius College Environmental Studies DI
Lizabeth McKinney Canisius College Psychology DI
Lynna Paradiso Canisius College Political Science DI
Elizabeth Reinwald Canisius College Management DI
Stephanie Allen Clemson University Wildlife and Fisheries Biology DI
Marie Arnold Clemson University Geology DI
Laura Basadonna Clemson University Supply Chain Management DI
Sam Duggan Clemson University Architecture DI
Laura D’Urso Clemson University Sociology DI
Caroline Hackler Clemson University Economics DI
Giulia Longatti Clemson University Political Science DI
Natalie Bauman Colgate University Economics DI
Anna Bivins Colgate University Religion DI
Katherine Halle Colgate University Philosophy DI
Macy Warren Colgate University Psychology DI
Jocelyn Bohn Columbia University Psychology DI
Nikki Bourassa Columbia University Evolutionary Biology DI
Karli McMenamin Columbia University American Studies DI
Rebecca Randall Columbia University Economics DI
Jessica Werlin Columbia University Biology DI
Leigh Archer Cornell University Agricultural Science DI
Solveig  Imsdahl Cornell University Music DI
Anna  Payne Cornell University Animal Science DI
Kira Pritchard Cornell University Art History DI
Shelly  Tremaglio Cornell University French and History DI
Janesa Bakeberg Creighton University Nursing DI
Anna  Balling Creighton University Spanish & Health Administration DI
Kaitlin Dougherty Creighton University Biology & Philosophy DI
Hayley Pilcher Creighton University Nursing DI
Laura Jo Washle Creighton University Finance (services) & Entrepreneurship DI
Lilly Fleischmann Dartmouth College History DI
Janine Jablonski Dartmouth College Economics DI
Bianca Jackson Dartmouth College Engineering DI
Molly Reckford Dartmouth College Government DI
Sarah  Rutter Dartmouth College English DI
Maya Schechter Dartmouth College Psychology DI
Abigail  Thornburg Dartmouth College Mathematics DI
Colleen  Delaney Drexel University Education DI
Colleen  Delaney Drexel University Education DI
Victoria  King Drexel University Psychology DI
Alyssa  Leahy Drexel University Anthropology DI
Alyssa  Leahy Drexel University Anthropology DI
Elise Levito Drexel University Health Sciences DI
Elise Levito Drexel University Health Sciences DI
Barbara Mckenna Drexel University Business Administration: International Business & Marketing DI
Barbara Mckenna Drexel University Business Administration: International Business & Marketing DI
Sarah Baker Duke University Cultural Anthropology DI
Sophia Blair Duke University Asian and Middle Eastern Studies DI
Katie Burke Duke University Psychology DI
Sydney  Johnson Duke University Religion DI
Sophia  Staal Duke University Political Science and French DI
Emily Theys Duke University Sociology DI
Claire Vannelli Duke University Biomedical Engineering DI
Karolina Wadolowska Duke University Slavic and Eurasian Studies DI
Taylor Cyr Eastern Michigan University Psychology DI
Cady Griffin Eastern Michigan University Secondary Education – Social Studies DI
Mary Keener Eastern Michigan University Sports Management DI
Kaitie Keys Eastern Michigan University Criminal Justice DI
Tijana Milovanovic Eastern Michigan University Computer Science DI
Rachel Morrissey Eastern Michigan University Management DI
Lyndsey Tollas Eastern Michigan University Elementary Education DI
Molly Graffam Fairfield University Biochemistry DI
Grace Lessard Fairfield University Nursing DI
Katherine Pitz Fairfield University Mechanical Engineering DI
Lorena Gullotta Fairfield University  Politics and International Studies DI
Jenn Amoroso Fordham University Applied Accounting and Finance DI
Nicole Arrato Fordham University Psychology DI
Maria Luisa Capuano Fordham University Communications DI
Tecla DiFrancesco Fordham University Psychology DI
Megan Feerick Fordham University Business Administration DI
Rachel Sortino Fordham University Chemistry DI
Jillian Stackman Fordham University Business Administration DI
Megan Sullivan Fordham University English DI
Meredith Bennett George Mason Marketing DI
Madison Beumer George Mason Marketing DI
Amanda Houlihan George Mason Undecided DI
Jackson Hug George Mason Criminology  DI
Nathalie Rosado-Burgos George Mason Environmental Science DI
Hayley Walczer George Mason Conflict Resolution DI
Lauren Abrams Georgetown University Chemistry DI
Jennifer Bisgaier Georgetown University Undeclared DI
Laura Collins Georgetown University English DI
Meaghan Keefe Georgetown University Environmental Biology DI
Alex Livesay Georgetown University Spanish DI
Mikaela Medeiros Georgetown University International Business DI
Keara Schmeiser Georgetown University Chemistry DI
Sarah Atkins Gonzaga University Nursing DI
Naseeb Bhangal Gonzaga University Political Science and Psychology DI
Laura  Brasch Gonzaga University Sports Management and Promotions DI
Casey Burt Gonzaga University Mechanical Engineering DI
Madison Keaty Gonzaga University Sports Management and Promotions DI
Malori McGill Gonzaga University Accounting and Finance DI
Jordan Schroeder Gonzaga University Biology DI
Maura Church Harvard University Applied Matematics DI
Taylor Compton Harvard University Neurobiology DI
Sarah Moran Harvard University Government DI
Michelle  Pearson Harvard University Psychology DI
Laura Savarese Harvard University History DI
Deva Steketee Harvard University Romance Languages & Literature DI
Katie Wilcox Harvard University History & Science DI
Jennifer Wong Harvard University Human Evolutionary Biology DI
Lindsey Barber Indiana University Dietetics DI
Kelsey Cundiff Indiana University Sociology DI
Meradith Dickensheets Indiana University Biology DI
Kimberly Gilmour Indiana University Fitness Specialist DI
Kathryn Laine Indiana University Exercise Science DI
Ann  Thompson Indiana University Political Science,  French minor DI
Amanda Boyle Iona College Mass Communication DI
Elizabeth Dellinger Iona College Mass Communication DI
Savannah Lang Iona College Political Science/Mass Communication DI
Nicole Tobin Iona College Business Administration  DI
Samara Generals Jacksonville University Nursing DI
Mary  Mosier Jacksonville University Exercise Science DI
Kaitlyn Arrow Kansas State University Marketing & Management DI
Aly Bronder Kansas State University Kinesiology DI
Elizabeth DeMars Kansas State University Elementary Education DI
Allison Dorau Kansas State University Elementary Education DI
Allison  Franken Kansas State University Civil Engineering DI
Danielle Glynn Kansas State University Secondary Education DI
Adria Ley Kansas State University MBA/Spanish & Anthropology DI
Brittany Long Kansas State University Psychology DI
Samantha McCloud Kansas State University Architecture DI
Megan Murray Kansas State University Dietetics DI
Kara Omo Kansas State University Kinesiology DI
Lindsey Schmeidler Kansas State University History DI
Jennifer Smisek Kansas State University Business Mgmt & HR Mgmt DI
Abigail Weaver Kansas State University Mechanical Engineering DI
Callie Aaker Loyola Marymount University Civil Engineering DI
Pauline K Carey-Jones Loyola Marymount University Spanish DI
Kelsey Dunbar Loyola Marymount University Biology DI
Sydney  Sutton-Liswith Loyola Marymount University MA – Education DI
Kathleen Sweeney Loyola University MD Speech Pathology DI
Samantha Blau Marist College Communications DI
Kelsey Butta Marist College Medical Technology DI
Samantha Cillo Marist College Digital Media DI
Jennifer Delisle Marist College Accounting DI
Ann  Devorak Marist College English Adolescence Education DI
Theresa  Filippini Marist College Criminal Justice DI
Jennifer Guzzardi Marist College Criminal Justice DI
Elizabeth  Hehir Marist College English DI
Taylor Mullaney Marist College English DI
Kimberly  Orzech Marist College Biomedical Sciences DI
Andrea Rosenstein Marist College Psychology DI
Flavia Siclovan Marist College Business Administration DI
Danielle Villa Marist College Communications DI
Hannah Champ Michigan State University International Relations DI
Abigail Christiansen Michigan State University Human Biology DI
Alicia DiMauro Michigan State University Kinesiology DI
Olivia Jamrog Michigan State University Philosophy DI
Monica LaPointe Michigan State University Physiology DI
Shelby Motoligin Michigan State University Animal Science DI
Samantha Hartzell MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering DI
Cliodhna McCarthy MIT Mechanical Engineering DI
Erin Meyer MIT Mechanical Engineering DI
Madeleine Mott MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science DI
Jean Sack MIT Mechanical Engineering and Music DI
Betsy Soukup MIT Mechanical Engineering DI
Becca Taylor MIT Chemistry DI
Katherine Ashton Navy Mechanical Engineering DI
Michaela Bilotta Navy Honors English DI
Hannah Dildine Navy Aerospace Engineering DI
Catherine Oakley Navy Oceanography DI
Jacqueline Penichet Navy Systems Engineering DI
Katherine Aldrich Northeastern University BS Chem / Chem Eng DI
Corinne Austin Northeastern University BS Political Science DI
Chelsea Brown Northeastern University BS Physical Therapy DI
Katherine Halbig Northeastern University BS Behavioral Neuro Science DI
Jill Hoban Northeastern University BS Psychology DI
Kelsey Mancini Northeastern University BS Physical Therapy DI
Lauren  Terris Northeastern University Environmental Science / Sustainable Business Practices DI
Lauren Eckles Ohio State University Communications DI
Victoria  Lazur Ohio State University Public Affairs DI
Corinne Meinert Ohio State University Environmental Science DI
Chloe Meyer Ohio State University Neuroscience DI
Amanda Poll Ohio State University Human Development&Family Science  DI
Alissa Kummer Oregon State University Nutrition DI
Karly Laney Oregon State University Exercise and Sport Science DI
Elizabeth Lewis Oregon State University Spanish DI
Katherine Low Oregon State University Zoology DI
Laura McNeill Oregon State University Exercise and Sport Science DI
Ashley  Molholm Oregon State University Business Management DI
Alexa Ortiz Oregon State University Zoology DI
Hilary  Polis Oregon State University Environmental Econ, Policy & Mgmt DI
Julie  Stark Oregon State University Exploratory Studies DI
Nicole  Byl Princeton University Ecology and Evolutionary Biology DI
Heidi Robbins Princeton University Ecology and Evolutionary Biology DI
Chioma Moneme Rutgers University  Chemistry DI
Emily Nowlin Rutgers University  Nutrition DI
Michelle Evers Sacramento State Kinesiology DI
Kim Gross Sacramento State Communications DI
Carly  Hartman Sacramento State Math DI
Alexandra Santella Sacramento State Health Science DI
Kari  Sly Sacramento State Business-Finance DI
Jessica  Smith Sacramento State Psychology DI
Haley  Adams Saint Mary’s College (CA) Accounting DI
Michelle Felmlee-Gartner Saint Mary’s College (CA) Undecided DI
Katherine Wahl Saint Mary’s College (CA) Accounting DI
Jennifer Miller San Diego State University Business DI
Megan Alferness Santa Clara University Civil Engineering DI
Brenda Arellano Santa Clara University Psychology DI
Missy Giorgi Santa Clara University Sociology DI
Adrienne Lohe Santa Clara University Biology DI
Michileen Oberst Santa Clara University Theatre DI
Emily Carstens Southern Methodist University Business Administration DI
Amy  Ludavicci Sryacuse University Biology, Human Performance DI
Christina Bax Stanford University Human Biology DI
Sarah Bolmer Stanford University Chemical Engineering DI
Naomi Cornman Stanford University French DI
Ali Fauci Stanford University Computer Science DI
Nicole Gilmore Stanford University Undeclared DI
Claire Grover Stanford University American Studies DI
Elise Guinee-Cooper Stanford University Product Design DI
Daphne Martschenko Stanford University Anthropology/Slavic languages/ Russian DI
Maddy  McCartney Stanford University French and Italian DI
Madeline Briggs Stetson University Undeclared DI
Alicia Duda Stetson University Discovery DI
Tabitha Petvi Stetson University Biology DI
Molly  Winston Stetson University Integrative Health Science DI
Rose Aschebrock Syracuse University English, Communications DI
Meryl Engler Syracuse University Sculpture, Religion DI
Caroline  Habjan Syracuse University Honors Program, Pre-med DI
Rebecca Soja Syracuse University Architecture DI
Miranda Williams Syracuse University Psychology DI
Susan Coyne Temple University Pre-Health DI
Claudia Loeber Temple University Photography DI
Joanna  Sutor Temple University Nursing DI
Allison Watkins Temple University Journalism DI
Chloe Kojima UCLA Communication Studies DI
Kendall Mitchell UCLA English DI
Carolina Paini UCLA Geography and French DI
Meaghan Volker UCLA Geography DI
Adrienne Barrett UConn Animal Science DI
Kathryn Hughes UConn Physiology & Neurobiology DI
Charlotte Kelley UConn Allied Health Sciences DI
Julia Roth UConn Allied Health Sciences DI
Ashley West UConn Pharmacy DI
Hillary Wiles-Lafayette UConn Ecology & Evolutionary Biology DI
Katie Burger UNC-CH Exercise and Sports Science DI
Sarah Giles UNC-CH Environmental Studies DI
Carie  Mastrianni UNC-CH Global Studies DI
Sarah Priest UNC-CH Exercise and Sports Science DI
Maria Santoyo UNC-CH Global Studies DI
Claire Wardius UNC-CH Biology DI
Danielle Carlino University at Buffalo Soc Science Interdisc/ Int’l Studies DI
Shannon David University at Buffalo Psychology DI
Sarah Ann Fox University at Buffalo Biomedical Science DI
Emily Glasgow University at Buffalo Nursing INT DI
Rosa Kemp University at Buffalo Exercise Science DI
Kaitlyn  Kosecielkniak University at Buffalo Speech & Hearing Sci DI
Hannah Miller-Selzer University at Buffalo Political Science/ Soc Sci Interdisc DI
Elizabeth Murphy University at Buffalo Cultural Anthropology/ History DI
Ashley Allison University of Alabama Aerospace Engineering DI
Tabitha Coleman University of Alabama Biology/History (2nd degree) DI
Alyssa  Drevenak University of Alabama Exercise Science DI
Melissa Etter University of Alabama Advertising DI
Caitlin O’Neil University of Alabama Business DI
Logan O’Neil University of Alabama Math DI
Canella Tinker University of Alabama Exercise Science DI
Lynn Anderson University of California Environmental Econ. & Policy DI
Margaret Simpson University of California English DI
Mary Chipman University of Dayton Early Childhood Education DI
Elizabeth Eckstein University of Dayton Marketing & Accounting DI
Lauren Jabir University of Dayton Early Childhood Education DI
Kerri Kramer University of Dayton Mechanical Engineering DI
Haley  Murrel University of Dayton Dietetics & Nutrition and Fitness DI
Mary Willard University of Dayton Exercise Physiology DI
Sadie Wonders University of Dayton Accounting DI
Shannon Bell University of Delaware Elementary Education DI
Jennifer Majcher University of Delaware Exercise Science DI
Jamie Noce University of Delaware Fine Arts DI
Mackenzie Norton University of Iowa International Studies DI
Susanna  Stralina University of Iowa Integrative Physiology DI
Gabrielle Watson University of Iowa Speech and Hearing Science DI
Caty Clements University of Kansas Accounting DI
Jenni Hartzler University of Kansas Mathematics DI
Liz Scherer University of Kansas Exercise Science DI
Emma Umbarger University of Kansas Exercise Science DI
Morgan Dunham University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Katya Monchenko University of Louisville Business Administration, Computer Information Systems DI
Hannah Ritter University of Louisville Business Administration, Computer Information Systems DI
Marissa Thalen University of Louisville French and Geography DI
Amy Van Syoc University of Louisville Communications DI
Andee Zorn University of Louisville Anthropology DI
Hannah Hawks University of Miami Broadcast Journalism DI
Breanna Hayton University of Miami Aerospace Engineering DI
Hannah Meister University of Miami Visual Journalism – Multimedia DI
Nichole Zayan University of Miami Biomedical Engineering DI
Emily Idoni University of Michigan Business Administration DI
Andrea Johnson University of Michigan Business Administration DI
Colleen Macke University of Michigan Biology BS & German BS DI
Katie Anderson University of Minnesota Elementary Education DI
Lynn Hodnett University of Minnesota Ecology Evolution & Behavior DI
Becky Kinchen University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering DI
Emilie Sabourin University of Minnesota Microbology DI
Rachel Sartor University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI
Sarah Sokek University of Minnesota Psychology DI
Alexandria Voss University of Minnesota Journalism DI
Katherine Windsor University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI
Christina Dines University of Notre Dame American Studies DI
Rose Doerfler University of Notre Dame Chemical Engineering DI
Courtney Gaberino University of Notre Dame Mechanical Engineering DI
Kelsey Haddad University of Notre Dame Civil Engineering DI
Anna Kottkamp University of Notre Dame Environmental Sciences DI
Abby Meyers University of Notre Dame Economics & Math DI
Kelsey Murphy University of Notre Dame Psychology & French DI
Joanna  Poinsatte University of Notre Dame Psychology DI
Teresa Rubinger University of Notre Dame History & Political Science DI
Danielle Schneider University of Notre Dame Design DI
Ivy  Brown University of Oklahoma Health & Exercise Science DI
Rachel Cantrell University of Oklahoma Pre-Communication Disorders DI
Kristin  Clift University of Oklahoma Health & Exercise Science DI
Laura Combs University of Oklahoma Environmental Sustainability DI
Nicole Furmanek University of Oklahoma Elementary Education DI
Brooke Holleman University of Oklahoma Environmental Sustainability DI
Marilyn Kozlowski University of Oklahoma Health & Exercise Science DI
Kim Moldenhauer University of Oklahoma Inernational Business DI
Jennifer O’Grady University of Oklahoma Inernational Business DI
Kelsey O’Grady University of Oklahoma Anthropology DI
Emmie Preskitt University of Oklahoma Psychology DI
Emily Redfield University of Pennsylvania Nursing DI
Molly Donahue University of Portland Nursing DI
Sarah Donohoe University of Portland Biology DI
Jamie Opra University of Portland Communication DI
Jessica Osborn University of Portland Biology DI
Kate  Capitran University of Rhode Island Education DI
Hannah  Milam University of Rhode Island Kinesiology DI
Chelsea  Paulin University of Rhode Island Nutrition  DI
Chelsea Burns University of Texas Audiology DI
Rachel Donnelly University of Texas Sociology – Plan I Honors DI
Schyler Gilmour University of Texas Chemical Engineering DI
Jessica Glennie University of Texas Architecture DI
Emily Jones University of Texas Advertising DI
Johanna Neuber University of Texas Electrical Engineering DI
Audrey Springer-Wilson University of Texas Music Performance DI
Katarina Susac University of Texas Business – Management Information Systems DI
Sara Walton University of Texas Business – Honors Program DI
Allyson Brooks University of Tulsa Exercise and Sports Science DI
Zoe Fleischmann University of Tulsa Chemistry DI
Brooke Helmberger University of Tulsa Psychology DI
Allison Kiefer University of Tulsa Nursing DI
Meredith Papps University of Tulsa Athletic Training DI
Amanda Schenk University of Tulsa Sociology DI
Carly Schmidt University of Tulsa Political Science DI
Renee Vanasse University of Tulsa Economics DI
Sarah Cowburn University of Virginia Architectual History DI
Molly Frear University of Virginia Italian DI
Kaitlyn McCullough University of Virginia Commerce DI
Sarah McGovern University of Virginia Psychology DI
Catherine Multari University of Virginia Kinesiology DI
Ann Reid University of Virginia Politics/History DI
Rachel Gendreau University of Wisconsin History DI
Katie Hanes University of Wisconsin Sociology DI
Nicole Hettmann University of Wisconsin Zoology DI
Hanna Podzorski University of Wisconsin Civil Engineering DI
Kendall Schmidt University of Wisconsin Civil Engineering DI
Elizabeth Schoenfeldt University of Wisconsin Undecided DI
Kellyn Freire USC Undecided DI
Melanie Grindle USC Business Administration DI
Vineta Moca USC Policy, Planning and Development DI
Elizabeth Turner USC Human Biology DI
Katie Dick Washington State University Philosophy DI
Elise  Jones Washington State University Civil Engineering  DI
Erin Schuster Washington State University Undeclared DI
Sarah Wu Washington State University Movement Studies DI
Elizabeth Duarte West Virginia University Biology DI
Kelly Kramer West Virginia University Chemical Engineering DI
Morgan Leach West Virginia University Occupational Therapy DI
Hilary  Meale West Virginia University Occupational Therapy DI
Rachelle Purych West Virginia University Advertising DI
Bethany Sapen West Virginia University Nursing DI
Courtney Schrand West Virginia University Elementary Education DI
Karen Verwey West Virginia University Criminology  DI
Christine Devlin Yale University Political science DI
Amina Edwards Yale University American Studies DI
Katherine  Freeman Yale University Anthropology/premed DI
Kristjana Gundmundsson Yale University History DI
Madison Lips Yale University Political Science DI
Margaret Ayers Yale University  Biomedical Engineering DI
Casey Vallas Assumption College Undeclared DII
Anna  Boada Barry University Exercise Physiology DII
Kristina Boncheva Barry University Management DII
Laura DelRoss Humboldt State Liberal Arts/Elementary Education DII
Katrina Rehrer Humboldt State Wildlife DII
Kelly Rose Humboldt State Environmental Management and Protection; Planning DII
Kaitlyn Shanle Humboldt State Spanish Education DII
Karen Stufkosky Humboldt State Engineering DII
Gabrielle Wood Humboldt State International Studies DII
Kathryn  Harris Humboldt State  Environmental Science; Energy & Climate and Environmental Ethics. DII
Georgia  Kaufman Humboldt State  Biology DII
Alicia Stoklosa Mercyhurst University Intelligence Studies DII
Lauren Boudreau Nova Southeastern University Biology DII
Camille Evans Nova Southeastern University Marine Biology DII
Stephanie Hauck Nova Southeastern University Sport and Exercise Science DII
Sarah  Patterson Nova Southeastern University Business Administration DII
Mary Costello Philadelphia University Physician’s Assistant/Health Science DII
Jessika Kachnic Philadelphia University Fashion Merchandising DII
Alexia  George Rollins College Economics, International Business and Spanish DII
Kathryn Hoyer Rollins College Music DII
Rachel  Reams Rollins College History DII
Alyssa Dixon-Word UC San Diego Biology DII
Samantha Elliott University of Central Oklahoma English Education DII
Jennifer  Hagen University of Central Oklahoma Nursing DII
Michaela Stam University of Central Oklahoma Nursing DII
Deborah Amos University of Charleston Education, Biology DII
Kelsey Ash University of Charleston Biology DII
Kimberly  Kerr University of Charleston Biology DII
Chelsea Mellen University of Charleston Psychology DII
Hilary  Young University of Charleston Nursing DII
Sarafina Crowell Western Washington Undetermined DII
Catrina Cuadra Western Washington History DII
Christine  Henie Western Washington Art DII
Maddy Hillier Western Washington Chemistry DII
Yvette Kelp Western Washington Kinesiology DII
Claire  Marine Western Washington Kinesiology DII
Audra Massey Western Washington Kinesiology DII
Jenna  Armstrong Bates College Biological Chemistry and Math DIII
Gabriella Bilotta Bates College Spanish DIII
Lauren Hadiaris Bates College Politics DIII
Alexandra Hill Bates College Sociology and Spanish DIII
Molly Huffaker Bates College Sociology and French DIII
Rebecca O’Neill Bates College Latin American Studies DIII
Aisling Ryan Bates College Psychology DIII
Jessie Lunde Colby College Economics DIII
Kara Witherill Colby College Global Studies DIII
Hideko Nara Hamilton College Art and Art History DIII
Jessica Pedersen Hamilton College Environmental Studies DIII
Megan Barry Ithaca College Occupational Therapy DIII
Lindsay Beatty Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Rachel Mevissen Ithaca College Spanish DIII
Delaney Pfohl Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Stevie  Theoharidis Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Madison  Vander Hill Ithaca College Environmental Studies DIII
Tessa  VanDerVeeken Ithaca College Exercise Science DIII
Stephanie Zang Ithaca College Clinical Exercise Science DIII
Laura Nash Lewis & Clark College East Asian Studies & Studio Art DIII
Sarah Poggi Lewis & Clark College Biochemistry/Molecular Biology DIII
Leah Weston Lewis & Clark College Biochemistry/Molecular Biology DIII
Erika Gill Marietta College Middle Childhood Education/Communications DIII
Abigail Klicker Marietta College Studio Art/Political Science DIII
Alyse McNeill Marietta College Biochemistry/Economics DIII
Stephanie Meinert Marietta College History/Leadership DIII
Katherine Tedesco Marietta College History/Leadership DIII
Trisha Wendel Marietta College Environmental Science/Spanish/Energy Systems Studis DIII
Lora ChauDavis Mills College Sociology/Anthropology and Studio Art DIII
Stephanie Der Mills College English and Ethnic Studies DIII
Hannah Arbach Mount Holyoke College Biochemistry DIII
Sarah  Fleming Mount Holyoke College Biochemistry DIII
Deanne Hart Mount Holyoke College Chemistry DIII
Atma Khalsa Mount Holyoke College Complex Orgainzations DIII
Cara Murphy Mount Holyoke College Psychology DIII
Anne Preston Mount Holyoke College Biology DIII
Rachel Smith Mount Holyoke College Theater/Politics DIII
Casey Foedisch Rutgers University-Camden English DIII
Opeyemi Owa Rutgers University-Camden Biology DIII
Andrea Breen Simmons College Psychology DIII
Rebecca Brown Simmons College Business DIII
Audrey Purcell Simmons College Biopsychology DIII
Anna Rowse Simmons College Environmental Science and Public Health DIII
Emma Carlisle-Reske Smith College Education/Liberal Studies DIII
Haley  Crockett Smith College American Studies DIII
Hannah Kaplan-Hartlaub Smith College Spanish/Sociology DIII
Sarah McDonald Smith College American Studies DIII
Praatika Prasad Smith College Government DIII
Beverly Turner Smith College Philosophy/Spanish DIII
Sally  Dankner St. Lawrence University Fine Arts DIII
Maggie  Fellows St. Lawrence University Environmental Studies and Multi-Language DIII
Alissa McCaffrey St. Lawrence University Biology and History DIII
Britton Weber St. Lawrence University Biology DIII
Amy Yao St. Lawrence University Biology DIII
Emily Bower Trinity College English DIII
Catherine Guariglia Trinity College Biology DIII
Rose Lichtenfels Trinity College Political Science DIII
Jillian Zieff Trinity College Anthropology DIII
Gwendolyn Schoch Trinity Colllege Neuroscience & Formal Organizations DIII
Catherine Durand United States Coast Guard Academy Marine and Environmental Science DIII
Judith Hooymans United States Coast Guard Academy Electrical Engineering DIII
Jessica Ward United States Coast Guard Academy Mechanical Engineering DIII
Rachel Benders Washington College Economics DIII
Kelly Bird Washington College Chemistry DIII
Emily  Sahadeo Washington College Chemistry DIII
Taira  Sullivan Washington College History DIII
Abigail  Thomas Washington College Biology DIII
Aidan  Chambers Wellesley College Biological Sciences/Pre-Vet DIII
Rachel Coogan Wellesley College Spanish DIII
Ildi Gaal Wellesley College Neuroscience/Pre-Med DIII
Kathryn Goffin Wellesley College Psychology DIII
Becca Kimball Wellesley College Economics/Spanish DIII
Jennifer Lamy Wellesley College Economics/Environmental Science DIII
Loren Lock Wellesley College Biological Sciences DIII
Emma Reuder Wellesley College Economics DIII
Tess Ruderman Wellesley College Economics DIII
Claire Tam Wellesley College Political Science DIII
Robin Cotter Wesleyan University Neuroscience DIII
Hannah Korevaar Wesleyan University Math, American studies DIII
Rebecca Michaelson Wesleyan University English DIII
Zoe  Mueller Wesleyan University University Major DIII
Emilie Sinkler Wesleyan University Physics DIII
Margo  Tercek Wesleyan University English DIII
Brianne Wiemann Wesleyan University Molecular Biology DIII
Reusch Amanda William Smith College Biochemistry and Women’s Studies DIII
Stage Anola William Smith College Double major in Chemistry and English DIII
Boire Carissa William Smith College Biology DIII
Andersen Emily William Smith College Writing and Rhetoric DIII
Shelden Emily William Smith College Double major in Political Science and Africana Studies with a minor in International Relations DIII
Steketee Jess William Smith College Double major in Biology and Environmental Studies DIII
Paige Katrina William Smith College Double majori n Economics and Environmental Studies DIII
Blake-Whitney Lauren William Smith College American Studies with an Education minor DIII
Peraro Leila William Smith College Biochemistry with a minor in Health Care Professions DIII
Katherine Amano Williams College English and Psychology DIII
Anna Hopkins Williams College Biology DIII
Jenna Maddock Williams College Undeclared DIII
Sarah Peters Williams College Physics DIII
Margaret Steer Williams College Art History DIII
Elisabeth Boulanger WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII
Maggie  Freed WPI Architectural Engineering DIII
Brianna Gillespie WPI Chemical Engineering DIII
Emily Johnson WPI Biochemical Engineering and Biotech DIII
Macauley Kenney WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII
SarahBeth Leach WPI Civil Engineering DIII
Amy Loomis WPI Mechanical Engineering DIII
Corre Steele WPI Mathematical Sciences DIII
Ashley Davidson Boston University International Relations and History Lightweight
Elizabeth  Aigler Bucknell University Political Science Lightweight
Adrian  Edmonds Bucknell University Political Science Lightweight
Jennifer Fish Bucknell University Biology Lightweight
Ashley  Rooney Bucknell University History/Religion Lightweight
Sarah  Arcos Georgetown University Neurobiology Lightweight
Kyla  McClure Georgetown University Undeclared Lightweight
Katie McGowan Georgetown University Biology Lightweight
Kayla  McNeill Georgetown University Psychology Lightweight
Margaret Rush Georgetown University Biology of Global Health Lightweight
Clare Southern Georgetown University Government Lightweight
Ruth Speidel Georgetown University Undeclared Lightweight
Claire Harmange Harvard University Chemistry/Physics Lightweight
Christine Hughes Harvard University Slavic Languages & Literature Lightweight
Veronique Irwin Harvard University Sociology Lightweight
Emma Lukasiewicz Harvard University Psychology Lightweight
Ronit Malka Harvard University Engineering Sciences Lightweight
Lauren  Ayers MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering Lightweight
Chandler Burfield MIT Mathematics and Management Science Lightweight
Emily Chen MIT Brain and Cognitive Science  Lightweight
Katie Gorick MIT Biological Engineering Lightweight
Katie Inman MIT Mechanical Engineering Lightweight
Katherine Coffin University at Buffalo Env Geosciences Lightweight
Jeanson  Kang University at Buffalo Chemistry/Psychology Lightweight
Megan Klyczek University at Buffalo Nursing SBSQ Lightweight
Margaret Lawn University at Buffalo Engnr & Appl Sci Lightweight
Cassandra  Nicolia University at Buffalo Pharmacy INT PharmD Lightweight
Megan Melott-Elliott University of Tulsa Biochemistry Lightweight
Jamie Roloff University of Tulsa Exercise and Sports Science Lightweight
Constance Chucholowski University of Wisconsin Political Studies Lightweight
Gillian Lapadat University of Wisconsin Biology Lightweight
Jessica Lund University of Wisconsin Biology Lightweight
Brianna Murphy University of Wisconsin Biology Lightweight
Alessandra Ruenger University of Wisconsin Biology Lightweight