Board of Directors Conference Call

CRCA Conference Call Minutes

Present:  Andrew Teitelbaum, President (Central) Head Coach of Ohio State University. Joe Wilhelm (East) Head Coach of Northeastern University Mark Rothstein (Central) Head Coach of the University of Michigan Sandra Chu (DII/DIII At-Large) Head Coach of William Smith College Eleanor McElvaine (West) Head Coach of University of Washington Jason Steele, Secretary (East) Head Coach of Worcester Polytechnic Institute Steve Kish, Treasurer/Vice President (Mid-Atlantic) Head Coach of Bucknell University Kevin Harris (South) Head Coach of the University of Tulsa Aimee Baker (West) Head Coach of Stanford University Mike Hughes (Mid-Atlantic) Head Coach to the Naval Academy

Missing:  Kevin Sauer (South) Head Coach of the University of Virginia Becky Robinson (DII/DIII At-Large) Head Coach of Ithaca College

Treasurer’s Report:  Andy Teitelbaum began the meeting with a request for a treasurer’s report. As Steve Kish has recently been elected as Treasurer he has not been fully updated on the status of the budget by outgoing Treasurer Bill Zack. As such, Andy reviewed the budget he had recently forwarded to the Board. A line by line review of the 2006 budget presented no issues of concern. Most figures were maintained from 2005. The changes that were made were the following: Executive Director Position – This position is proposed to assist in administrative tasks, including processing membership applications and organizing the membership directory. Andy indicated that he will speak to former president Karen Klinger to determine the approximate work-load of this position, in order to determine the pay amount. He will work on the position description and return it to the BOD.  Telephone – Anticipated costs haven increased as more conference calls are expected for 2006.  Website – An amount is required to revise and maintain the CRCA website. Jason Steele volunteered to follow up with Row2k as well as another web-design company to determine the direction to take with this project. He indicated he would update the BOD within two weeks.  Board of Director Travel – The Board of Directors approved a travel allowance of 250.00 for each Director, to off-set costs of attending the annual Board of Director’s meeting held at the US Rowing Conference. The amount will be distributed upon request of any Director who lacks sufficient funds to attend this conference. Three members of the board requested this stipend for the 2005 conference.  Andy solicited questions regarding the budget. There were none, and Eleanor McElvaine motioned to approve the budget. The board voted unanimously to approve the budget.

Committee Updates:

Hall of Fame Committee:  Joe Wilhelm provided an update on the Hall of Fame Committee. He indicated that the committee would be holding a conference call within the next 2 weeks to determine the direction to take with the Hall of Fame award. Additionally, Joe indicated he would attempt to determine an approximate cost to create awards to be presented to Hall of Fame inductees. This cost may require an addition to the 2006 Budget.

Championship Committee:  The chairperson of the Championship Committee, Kevin Sauer was unable to participate in the conference call, thus Andy Teitelbaum updated the BOD on this committee’s news. He provided the results of the recent survey regarding proposed changes to the NCAA Championship. He indicated that currently 42 member institutions had responded in favor of changing the Championship to 14 Teams and 2 At-Large Eights. There were 21 institutions in favor of maintaining the status quo. He indicated there were still 25 institutions which did not respond. The BOD then divided up the list of these non-respondents, with each Director committing to a follow up correspondence prompting these coaches to respond. With a February 7th Championship Committee meeting scheduled, Andy expressed hope that the BOD could get all CRCA members to respond by February 3rd. The Championship Committee will present the final tally of responses directly to the NCAA for their consideration.

Legislative Committee:  Andy then provided an update of recent legislation passed by the NCAA. Despite the concerns of the CRCA, a fourth coaching position was passed in the form of a Graduate Assistant Position. Discussion ensued with consensus on taking steps to have this position un-restricted. Many Division I teams do not have the resources or academic structure to create a Graduate Assistant position. Eleanor indicated she would look into the possibility of the PAC-10 sponsoring new legislation regarding an unrestricted 4th coaching position.

Membership Committee:  Kevin Harris then provided an update on Membership. Currently there are 250 paid members of the CRCA with 14 previous members still not paid. There are 26 NCAA programs that have never signed up for membership to the CRCA, with most of them being DII and DIII institutions.

Awards Committee:  An update on the Awards Committee was then provided by Amy Baker. There have been no modifications to the timeline for the All-America and Academic All-America awards. The committee members will provide the membership with the appropriate paperwork in due course. A reminder of the changes to the criteria was mentioned. At this year’s Annual Board of Directors meeting it was determined that a first-year student was eligible for the All-America award assuming they met the criteria of 75% threshold in the Varsity 8, or participation in the V8 in a regional or national championship.

Nominating Committee:  The Nominating Committee had nothing to report.

Sponsorship Committee:  The Sponsorship Committee is not currently soliciting any sponsors, as the Pocock sponsorship has a few years remaining. It was determined that if the Hall of Fame requires awards that exceed the CRCA budget, the Sponsorship Committee may attempt to find sponsors for this award.

Polling Committee:  The Polling Committee is chaired by Eleanor who indicated everything was in order. Over the next week she would fill a few gaps in her pollster list, but that the Pre-Season poll would be set to go at the end of March.

Coaching Education Committee:  The Coaching Education Committee did not have updates at this time, but indicated they would pursue discussion with Willie Black in hopes of obtaining time on the 2006 US Rowing Conference schedule aimed at promoting coaching education.

Awards Committee:  At this time the following Director joined the conference call: Becky Robinson (DII/DIII At-Large) Head Coach of Ithaca College.  Becky’s entry into the conference call prompted discussions centered on awards for the Hall of Fame. As the chair for the Awards Committee her input was solicited on the cost of awards. The conversation was tabled as Joe indicated he would determine with his committee whether to award certificates or plaques.

Lightweight Committee:  Steve Kish provided an update from the Lightweight Rowing committee. He indicated he was looking for a new chairperson, and that Cecile Tucker from Harvard was interested in this position. He nominated her and the Board voted unanimously in favor of this Chairpersonship.

This concluded the conference call.

The conference call ended at 1:15 PM EST.