About Us


The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association works to promote a positive collegiate rowing experience by fostering a diverse and inclusive community of coaches that value their professional development and promoting equity & leadership within the sport. The CRCA serves as the voice and advocate for its members, in order to grow and promote excellence in collegiate women’s rowing.

Core Values

  • Cultivate a Diverse and Inclusive Community
  • Grow, Advance and Promote collegiate rowing programs
  • Advocate on behalf of the needs and best interests of our members at every level
  • Educate and Empower our coaches through networking, mentorship/leadership development programming and continuing educational opportunities
  • Provide Recognition for our coaches and student-athletes for their academic and athletic achievements, leadership, and growth of sport through a DEI lens
  • Communicate and Collaborate with USRowing, IRCA, ICAC, ACRA, and USOPC to strengthen the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vision

We envision a rowing community that reflects the diversity of our community in which women, Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color, members of the LGBTQIA community and other marginalized groups are engaged: from spectators and athletes to coaches, administrators, and officials. We believe in the power of diversity and we strive to create a sport in which everyone experiences a true sense of belonging and acceptance.