Annual Board Meeting

CRCA Board of Directors Meeting 

Present:  Bill Zack, Will Porter, Liz O’Leary, Martin Stone, Robbie Tenenbaum, Steve Kish, Andy Teitelbaum, Dan Wolleben, Mark Rothstein, Jane LaRiviere, Lori Dauphiny, Tessa Spillane, Steve Pritzker

Missing:  Kris Sanford, Susan Parkman

Also Present:  Mark Bedics – NCAA, Kelly Shaul – NCAA, Tom Bold – DI Rowing Committee Chair

Election of Officers: 

Nominations for President: 

Robbie nominated Bill Zack, Liz nominated Kris Sanford.  With 2 nominations, went to vote, collected by Andy.  Bill Zack was elected president with majority vote.

Nominations for VP/Treasurer:

Bill nominated Jane LaRiviere – this was the only nomination.  Jane LaRiviere was elected VP/Treasurer.

Nominations for Secretary:

Jane nominated Kris Sanford – this was the only nomination.  Kris Sanford was elected Secretary.

Steve Kish presented the outgoing VP/Treasurer’s report:

This fiscal year we have $34,000 in savings.  Budgeted for a loss of $2,000, therefore $32,000 in bank.  Awards (invoice/payment) are one year behind.  Board Travel – no one made use of it, plenty of money left for this year.  Proposal of 3 payment installments for Administrative Assistant:  after 3rd month, 7th month and 10th month.  Membership dues/sponsorship dollars constitute our operating budget.  We will have an anticipated draw down of savings due to website.  **Liz asked about awards and money allocated to awards – Hall of Fame is currently not allocated any amount in the budget.  This will be corrected moving forward.  ** Lori asked about the new website – as there has been no website payment to Row2K.  Bill noted that there has been no maintenance of the website by Ed Hewitt @ Row2K.  Ed has done list serve maintenance however.  Andy proposed compensation for list-serve maintenance.  Bill will contact Ed to determine compensation for work.  Bill moved to approve the budget, Robbie seconded – budget passed.

Steve reported on status of Website Launch:

Should be live on Tuesday (12/9) or Wednesday (12/10).  Hoping that people will be able to renew/join CRCA and pay via site.  Conference registration will be online.  Will be able to use credit card, but will still have the option to pay via institutional check.  Checks will be mailed to Dan (admin. Assistant).  Will proposed using regatta central for conference registration – Jane will look into that.

Committee Reports:

Championships/Competition:  Robbie

Mark will report on Championship.  Hoping to establish better communication between NCAA committees and the CRCA board, proposal for a member of the NCAA committee to serve as a non-voting member of CRCA Board.  Championship progression will revert back to what it was:  seeded through the field for better heats.  Nominations for Chair of Championships Committee:  Robbie will continue on for DI and we should probably have one to handle DII/DIII issues.

Legislative Review:  Bill

People are more willing to ask questions and post concerns.  Not much more to report since the consultant and hosting erg races questions were raised.  Nominations for Chair of Legislative Review Committee:  Bill will continue on.

Membership:  (Steve & Bill reporting for Kevin)

Slightly ahead in our member numbers in comparison to this point last year.  New chair will send out list serve reminders and work with Dan re: accessibility (website).  Kevin will complete member booklet this year, and production will go to our administrative assistant after this year.  Nominations for Chair of Membership Committee:  Tessa will serve as new chair.


Timeline was established for this coming spring.  No other new news to report.  ** Will moved to allow for any student-athlete receiving All- Region honors to be eligible for ALL-AMERICA award.  Motion was seconded and voted on – motion passed.  Procedure will be at the discretion of the awards committee.  Nominations for Chair of Awards Committee:  Kris will continue on for DI, and Tessa will continue on for DII/III.

Nominating Committee:  Andy

Nothing to do for this coming year.  Chair solicits members for board positions when applicable.  Nominations for Nominating Committee:  Will Porter will serve as new chair

Lightweight Committee:  Steve Kish

Conference call happened on 12/3.  No new issues, other than dealing with IRA changes.  Looking at what to do long-term.  A current board member needs to chair the committee.  Board member could serve as co-chair with lightweight committee member serving as other co-chair (Al Acosta & Eric Miller have both volunteered to serve as co-chair w/CRCA board member.  Nominations for Lightweight Committee Co-Chair:  Lori Dauphiny will serve as new chair.

Hall of Fame Committee:  Liz

Holly Hatton created the Hall of Fame awards for this year’s recipients:  Jan Harville and Sue Ela.  Neither recipient is here to be presented with the awards.  Cost of award $100/each – we will need to pay Holly.  Previous inductees (’07 group) have not received an award, but should.  Motion to create awards for ‘07 inductees – all voted to approve and 4 more awards will be created.  Total cost for awards for ’07 & ’08 will be $600 (6 awards).  A picture of the award & recipient along with their Bio should be on a Hall of Fame Link to website.  CRCA annual meeting at USRowing convention is a better avenue to recognize Hall of Fame inductees each year.  Current nominations are due by February 1st, with selection occurring by March 1st.  With recognition happening at USRowing, we should be able to shift selection dates forward.  Nominations for Hall of Fame Committee:  Liz will continue to serve as chair.

Coaching Education Committee:  Mark

Coaching conference this year will take place at University of Michigan.  Still working on getting speakers.  Karsten (Canadian National team) is available on Tuesday of conference and it would be an inexpensive trip for him to come to Michigan.  Looking at having a series of coaching panels with collegiate coaches talking about how they operate their programs (about 20-30 minutes of presenting) with lots of question and answer time.  Mark made the proposal that presenting coaches should not have to pay to attend the conference.  Conference fee is $300.  Andy stated that could mean up to 9 coaches not paying for the conference and that paying for the conference should not be a big deal.  Maybe if we break even on the conference, and then compensate after the fact?  Given voluntary aspect of CRCA, if you are assisting by being on a panel, they may receive a slight reduction in fees?  Hosting coaches paid ½ the conference registration fee last year.  Maybe $100 discount on registration for presenters?  Mark will examine costs by next call and present further ideas.  Themes for each ½ day will cover Technique, Training and Mental Preparation for Racing.  Nominations for Coaching Education Committee:  Mark will continue to serve as chair.

Polling Committee:  Jane

Steve Pritzker will become the new DI moderator.  Jane will talk to DII and DIII moderators to see if they will continue on for ’09 season.  Late January/early February – Jane will put a call out for pollsters.  Moderators will ask for corrections if polls seem askew.  DI will continue with the post-season poll 1-16 as NCAA results 17-20 determined by the poll.  Pollsters who miss repeated polls should be kicked off.  According to Mark Bedics (NCAA) the more you rank, the more publicity, but has no bearing on NCAA committees rankings.  We will keep to the ranking of the varsity 8+ only. There is no real initiative to change the current system.  Nominations for Polling Committee:  Jane will continue to serve as chair.


General Meeting on 12/5/08:  Bill

Glenn Merry (Exec. Director, USRowing) will be there to address collegiate coaches.  The folks at Pocock (Bill & John Tytus) will be there for us to recognize them for their support and sponsorship.  We will thank outgoing members of the board and introduce incoming members.  Committees will all be expected to provide brief reports.  Tom Bolt and Mark Bedics will provide general NCAA Championship information.  We will then split out into DI/DII/DIII for specific information:  John Gartin will run DII meeting and Karen Klinger will run DIII meeting.

NCAA reporting:  Mark Bedics, Tom Bolt and Kelly Shaul

Deadline for nominations for DI committee is 12/5/08.  Representation needed on committee from West and New England regions.  We are in the same site jam for 2010 as we were in for 2009.  Villanova is the host for 2009.  Due to the volume of work for institutions there is a lot of reluctance for hosting, and sites are limited.  For 2010, there are NO bids.  Interest coming from:  ECAC @ Worcester, OK City, Cincinnati.  Board put Mercer, Gainesville and Indy back on the table in addition to Sacramento, Camden and Oakridge.  Need to find institutions that can host – provide manpower – regardless of site location.  There needs to be some out of the box solution.  Co-hosting institutions?  Conferences:  Bill and Jane will address PAC-10 re: Sacramento, Martin will talk to ND re: Indy, Lori will talk to Princeton re: Mercer.  Re-imbursement rate went up for boat travel.  3 meetings will be provided for coxswains at NCAAs – must attend prior to first practice.  Progression:  will seed all the way through, as usual.  Want to move forward with communication with CRCA Board:  NCAA committee member will serve as an Ad Hoc member on the CRCA board.  Concerns that there seems to be little input from coaches re: progression and AQ issue.  No communication leads to coaching getting late information and reacting.  Discussion has been kept at the committee level  – committees are not gathering feedback prior to decisions being made.  NCAA wants feedback, and CRCA needs to be more pro-active in leading the charge to gather more information/feedback.  Conversation in DI meeting tomorrow should be an educational conversation about AQ.  Sports Management cabinet said no to AQs.  In about 5 years, 9 – 10 conferences could be eligible for AQs.  CRCA needs to take the temperature on AQs.  Robbie and Will to work on position paper re: AQ issue.  DII & DIII selections on Web cast this year as well as DI.

Special thanks to Tom for his service and professionalism on the DI Rowing Committee and helping to elevate the sport and the championship.

Special thanks to Andy for his years of service to the CRCA and in his role as President.

Jane moved to adjourn, motion was seconded and all approved.

Submitted by Tessa Spillane 12/8/08