Board of Directors Conference Call

CRCA Conference Call Minutes

November 12, 2008, 12 noon EST

Present On Call:  Andy Teitelbaum, Kris Sanford, Robby Tennenbaum, Tessa Spillane, Bill Zack, Liz O’Leary, Steve Kish, Jane LaRiviere, Sandra Chu, Mark Rothstein, Kevin Harris

Missing:  Jason Steele

Additions to previous minutes:  Mark Bedics (NCAA Rowing Committee) reported to Robbie that AQ’s are not imminent. Hall Of Fame – Jan Harville spelled wrong.  With these additions, minutes were approved.

New Meeting:

Steve Kish – Treasurer’s Report – We are in great shape – Membership dues have come in and report will come out in next week.  We are way ahead of last year.

Kris Sanford – Awards – Team plaques are coming from Pocock around Thanksgiving.  The people doing the work for Pocock are taking a lot longer than planned.  New awards timeline for 2009 is out and will be posted on website and in membership handbook.

Hall of Fame  – Liz O’Leary –  Is working on a framed sheet plaque that we give to honorees.  It will be something similar to coach of the year.  Holly Hatton will be asked to create template.  The idea is to try to present at convention whether or not honorees are there.

Championships – Robbie Tennenbaum – NCAA’s are in Camden.

Bill Zack – Rules – Lots of feedback on consultant issue – no response on erg races.

Kevin Harris – Membership – We are about $1000 behind our total dues collection last year.  By March of 2008 we had collected roughly $9730 in dues.  By November 11 of this year we had already collected $8830 which is ahead of where we were on November 11, 2007.  Membership numbers-wise we are also ahead of where we were at this time last year.  We have collected 240 individuals plus 10  pending  from a total of 106 total institutions.

Nominating – Andy Teitelbaum – Gone as planned.

Coaches Poll – Jane LaRiviere – Waiting for season to get closer.  Will do pre – season poll in March.  No interest in post season poll in DII/III.

Conference – Mark Rothstein – Going as planned.  Let him know if you want to present or if you have suggestions.  Sandra sent evalututions of last year’s conference which included suggestions for next year’s speakers.   Mark will review them.  Conference dates are June 9th (afternoon) – June 11th.  Mark will provide a tentative list of speakers and issues for conference at the convention.  He will e -mail list to board first for comments.  Mark suggested having non – rowing speakers (other coaches and administrators.) Overall consensus from board was that this is a great idea.  He is leaning toward Carol Hutchins – Michigan Softball coach.

Lightweights – Steve Kish – no report

Transition Issues:

Web site – Will be live in a few days.    Steve will send to board first to get bugs out – would like feedback by Dec 1.  Membership launch will be announced at convention.  Bill Zack will review CRCA by-laws and will make changes as needed according to best way possible. (Steve Kish will let him know).

Discussion:  Currently the duties of web site and administrative assistant are housed at Bucknell. Steve rotates off of board this year?  Steve is willing to work on it during academic year period.  After that, someone else can do it.  Or, we could have ad hoc committee and Steve could be chair.  The new board can decide this at the end of the academic year.  Dan Wolleben, Steve’s assistant, is the CRCA administrative assistant for this academic year.

Question:  When do we name new officers?  In the past, they get named at convention.  Bill Zack suggested naming before convention which would require a call before then. General consensus was to elect at the convention as most of the new board members will be there.

Board Changes:

Sandra Chu replaced by Susan Parkman

Steve Kish replaced by Lori Dauphiny

Jason Steele replaced by Will Porter

Andy Teitelbaum replaced by Martin Stone

Kevin Harris replaced by Steve Pritzger

Jane LaRiviere suggested doing a new board member e-mail prior to the convention so everyone knows what process of electing officers is. Bill Zack will send out information in the next few days to new board.

Andy will be there at the Thursday meeting to ensure a smooth transition.

Meeting adjourned at 12:31.

Submitted by Kris Sanford