CRCA Board Call: 3/31/2020

Board Conference Call- March 31, 2020

On the Call:

Nancy LaRocque, Sheila Rinozzi , Jamie Francis, Liz Tuppen, Emily Ford, Lori Dauphiny, Jenn Langzettel, Maddie Davis, Derek Copeland, , Tessa Spillane, Jane A Lariviere, Megan Conan, Mike Lane Pat Hyland, and Kate Maxim


Check in – go around the “room” and talk about how you, your staff & team are doing




  • Winter training legislation & Outside competitions (see attached proposal from Jenn)


Sent out the memo to board- will send it to the membership. 

79% responded, 73% in favor of moving forward with it.

Still working on writing the proposal- working with her compliance department as well, is taking with Stephanie as well

Change it to “on or off campus” ~ not sure but will talk to Stephanie about needing to write anything about splitting up the group

Leaning towards getting rid of “trip” and reword it with segment ( maybe winter training segment) 

HAS to be considered non-controversial to go through- otherwise may not get passed the route we are trying for to fast track it. ( if it doesn’t get approved- would go through approval process the regular timeline, so would not be in place for next year….therefore we don’t know if NCAA will grant a waiver for next year based on what they said this year)


Concept 2 Challenge- (at this point, it’s up to individual interpretation) no official word back from the NCAA yet on this. ACC gave an interp. On the 



Salary Survey (Shelia)- should be sent out this week. Will add in a scholarship question.


Hall of Fame (Jane) – do we want to do it this year? We have 2 nominations for this year. One of the concerns is that we don’t know when we will all be back together… maybe have to present it over zoom or a pre-recorded video


Awards (Emily and Tessa) – 

Tessa wants to pursue D1 All American Awards, Maddie and Nancy agree – these are kids that were not waiting to determine if they’re 1V kids or not – we know who they are… 

Going to be hard to decide how many each program gets….


Emily – doesn’t want to do it, because doesnt know how to do it fairly. (making selection process fairly- as it stands currently) ….but open to ideas of recognizing athletes 


Kate- suggested an honorable mention- not necessarily an award, but something that would allow programs to recognize their top tier kids

Were not sure if conferences are going to recognize awards or not…

~Could go through the nomination process, and just announce all of the nominees. No actual team award.  


2019-2020 CRCA NATIONAL SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARD– performance limitation—

2nd, 3rd, 4th year of eligibility, ~proposing “top 50% of your team, consider the people if you were going to race tomorrow or NCAA squad, whichever is more”


Emily- motion to alter All-American awards– this year only, to publish a list of nominees, and make clear it’s not an official award. ( for all 3 divisions). 

Everyone is in Favor.


Emily- motion to alter scholar award- same criteria, but alter for Top 50% of your team, consider the people if you were going to race tomorrow or NCAA squad, whichever is more”

Everyone is in Favor. 



Conference Survey (Liz & Maddie) – Virtual coaching, beginning with Liz & Bo Hansen (see attached email thread)
We had briefly talked about virtual coaching and this might just be the opportunity to get this off the ground.
(Dr. Leming, Dan Tudor, ___).


Sponsorships (Jamie)- attachment –

Nancy will look into contracts/ the need to get a lawyer


Virtual community service/involvement ideas (Jenn)


Schedule bi-weekly  or monthly board calls moving forward-


Membership Meeting – Monday, Apr 20th 12pm est. / 9 am pacific

Think about agenda items  and email them to Sheila 


Things to be emailed out:

Salary Survey

Conference / Membership Benefits for Mtg

Winter Training Legislation