Annual Board Meeting

CRCA Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Andrew Teitelbaum, President (Central) Head Coach of Ohio State University. Joe Wilhelm (East) Head Coach of Northeastern University Mark Rothstein (Central) Head Coach of the University of Michigan Sandra Chu (DII/DIII At-Large) Head Coach of William Smith College Jason Steele, Secretary (East) Head Coach of Worcester Polytechnic Institute Steve Kish, Treasurer/Vice President (Mid-Atlantic) Head Coach of Bucknell University Kevin Harris (South) Head Coach of the University of Tulsa Bill Zack (West) Assistant Coach, University of California at Los Angelas Kevin Sauer (South) Head Coach of the University of Virginia Mike Hughes (Mid-Atlantic) Head Coach to the Naval Academy

Missing: Eleanor McElvaine (West) Head Coach of University of Washington Becky Robinson (DII/DIII At-Large) Head Coach of Ithaca College

The following individuals were participants in the annual meeting:  Robbie Tenenbaum (Representitive for West) Assistant Coach of University of Washington Tom Bold, (NCAA), Chair of the Divison I Rowing Committee Erin O’Connell, (NCAA), Chair of the Division II Rowing Commitee Tina Krah, (NCAA), Staff Liason Mark Bedics, (NCAA), Staff Liason

Tom Bold on an update on the recent Big East proposal regarding automatic qualifiers:  Andy Teitelbaum welcomed all participants and introduced the aforementioned representatives of the NCAA who were invited to discuss a variety of issues currently facing Women’s Rowing. Tom Bold began the discussion with an update on the recent Big East proposal regarding automatic qualifiers. He indicated that this issue is secondary to the discussion about Women’s Rowing being designated as either a Team or Individual Team Sport. Since the latter issue will dicatate the direction of Championship expansion, he suggested that the issue of AQ’s was some ways in the future. Tina Krah clarified for the BOD that any future implementation of AQ’s could require 50% of the Championship field to be selected as Conference AQ’s. She updated the BOD that 6 Conferences would currently be eligible for an AQ based on the number of sponsoring institutions within these conferences. Tom Bold indicated that if the membership desired AQ’s in the future it would be likely implemented, although, for now the Rowing Committee had recently voted against AQ’s until the question of expansion had been resolved. This lead into a discussion about the expansion of the Rowing Championship. It was reiterated that the discussion about how to designate Women’s Rowing is central to resolving the direction any expansion would take. If rowing is designated a Team Sport then no At-Large eights would be included at that Championship. Under its current status as Individual Team Sport rowing is allowed to include At-Large eights. Tina elaborated that all early discussions about adopting Women’s Rowing as an NCAA sport highlighted the intent to consider it as a Team Sport. Its status as an Individual Team Sport during the last decade was intended to allow flexibility to deal with issues common to “emerging sports”. She suggested that since Women’s Rowing is no longer viewed as an emerging sport it seemed likely that the original intent of creating a Team Sport may be close to being realized. It was clarified that expansion of the championship could not take place if the sport remained and Individual Team sport since the ratio of participating athletes/sponsoring institutions was very high. However, if rowing is designated as a Team Sport the ratio of partcipating teams/sponsoring institutions was such that expansion to 16 full teams was a possibility. A resolution to this issue is expected by February 2007. These issues were further discussed and reviewed in anticipation for the CRCA Membership Meeting to be held the following day.

2007 Championship Concerns:  Andy then moved the conversation to coaches’ concerns with the 2007 Championship to be held in Oak Ridge, TN. He indicated that numerous individuals were concerned with the condition of the race course, and that historically the Oak Ridge venue has not been up to NCAA Championship standards. Tina assured the BOD that the course would be fully prepared for next year’s championship. The NCAA had recently allocated substantial funding to Oak Ridge with the expectation these funds would bring the course to standards.  Other topics of discussion with representatives of the NCAA included a possible change to a Wednesday – Saturday Championship, the inclusion of GPS equipment in racing shells, results reporting, and proposed DIII recruiting restrictions. These issues will be further discussed by the BOD, CRCA membership, and appropriate representatives of USRowing.

With thanks from the BOD, all NCAA representatives departed at 7:05 P.M. PST.

Election of Officers:  In accordance with CRCA by-laws Andy began BOD Annual Meeting business with an election of officers for 2007. Andy Teitelbaum, Steve Kish, and Jason Steele, were unanimously elected President, Vice President, and Secretary respectively.

Committee Updates

Legislative Committee – Bill Zack of the Legislative Review Committee had no additional updates, though reminded the BOD of the need to survey the membership regarding the potential of an increase in scholarships, as discussed in the last conference call.

Membership Committee – Kevin Harris of the Membership Committee indicated they were in the process of tracking down some final membership applications. Additionally, he confirmed that he would work with Ed Hewitt to be sure that the list-serve was fully updated. Lastly he moved to change the due-date for membership applications to January 1st from the current October due-date. This motion was seconded and unanimously approved by the BOD. Appropriate changes to the bi-laws will be made.

Awards Committee – In the absence of the Chair of the Awards Committee Andy updated the BOD that Pocock will continue to sponsor CRCA All America Awards in 2007.

Polling Committee – In the absence of the Chair of the Polling Committee Andy requested that the BOD be proactive in the solicitation of strong pollsters for 2007.

Coaching Education Committee – Andy then moved to change the Coaching Education Committee’s to a standing committee from its current status as an ad-hoc committee. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Lightweight Committee – A motion to make the Lightweight Committee a standing committee was seconded and unanimously approved.

NCAA DVD’s – Final discussions centered on determining an appropriate means to fund and distribute NCAA Championship DVDs to the membership. It was determined that DVDs would be provided free with future membership. Conversions regarding delegation of responsibility for distribution will be held following this year’s Championship.

The annual Board of Director’s Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 P.M. PST.