Board of Directors Conference Call

CRCA Conference Call Minutes

The minutes of the February 18 conference call were approved after making a minor correction to one of the director’s position title.

Budget – Vice President / Treasurer Kish presented a budget and income statement update. The current fiscal year is progressing as projected.

Awards – The Awards Committee reported that everything is in place for this year’s awards process.  The board reaffirmed the longstanding policy that awards cannot be given to coaches who are not CRCA members. Similarly, student-athletes cannot receive awards unless a member of their coaching staff is a member of the CRCA.

Polls – The Polling Committee reported that this year’s polls are running smoothly.  The committee recommended, and the board approved, that the D1 pollsters conduct a postseason poll.  Places 1 – 16 would automatically go to the participants at the NCAA championships in their order of finish.  Thus the poll would serve to rank places 17 – 20.  It was noted that D2 and D3 were not in favor of a postseason poll.

Hall of Fame – The Hall of Fame Committee reported that they received four nominations. They will meet and make a recommendation to the board in a timely manner as to which of the four will be inducted this year.  Plans for recognition include announcing and briefly recognizing the inductees at the NCAA championships banquet and holding the actual induction ceremony at the CRCA meeting at the regatta.  It was felt that this balanced including the student-athletes in the process without the awkwardness of them attending the induction ceremony itself.  It was decided that Hall of Fame inductee approval would be voted on by e-mail.

Administrative Assistant – Kate Strum has been signed on as the CRCA administrative assistant and is already hard at work.

Coaches Salary Survey – Sandra Chu reported on the results of the coaches salary survey. Sandra deserves plaudits for all of the work that she put into this project.  In retrospect, it was recognized that the survey would have been better had there been a way to differentiate between head coach and assistant coach responses. Such an identifier was not included in an attempt to keep each individual coach’s salary as anonymous as possible. In order to make this year’s survey as useful as possible, it was agreed that all coaching salaries within each conference be listed instead of just publishing the average salary.  This would still protect individual salary figures.

The next CRCA board meeting will be at the NCAA championships.

Submitted by Bill Zack, acting secretary.