2018 CRCA Annual Board Meeting Minutes

CRCA Meeting Minutes

USRowing & CRCA Conference, San Diego, CA

Friday, December 6, 2018

7:30 – 9:30 AM

Board Members met. After introductions, we reviewed the Officers & Committees within the Board and appointed or upheld board members to those vacancies. We discussed the committees and responsibilities for each.

Towards the end of this initial meeting, we briefly discussed the issue of coxswain weight that had sparked some conversation this fall. (See notes below for next steps for this topic and any & all future proposals looking for consideration.)

Before we closed the meeting, Dave brought up the idea that we should start the conversation about how we can continue to grow our sport from the bottom up, not just the top down. Keeping programs from getting dropped, and also making the sport more exciting. What does this look like over the next 5-10 years. the issue to resolve is how to prove to athletics administrators that we are a sport worth sponsoring properly (or at least respectably). Title IX isn’t going to cut it anymore – most of the little schools don’t have football. Their obsession is basketball because of the prospect of tv money. The perceived thought is lacrosse is the quickest growing sport and receiving the most, new funding because it is seen as the sport most likely to get a tv contract. We unfortunately simply don’t have a product that is easy to televise or, some would argue, a race format worth televising. Administrators want tv money. If we can’t transform our sport into something meaningful to televise what could be another reason for administrations across the country, from big and small schools, historic programs and new that unites us all?”

Meeting adjourned at about 9:15 and we agreed to meet the following day again during the lunch break. (notes below)

We introduced the new board (to all members who were present) at the CRCA meeting and had a brief dialogue regarding coxswain weight (notes below)


President – Nancy LaRocque, newly appointed

Vice President – Kate Maloney, newly appointed

Secretary/ Treasurer – Glenn Putyrae, remains unchanged

Administrative assistant (current title on the website) – Dan Wolleben, remains unchanged

Division I

Region 1

Lori Dauphiny, Princeton University

Jenn Langzettel, Duquesne University

Region 2

Madeline Davis, Boston University

David Patterson, Fairfield University

Region 3

Emily Ford, University of Virginia

Derek Copeland, University of Louisville

Region 4

Nancy LaRocque, University of Wisconsin

Liz Tuppen, University of Michigan

Region 5

Jane LaRiviere, Washington State University

Glenn Putyrae, University of Alabama

Division II

Montia Rice, University of Central Oklahoma

Colin Truex, UC San Diego

Division III

Kate Maloney, Williams College

Tessa Spillane, Wellesley College


Awards, remains unchanged

Emily Ford & Colin Truex

Legislative Review, newly appointed

Jenn Langzettel

Coaching Education, newly appointed

Maddie Davis & Liz Tuppen

Hall of Fame, newly appointed

Jane LaRiviere

Championship & Competition, remains unchanged

Kate Maloney

Membership, newly appointed

Montia Rice & Dan Wolleben

Nominating, newly appointed

Montia Rice & David Patterson

Coaches Poll, remains unchanged

Derek Copeland

Lightweight, newly appointed

Lori Dauphiny


Saturday, December 7, 2018

Meeting 2, during the conference


As board members, we had a full 24 hours to settle into our new roles, and we had another roundtable discussion as to how we can improve and make the CRCA Board & Membership better and stronger moving forward.

DISCUSSION POINT 1: As a membership, how do we make change?

In the past, we’ve had coaches send emails out to the membership to start a dialogue about specific issues. Or, ideas have been brought up at both the CRCA conference in December and or at the NCAA/IRA Championships in June. A lively discussion often ensues with lots of varied opinions, or there’s a flutter of emails that go back and forth and back and forth. Then….it just sort of fizzles out.

The sole purpose of the CRCA is to unify collegiate women’s rowing coaches, to act as a collective voice for collegiate women’s rowing coaches, and to inform collegiate women’s rowing coaches on issues related to rowing.

Using the coxswain weight proposal as an example, Laura Simon sent out an informative proposal and subsequent petition. This got the discussion going. Since then, both the Pac 12 & Ivy League have adopted the FISA weight of 121.25 pounds (55 KG).

Currently, the increase by FISA was not supported by the NCAA committees primarily because US Rowing has not adopted the new FISA weight. There also wasn’t a significant, loud enough, unified voice from the CRCA. However, if there is enough of a groundswell from our membership, that’s how we can make the change.

From here, I will work with Kelly Whittaker for what the NCAA will need from us in terms of support from the membership. More than likely, we’ll be starting that by polling the membership. Each institution will receive one vote. This will probably come out Mid-January, effective date more than likely for the 2019-20 academic year if it passes.


If there are members that have ideas like coxswain weight or changing boat classes at NCAA’s or championship format, we are proposing that members submit that through the President to be reviewed by the board for next steps on polling the membership. This will ensure that great ideas don’t fall off the wagon.


Maddie & Liz are going to take on the Education portion of the CRCA conference. Expect amazing ideas to come from these two – they’re fired up and were already talking about some great ideas.


We are reviewing the process for nominating, and also looking at having a yearly induction – what that would look like.

DISCUSSION POINT 4: Monthly Communication out to the Membership

Topics Included:

  •     New Proposals, how we make change
  •     Education
  •     Hall of Fame
  •     Membership Benefits, why join?
  •     Polls (how it works)
  •     Championship Site Bids
  •     What’s happening at your annual conference head coach’s meeting (would include meeting notes)
  •     Next big thing for Women’s Rowing
  •     Compliance updates
  •     Coach’s Corner


As a board, we voted to change the nominating process for All-Americans. Instead of using the All-conference teams as a nominating pool, the awards committee will seek up to 4 nominees from each school to be considered for the award. This was announced at the general meeting and was met with no discussion/debate.

Action Items for board members

  •     Polling software improvements happening now to make the submitting the poll easier (will be complete before February 2nd). Derek to check with Row2k about gaining access to searchable database. Moving the preseason poll date so that it is released before any Spring racing if possible. Sending our general polling guidelines/process to the entire membership by February 15th.
  •     Get to know your regions – board members from the same region may want to work in conjunction when reaching out/getting to know the coaches in their region (i.e. Nancy and Liz could send an email out together to all other schools in their region) (agree Liz!)
  •     Thoughts on setting up a time to meet December 2019 in Philadelphia? Since the CRCA conference starts on Friday morning, can we all agree to meet on Thursday night for dinner somewhere?
  •     Nancy to send out coxswain weight poll in January, will connect with Kelly Whitaker first.

Proposed Future Calls – 2019

10 AM Central time?? (just throwing this out there)

  •     Tuesday, February 26th
  •     Tuesday, June 25th
  •     Tuesday, September 24th
  •     Thursday, December 5th, Philadelphia