Board Meeting Call: Feb 8, 2021

CRCA Board Call, 12pm Mon Feb 8, 2021

Sam/John – Sustainability Update: 

Sam –  sustainability committee will connect with Meg/Strategic Planning Committee to cross involve groups. 

John: if any programs feel they are on ice, or feel like their program may be at risk, feel free to reach out to the committee. They are also happy to talk to anyone that has ideas, to help preserve, grow and sustain programs. 

Maddie –  2 Updates:

  1. USRowing Junior Selection Camp conversation (Brett, Chris Chase, Matt Smith, and John P.) 
    1. Updated the board on proposal to work to improve access with Jr. National Camp Attendees
  • NCAA Committee– Maddie reached out to committee member, who said the committee has met once, NCAA is not interested in communicating with the conferences directly. (because we don’t require everyone to be a member) meeting again in March. Plans for the championship are going forward. Kelly described some plans are going forward. But nothing specific. 

Liz- DEI – Met with Gulliver and Paula Friday- doing a lot in terms of Education and the dropbox. Also, working on the mission statement. Have noticed some committees are pretty active, others not as much. Discussing how #1-it doesn’t stay on its own island,  (as Sam referenced, having a DEI lense for all things),  get DEI in the sustainability committee, also getting them involved in marketing ( Monica) and also sponsorships – there is a committee for 

~Allocating a specific budget to committees- something we need to continue to look into and explore moving forward. We need to consider what they might need/require financially.  (Should be an ongoing discussion with the Board. )

  • We will have the DEI Edu Committee, create a budget / write up a request to present to the Board
  • Proposal for funding DEI, especially as the educational curriculum takes off. 

*They are working to Explore new name that better encompasses everything the group is doing 

Recording and assessments subcommittee– Could start with DEI education curriculum, ( see who is registering- demographic questions) also worthwhile to do across the CRCA, when we do education/speakers, meetings, sessions, etc. Michigan does it in the department, ( and they get a link afterwards with a summary of who attends, breakdown of all demographics, etc). 

Something we should look into adding into all that we do. 

Jenn- Legislative -Erg lending Topic and the Dead Period discussion

            Had a legislative meeting last week. Discussed 2 options for erg lending (1. Make it a sport specific piece of equipment,  (reference ice hockey and swimming exceptions) 2-

Jenn is going to check with NCAA reps to make sure this direction makes sense to take. Even if it doesn’t get approved fully, and we end up having the erg moved to sport specific (limiting to 4 hrs a week) is worth it vs. being able to lend equipment over break).  

Whatever we do Division I wise, we want to make sure is not going to affect D2 or D3. Jenn will check with Emilie and Jamie. 

Leg. Committee is meeting on 17th and will discuss. 

JamieSponsorships– can’t make the call, but we will be discussing formal announcement of ARI sponsorship on Tuesday.

Met with Mark from ARI recruiting-  discussed how they want to roll out their sponsorship. Want to be in agreement with them ( blog and social media channels)- for both parties  to get max. exposure out of it, similar graphics- etc. We’ll find out when they are releasing their blog, will make graphic with our logo and theirs. 

Membership Update– 22 head coaches have not renewed- not counting those with frozen accounts. 

Add to agenda for Future Mtg:

            Creating committee proposals for sponsorships / budgets- projects that committees want to take on and formalizing a system in which committees request funding to take on initiatives

            ~ also creating, mission, vision, and what EVERY committee is doing

Address membership dues for 20-21.