Annual Board Meeting

CRCA Board of Directors Meeting

The CRCA board of directors met on May 24, 2007 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, site of the 2007 NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships.

Present: Sandra Chu, Eleanor McIlvaine, Becky Robinson, Kevin Sauer, Andy Teitelbaum, Joe Wilhelm, and Bill Zack.

The following reports were made.

Treasurer’s report: Steve Kish was not able to attend the meeting. But he will provide a detailed financial report in the near future. The association is in sound financial health with a large amount of net assets in the form of cash. Steve will work on all tax issues in the near future. The board agreed to subsidize the first CRCA coaches conference in the approximate amount of $1500.

Awards: The awards system continues to work well. The electronic submission system has made things easier. The expanded eligibility for academic awards and awards for lightweight rowers has resulted in an increase in the number of awards, which is seen as a good thing for all constituencies. There may need to be some consideration given to changing timelines for coaching awards in order to promote more involvement.

Coaches conference: Attendance will be around 30, which is a good start in year one as well as a good size for maximum involvement of attendees. Women’s national team head coach Tom Terhaar has confirmed his plans to attend, as have the other presenters. The presenters have submitted some advanced notes and handouts that will be put in booklet form for the conference.

Hall of fame: The inaugural class in the CRCA Hall of Fame has been confirmed and the induction ceremony will take place during the CRCA / NCAA coaches meeting in Oak Ridge. Much appreciation was expressed to all of the CRCA members involved in this historic and precedent setting endeavor.

Legislative review: The NCAA legislative proposal in DI to establish automatic qualifiers with rowing as a team sport was defeated. The NCAA Championships Cabinet has endorsed the Women’s Rowing Committee recommendation that DI women’s rowing be a team sport instead of the current individual-team sport designation. No change will occur to the 2008 regatta. Depending on further NCAA review and approvals, mostly budgetary in nature, it is anticipated that there will be a team only format in 2009 in 2010. There is hope that this will include bracket expansion to sixteen teams.

Championships: Most discussion was tabled until the subsequent CRCA / NCAA coaches meeting. At that meeting, Tina Krah of the NCAA said that she would make available in advance the agenda for the Women’s Rowing Committee June meeting. All coaches are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions to committee members, especially those within their region. Selection criteria, along with site and date determination, are always on the agenda.

Nominating: Many board positions will be vacated, with most incumbents unable to run because of term limits. Andy Teitelbaum will solicit candidates. Anyone interested in running for the board should contact Andy.

Polling: The polls went well this year. Thanks were expressed to all participants.

Lightweight: The new awards for lightweight rowers were lauded.