All Membership Meeting Minutes: 12/2019

CRCA Membership Meeting – December 6, 2019, 5pm

Philadelphia, PA

First, wanted to give a huge thank you to Pocock for sponsoring us for almost 15 years!

We have new board members-

Mike Lane, Jacksonville University
Kate Maxim, Oregon State University
Jamie Francis, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Patrick Hyland, Humboldt State University
Meg Conan, Hamilton College
Tessa Spillane, Wellesley College


Vice President: Maddie Davis

New Treasurer : Mike Lane. Currently we have approx. $40,000 between checking and savings and $4,900in PayPal account.


Regarding the coxswain weight discussion – About 80% of our membership filled out the coxswain survey sent out by the CRCA- we provided the results to the NCAA championship committee; however, we did not provide any research supporting why medically or scientifically this change would be beneficial, so its stalled in that stage, as that work needs to be done.

The Pac-12 conference submitted a proposal during USRowing’s open rule changes this fall – USRowing decided to table it for 2020, but they will work to gather scientific data for the 2021 championship year.


Salary Survey – We want to do another salary survey this year- was very useful for coaches to use. With the 4th added coach, expect to see that at some point moving forward this spring.


Admin. Assistant Position-

Dan is retiring from his role as Administrative Assistant. We are extremely appreciative for all the hard work he has done for the CRCA over the years.

Sheila Rinozzi will serve as interim admin. assistant – until July 1st

The CRCA Board is looking at potential to create an Executive Director role for the future.


Legislative Committee – Discussed the NCAA rule regarding winter trips and the requirement of having to leave campus. Jen received an email yesterday- so we don’t have a ton of information yet, but it sounds as though the NCAA is allowing a WAIVER for this year-only if your trip was already planned.

There was discussion about working to make a change the rule for next year.

(Note this also affects at home camps- example if half your team travels and half stay home for “erg camp”) The question was raised “why not count it within your 156 days” essentially eliminate the 3 segments and start in 20 hours when you return.

However, on a training camp- practice is unlimited, whereas training in 20 hours = limited to 4hrs /day

Be on the lookout for a survey, so we can gather feedback and then revisit this topic.


Name, Image and Likeness Legislation Discussion

Initial report and additional resources here. I highly suggest reading it, as it explains in detail a lot of the ambiguity around the NIL and also answers a lot of the questions raised at our membership meeting such as  potential issues, suggested regulations, and also next steps for the working group.


Membership Dues

We are missing a MAJORITY of membership dues for this year. (about 35% of members have paid their dues, and the deadline was in October.


Why are more people not here at CRCA meeting? Or CRCA Conference?

We discussed keeping it in conjunction with USRowing, or hosting it at a university (like it used to be).  USRowing is interested in OUR input regarding time of year for the conference (November, January, Summer? In conjunction with a recruiting event, or keep it alone?

We will survey the membership to better serve and provide exactly what the membership would like.

~the group generally thought the summer would work, and the idea of mid-week instead of weekend is preferred.


Marnie– will run our new Instagram and Twitter accounts. PLEASE follow CRCA_ROW.

We can use this for polls, awards, weekly race schedules? Etc.


FINANCIAL AID — Exempted Institutional Financial Aid- Institutional Need Based Aid

Issue came up on the ACC conference call– Need based vs. Merit-based and athletic scholarships


Need-based and Athletic Scholarships count against you, whereas merit does not. So, we are penalizing the people with the lowest income. ~This was something that changed about 4 years ago. Its currently back on the docket for future NCAA voting


Racing a Quad in-place of coxed 4 at NCAAs?

Kevin Sauer brought up idea of 1V8, 2V8 and Quad- not just for national team, but for bodies- and people’s ability to sweep vs Symmetry of sculling. He Thinks it’s a good idea- Would look to replace 4 with quad, (not in addition to) – at NCAA’s only?



We understand conference-wise it gets more complicated with different events

Several coaches think it’s worth talking about further; some also don’t like the idea.

Potential Pros discussed:

~International recruits- sometimes a majority of them haven’t swept until they get to college.

~Also goes along with what Patrick spoke about with U15 championships being switched over to completely sculling events.

~Could also help with the diversity opportunities he spoke about, as the tiny or underfunded clubs that cannot put together an 8 or 4, are only sculling.

Generally, as the CRCA we need to be thinking about what the NCAA looks like in 5+ years


Nancy stated that –

the CRCA board is extremely invested as a board and membership in being PROACTIVE – Look towards how we want to look in the future and get ahead of things, instead of always being in a reactive state. We want to try to be at the forefront, and this potential executive director position, so that there is a constant presence and maintain relationships and making us at the forefront and keeping us looking forefront instead of constantly being responsive/ reactive.


Meeting Adjourned.