COVID TaskForce- Call #1 ( May 1, 2020)

Friday, May 1, 2020, 9am, PST.

Present on call (31) –  Kate Maxim, Maddie Davis, Sheila Rinozzi, Jenn Langzette, Aaron Benson, Anna L-S, Bebe Bryans, Bill Zack, Dan Garbutt, Dave Ringham, Devin Fay, Emilie Gross, Emilie Muller, Gerard Quinlan, Haley Eovinel, Jimmy King, Kemp Savage, Liz Smith, Marnie Stahl, Megan Fitzpatrick, Megan Conan, Peter Steenstra, Sam Castro, Sam Sarff, Stesha, Steve Coppola, Taylor Ruden, Eva, Becky Robinson, Justin Price,



1)     Overview of the mission of the task force


To protect the viability of women’s rowing in light of the financial and logistical repercussions of the pandemic by promoting and strengthening women’s rowing programs as a valuable partner to athletic departments through the evolving crisis.

valuable partners- applies differently based upon, conference, division, region, program, etc


2)     Overview and explanation of the four potential areas with suggested action items for sub-committees to workshop and why those areas are pertinent at this time

  1. Culture Assessment and Education: Culture as an asset and not a liability.

When this came up-  given that there are already growing concerns about SA’s experience, SA’s being compelled to vocalize their experience, thoughts, etc – if ADepts are in the position to reconsider women’s rowing in any capacity- its important for us to reconsider our culture — might be a great opportunity for us to get out in front of this

Action items on attachment –

Time Mgmt, jInjury Mgmt ( how injuries are discussed), and disciplinary tactics

~Aka: “how can I advocate for my program”


Tracking Equity Concerns (NCAA legislation and institutional implementation)

            NCAA, when considering proposals, does not consider gender equity concerns when approving, so we need to be aware/ ahead of proposals- interpretations and also understand where those issues can come up

This group can be a support group for Jenn –  especially when collecting proposals, etc ( educating on LSDBi collection) –

       USING ICAC to find out about  other sports “potential proposals”

~~ From BILL: signing up fo D1 ticker helps with being in the know.


Cost Mitigation: Creative cost mitigation solutions that preserve the student-athlete experience.

            Gather and centralize information and create a method for each region, to make sure we are getting in races

If travel is restricted- how do we consider, address or redefine NCAA selection criteria

Internal and External Relations (within CRCA, with other sports associations)

Using your regional Rep.  for voice to CRCA.

Other coaching associations – using ICAC ( maybe have a rep for this)


3)     Discussion TOPICS:

–  idea that conferences are sort of “wanting” to protect themselves, in one way or another –

Is this the best idea, or should conferences be working together for scheduling / regionally or even across divisions when it comes to budgeting for team travel and race schedules

“misplaced” schools within a conference, there are opportunities for some schools who can travel based on “region or conference” and then would allow for cross-conference/regional racing


Recommendations from USOC, basically suggesting to avoid “bigger” races

~take into considerations about return to practice and also safety at racing

                 Junior Circuit- racing and recruiting – how do we treat (from a fairness component) bringing kids to campus, official visits, home visits, etc

~Creating a policy across the CRCA rather than discrepancies across the US

 – one of difficulties in Big regattas, is that coaches are the ones running the races- at what point do we carry on with planning these races, vs not knowing the future ( also- safety implications

Starting with the things we know most about – with the understanding that we will know more, every week

~how our demographic gets impacted by this – has been talking to his AD a lot about this, there is going to have to be a LOT of collaboration between the conferences – it cannot be “business as usual” – we have to look at things are they are different for right now, and accepting that- and working together until we are over/ through this.

~ don’t want to be too obsessed with issues of fairness – we have to accept that there will be a lot of it- but doing what is Safe

~Q raised:  how can we be creative – we have a lot of leadership in sport over time, so encouraging the creativity of sport, we might be able to position ourselves to come out of this in a better place than before

  1. What areas have we missed or are not captured in the above four areas?
  1. Junior Racing  Circuit and Recruiting
  2. Elevate Risk Mitigation to a higher level –   or make it under the umbrella of mitigation as  1. Risk  2. Cost 
    1. Then have recruiting under it- Treating as a “safety” component rather than a fairness issues
  1. Any other possible action items?


4)     Next steps in creating sub-committees:

  1. Does it make sense to break into groups based on Division? Where is it important to have cross-division discussion?


~idea brought up of : “I  know that other sports are trying to strengthen their understanding and relationships within their business offices. What are your thoughts on potentially breaking down into state and private school working groups”

~Mens and Lightweight most at risk for getting cut when it comes to rowing


D3- NOETE THAT not completely moving in parallel with D1 legislative regulations during this interim period- so  EQUITY as overarching heading- then D1, D2/D3

  1. Take the weekend to reflect on which areas you are most interested in and willing to contribute your time and energy to and submit your order of preference
  2. Identify individuals who are willing to be a spokesperson for each of those sub-committees


5)     Briefly discuss some parameters on how the task force communicates through the CRCA board to the greater CRCA membership specifically where it pertains to any national surveying efforts

6)     Pick a date to reconvene (2-3 weeks?) as an entire task force to hear ideas presented by each sub-committee


WEBSITE improvements – database of proposals, commentary on legislation , etc

Alumni engagement and fundraising –  might fall under cost mitigation AND culture component-

Broader Alumni Network ? – could be something for the website as well –


Some Immediate Things to address:

Fall Rowing – how do we do it? Novice tryout/callouts… how does that take place.

Recruiting ? – Official Visits / campus visits, home visits, what does that all look like?


In general- a LOT of information gathering to be done for all 4 areas

Kate will send out survey today, and then make small groups and report back in about ~2 weeks.


Meeting Adjourned.


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