CRCA Announces 2017 Scholar Athlete Awards

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the scholar athletes for the 2017 season. All student-athletes who achieved the criteria described below have been named CRCA National Scholar-Athlete.

• The student-athlete has met all eligibility rules as defined by her institution
• The student-athlete was in her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of eligibility
• The student-athlete rowed in her institution’s NCAA or IRA eligible boat(s) for a minimum of 75% of the current spring races or racing in a regional conference event.
• The Head Coach of the student-athletes institution was a member in good standing of the CRCA as of May 1, 2017.

• The student-athlete has had a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher for her career (through the fall semester/quarter for the current competition year).

First Name Last name Institution Majors Division
Grace Grunau Boston College Economics DI
Amanda Jenkins Boston College Psychology DI
Jacqueline McDonnell Boston College English and Communications DI
Elizabeth McKernan Boston College Secondary Education and History DI
Christy Verhoog Boston College Economics DI
Caitlin Yaccarino Boston College Elementary Education and Applied Psych DI
Laura Anhalt Boston University Mechanical Engineering DI
Suzanne Greenwood Boston University Architectural Studies DI
Emma Quirk Boston University Earth & Environmental Science DI
Kathryn Quirk Boston University Computer Science DI
Lucie Hajian Brown University English DI
Cornelia Keyser Brown University Health and Human Biology DI
Ruby Moore-Bloom Brown University Anthropology: Middle Eastern Studies DI
Sophie Overall Brown University Political Science: International and Comparative DI
Sophie Paine Brown University Political Science DI
Amy Tarczynski Brown University Economics DI
Maaike Tiersma Brown University Environmental Studies DI
Patti Beaulieu Canisius College ABEC DI
Chanel Davis Canisius College ABEC DI
Erin Grim Canisius College Psychology DI
Katie Hobika Canisius College Biology DI
Grace Horner Canisius College Adolescent Education DI
Molly Murphy Canisius College ABEC DI
Kaity Taylor Canisius College Biology DI
Michelle Turner Canisius College Health and Wellness DI
Kira Voyer Canisius College Biology DI
Taryn Carroll Clemson University Communications DI
Jennifer D’Anthony Clemson University Bioengineering DI
Sarah Decker Clemson University Agribusiness and Spanish DI
Lydia Hanewich Clemson University Health Science DI
Megan Mars Clemson University Food Science DI
Sophia Porach Clemson University Bioengineering DI
Emily Radziwon Clemson University Health Science DI
Ashley Robinson Clemson University Genetics and Biochemistry DI
Amelia Shein Clemson University English DI
Maria Cesarini Colgate University Natural Sciences, English DI
Allie Cunningham Colgate University Peace & Conflict Studies DI
Ellen Hutchinson Colgate University Molecular Biology DI
Katie Kelleher Colgate University Physics, Computer Science DI
Lucia Stan Colgate University Psychology, Sociology DI
Audrey Swift Colgate University Anthropology, Peace & Conflict Studies DI
Emily Evans Columbia-Barnard Engineering Management Systems DI
Virginia Fatt Columbia-Barnard American Studies DI
Erica Glaser Columbia-Barnard Neuroscience and Behavior DI
Caroline Herriman Columbia-Barnard Political Science DI
Ivy Huang Columbia-Barnard Chemical Engineering DI
Hannah Juge Columbia-Barnard East Asian Languages & Cultures and Political Science DI
Chloe Keating Columbia-Barnard Economic and Social History DI
Madeline Lawn Columbia-Barnard Psychology DI
Oriana Marcial Columbia-Barnard Psychology and Hispanic Studies DI
Laney McGahey Columbia-Barnard American Studies DI
Skyler Samuleson Columbia-Barnard Russian Literature & Language DI
Caroline Crawford Cornell University Government DI
Grace Tucker Cornell University Environmental Science & Sustan. DI
Samantha Erickson Creighton University Exercise Science and Pre-Health Professions DI
Madeline Eyer Creighton University Psychology DI
Alyssa Freitas Creighton University Exercise Science and Pre-Health Professions DI
Emily Graupman Creighton University Psychology and Spanish DI
Madison Heinrich Creighton University Nursing DI
Elizabeth Maynard Creighton University Psychology and Spanish DI
Audrey Sisel Creighton University History DI
Caitlyn Ward Creighton University Applied Physical Analysis DI
McKinley Wilson Creighton University Accounting DI
Olivia Bono Dartmouth College Biology w/ Sociology minor DI
Cara Cavanaugh Dartmouth College Engineering Sciences DI
Simone Framson Dartmouth College Psychology DI
Miranda Gish Dartmouth College Undeclared DI
Julia Granito Dartmouth College Undeclared DI
Nora Masler Dartmouth College Psychology DI
Sophia Stone Dartmouth College Sociology w/ Italian minor DI
Catherine Haas Drexel University Business DI
Meghan Knecht Drexel University Biochemical Engineering DI
Nupur Parikh Drexel University Global Studies DI
Paige Propp Drexel University International Business DI
Amanda Reale Drexel University Business DI
Sofia Ryan Drexel University Electrical Engineering DI
Lauren Sand Drexel University Design & Fashion Merchandizing DI
Kayley Slicer Drexel University Psychology DI
Christine Wojciechowicz Drexel University Biology DI
Nora Wurmbach Drexel University Physics DI
Rhea Bergman Duke University Public Policy Studies DI
Phoebe Donovan Duke University Public Policy Studies & Global Health (double major) DI
Shannon Tierney Duke University Psychology DI
Karley Whelan Duke University Evolutionary Anthropology DI
Samantha Allen Eastern Michigan University Language, Literature, & Writing DI
Jennifer Bucci Eastern Michigan University Communications DI
Baylee Kinkade Eastern Michigan University Mechanical Engineering DI
Lauren Magnuson Eastern Michigan University International Business DI
Rachel Turner Eastern Michigan University Elementary Education DI
Rebecca Wheeler Eastern Michigan University Journalism DI
Kelsey Carthew Fairfield University International Studies and Politics DI
Kerry Clarke Fairfield University Finance and Information Systems DI
Annemarie Dennen Fairfield University Finance and Economics DI
Lina Foncello Fairfield University Sociology DI
Danielle McKenna Fairfield University Finance and Accounting DI
Amanda McKenna Fairfield University Finance and Marketing DI
Briana Mullaney Fairfield University Communications DI
Chloe Scherpa Fairfield University English Lit and Cultural Studies DI
Katie Dillon Fordham University International Political Economy DI
Samantha Foulston Fordham University Finance DI
Leslie Fung Fordham University Applied Accouting & Finance DI
Ariene Merkle Fordham University Marketing DI
Catherine Napoli Fordham University Communications & Culture DI
Maura O’Donnell Fordham University Computer Science DI
Erin Parker Fordham University Applied Accounting & Finance DI
Carly Roncinske Fordham University Public Accounting DI
Kristen Shuman Fordham University Communications DI
Megan Gooding George Mason University Community Health DI
Nicole Van Oort George Mason University Math DI
Margaret Dunne Georgetown University International Health DI
Kayla Giger Georgetown University Healthcare Management & Policy DI
Sabrina Gosman Georgetown University Economics DI
Isabelle Hupez Georgetown University Global Business DI
Christina Johnson Georgetown University Human Science DI
Catherine O’Leary Georgetown University International Economics DI
Alexandra Porrazzo Georgetown University Interdisciplinary Studies DI
Abigail Reinhold Georgetown University International Political Economy DI
Lily Tyndall Georgetown University American Studies DI
Rachael Arand Gonzaga University Sports Management DI
Isabelle Belzil Gonzaga University Business Administration DI
Hannah Churchill Gonzaga University Physical Education (Fitness Concentration) DI
Lauren English Gonzaga University B.S. Nursing DI
Marie Hayman Gonzaga University Sports Management DI
Anna Johnson Gonzaga University B.S. Nursing DI
Olivia Lada Gonzaga University History DI
Isabella Spies Gonzaga University Political Science / Environmental Studies (double major) DI
Tyler Sparling Holy Cross Undeclared DI
Maddy Supple Holy Cross Political Science DI
Emily Barber Indiana University Biology DI
Alexandra Eaton Indiana University International Studies & Central Eurasian Studies DI
Melanie Hampton Indiana University Exercise Science DI
Hanna Henry Indiana University Marketing & Professional Sales DI
Emma Lawrie Indiana University Technology Management DI
Morgan McKay Indiana University Biology DI
Madeleine Pierce Indiana University Speech and Hearing Sciences DI
Madison Black Jacksonville University Marketing DI
Anastasia Price Jacksonville University Kinesiology DI
Alexandria Pulliam Jacksonville University Political Science DI
Jessica Shipkowski Jacksonville University Kinesiology DI
Mikaela Bennett Kansas State University Nutritional Sciences DI
Kelsey Eagleman Kansas State University Dietetics and Nutrition & Health DI
Courtney Faucett Kansas State University Industrial Engineering DI
Kennedy Felice Kansas State University Kinesiology DI
Rachel Haskell Kansas State University Kinesiology DI
Grace Reilly Kansas State University Biochemistry DI
Ariana Thompson Kansas State University Life Sciences DI
Courtney Winkley Kansas State University Entrepreneurship DI
Sabrina Bordash Lehigh University Psychology DI
Elise Fredericks Lehigh University Marketing DI
Elizabeth Litt Lehigh University Computer Science DI
Dixie Miller Lehigh University Biology DI
Madeleine Wescott Lehigh University Integrated Degree in Engineering & Arts & Sciences (IDEAS) DI
Clara Brackbill Loyola Marymount University Political Science DI
Nora Consani Loyola Marymount University Theatre Arts DI
Kim Ehntholt Loyola Marymount University Economics DI
Masury Lynch Loyola Marymount University Biology & Computer Science DI
Alexis Batulis Marist College Business Administration DI
Katelyn Beebe Marist College Communication DI
Beatrix Bradford Marist College Environmental Science DI
Kelsi Cottrell Marist College Biochemistry DI
Julia Czarnecki Marist College Environmental Science DI
Caroline Defrancesco Marist College Psychology DI
Caitlin Green Marist College Fashion Merchandising DI
Katherine Perry Marist College Mathematics DI
Julia Rigothi Marist College Biomedical Sciences DI
Caroline Withers Marist College Communication DI
Madelyn Bagley Michigan State University Human Biology DI
Brook Edgar Michigan State University Astrophysics DI
Meaghan Faucher Michigan State University Physiology DI
Brianna Higgins Michigan State University Kinesiology DI
Kasidy Higgins Michigan State University  Social Relations and Policy DI
Megan Lindsey Michigan State University Kinesiology DI
Nicole Marek Michigan State University Music DI
Maya Regalado Michigan State University Animal Science DI
Rebecca Uebele Michigan State University Packaging DI
Abbey Diener MIT Chemical/Biological Engineering DI
Christine Langston MIT Civil Engineering DI
Nadia Lucas MIT Computer Science DI
Caitlin McCandler MIT Materials Science & Engineering DI
Maria Messick MIT Computer Science DI
Kaitlyn Mullin MIT Materials Science & Engineering DI
Claire Nord MIT Computer Science DI
Gianna Parella MIT Chemical Engineering DI
Audrey Pillsbury MIT Chemical Engineering DI
Larkin Sayre MIT Mechanical Engineering DI
Francesca Schembri MIT Science Writing DI
Annie Zhang MIT Mechanical Engineering DI
Heather Foti Northeastern Univ Sociology / History DI
Clara Karastury Northeastern Univ Behavioral Neuroscience DI
Jocelyn Mongillo Northeastern Univ Human Services DI
Meghan O’Keefe Northeastern Univ Biology DI
Adrienne Orriols Northeastern Univ Behavioral Neuroscience DI
Eva Schlehr Northeastern Univ Health Sciences DI
Sarah Tokos Northeastern Univ Mechanical Engineering DI
Margaret Walsh Northeastern Univ Management and Social Enterprise DI
Aina Cid Centelles Ohio State Exercise Science & Education DI
Rachel Engel Ohio State Communication DI
Hannah Gottschalk Ohio State Health Sciences Program DI
Chelsea Harpool Ohio State Social Work DI
Morgan Hummel Ohio State Sport Industry DI
Cassandra Johnson Ohio State Communication DI
Kaylee Koker Ohio State Physical Education/Teacher Education DI
Mary Anderson Oklahoma Health & Exercise Science DI
Andrea Batchev Oklahoma International Business DI
Nina Chism Oklahoma Health & Exercise Science DI
Kalie Heffernan Oklahoma Aerospace Engineering DI
Abby Lange Oklahoma Chemical Biosciences DI
Madeleine Lange Oklahoma Classics DI
Taylor Spencer Oklahoma Professional Writing DI
Emily Taylor Oklahoma Journalism DI
Nicasia D’Allesandro Oklahoma Biology DI
Shyann Christian Old Dominion University DI
Carlie Cohen Old Dominion University DI
Shannon LaSala Old Dominion University DI
Monique McNealey Old Dominion University DI
Brooke Ripley Old Dominion University DI
Kennedy Stafford Old Dominion University DI
Danielle Yoxthimer Old Dominion University DI
Eliza Adams Oregon State Business DI
Beamer Alyssa Oregon State Industrial Engineering DI
Olivia Ashby Oregon State Marketing DI
Du Plessis Lihani Oregon State Bio Health Sciences DI
Theresa O’Leary Oregon State Agricultural Business Management, Communication DI
Lauren Barnard Princeton University Economics DI
Emily Erdos Princeton University Sociology DI
Amanda Rutherford Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School DI
Kate Cecchi Robert Morris Accounting / Marketing DI
Emily Engle-Young Robert Morris Nursing DI
Lindsay Feltz Robert Morris Computer Information Systems DI
Rebecca Fiscus Robert Morris Actuarial Science DI
Kathryn Gossel Robert Morris Management DI
Sarah Heastings Robert Morris Communication DI
Miriam Levenson Robert Morris Data Analytics DI
Tina Sahr Robert Morris Nursing DI
Gabriella Conmy Rutgers Exercise Science and Sports Studies DI
Michelle Gao Rutgers Economics DI
Laura Hegemann Rutgers Genetics DI
Julia Hendricks Rutgers Biology DI
Sarah Johanek Rutgers Exercise Science and Sports Studies DI
Sara Pagano Rutgers Health Administration DI
Cassidy Bouchard Sacramento State Psychology DI
Elizabeth Ditoiu Sacramento State Government DI
Elena Galvez Sacramento State Kinesiology DI
Bailey Greenslit Sacramento State Undeclared DI
Melissa Kepler Sacramento State Liberal Studies DI
Melissa Pollard Sacramento State Business DI
Paige Poulin Sacramento State Recreational Therapy DI
Anne Smolenski Sacramento State Speech/Hearing Pathology DI
Emma Bangs Saint Mary’s College of CA Global Business DI
Kimberly Delen-Briones Saint Mary’s College of CA Health Sciences DI
Kelsey Dunne Saint Mary’s College of CA Accounting DI
Abbie McGill Saint Mary’s College of CA Neuroscience DI
Rachel Rowland Saint Mary’s College of CA Business Administration DI
Nadhirah Jmaludin San Diego State University Psychology DI
Emaleigh White San Diego State University Political Science DI
Nielson Emily Seattle University Nursing DI
Molly Hammond Seattle University Psychology DI
Ravitz Rebecca Seattle University Criminal Justice DI
Emily Fogg Southern Methodist University Undecided DI
Samantha Kurtz Southern Methodist University Undecided DI
Emily Macadam Southern Methodist University APSM DI
Adelaide Moore Southern Methodist University Engineering DI
Eki Olumese Southern Methodist University Pre-Med DI
Alyssa Sands Southern Methodist University APSM DI
Caroline Snyder Southern Methodist University Engineering DI
Colleen Tautkus Southern Methodist University Pre-Med DI
Leigh Warner Stanfird Human Biology DI
Erin Barry Stanford Undeclared DI
Anika Christofferson Stanford Undeclared DI
Lindy Clute Stanford Undeclared DI
Emily Grundman Stanford International Relations DI
Lulu Hedstrom Stanford Undeclared DI
Ruth Narode Stanford M.S. Community Health and Prevention Research DI
Alie Rusher Stanford Human Biology DI
Rena White Stanford Undeclared DI
Christine Habjan Syracuse University Biotechnology DI
Haley Jones Syracuse University Advertising DI
Arianna Lee Syracuse University Com puter Engineering DI
Shannon McCann Syracuse University Public Relations DI
Saydee McQuay Syracuse University Biology DI
Olivia Mennillo Syracuse University Pu blic Relations DI
Zoe Preston Syracuse University Newspaper & Online Journalism DI
Sydney Rodriquez Syracuse University Advertising DI
Rebecca Spraggins Syracuse University Political Science DI
Christina Tobias Syracuse University Computer Engineering DI
Kaitlin Grisanti Temple University Kinesiology DI
Emilie Mehler Temple University Secondary Education DI
Lea Millio Temple University History DI
Allie Nussbaum Temple University Education DI
Ciara O’Sullivan Temple University Sociology/Political Science DI
Danielle Ober Temple University Education DI
Shannon Barry The University of Texas at Austin Communication Sciences & Disorders: Audiology DI
Blair Bartholomew The University of Texas at Austin Psychology with a minor in Business DI
Kendall Chapman The University of Texas at Austin Radio-Television-Film DI
Rachel Fleming The University of Texas at Austin Latin American Studies with a minor in Spanish DI
Elenor Howe UC Berkeley Undecided DI
Dana Moffat UC Berkeley Undecided DI
Alyssa Derksen UCF Psychology DI
Rachael Klunder UCF Public Administration Masters DI
Ivana Krkljus UCF Sport and Exercise Science DI
Grace Lindberg UCF Sport and Exercise Science DI
Ashley Martin UCF Sociology DI
Edvina Nesukaityte UCF Sport and Exercise Science DI
Rachel Rabinowitz UCF Sport and Exercise Science DI
Jazmin Sepulveda UCF Sport and Exercise Science DI
Kristen Taylor UCF Forensic Science DI
Jasmine English UCLA Political Science DI
Lanea Tuiasosopa UCLA Political Science DI
Molly Bugos Uconn Management DI
Micaela Nowacki Uconn Pre-Kinesiology DI
Arielle Sherman-Golembeski Uconn Human Development Family Studies DI
Kathryn Stevens Uconn Physiology & Neurobiology DI
Jun Takeda Uconn Communication DI
Kelsey Anderson UMass Amherst Political Science DI
Aiste Balciunaite UMass Amherst Biochemistry DI
Natalie Boisvert UMass Amherst Animal Science DI
Abigail Diazcadena UMass Amherst Marketing DI
Daniella Du Toit UMass Amherst Kinesiology DI
Hallie Dunlap UMass Amherst History DI
Lauren Jubb UMass Amherst Economy DI
Krysten Menks UMass Amherst Kinesiology DI
Abigail Norwood UMass Amherst History DI
Meghan Ouellette UMass Amherst Marketing DI
Cheyenne Adams University of Alabama History DI
Charlotte Adkins University of Alabama Human Development Family Study DI
Tayla Cabana University of Alabama Human Performance Exercise Science DI
Raien Emery University of Alabama Environmental Science DI
Claire Estep University of Alabama Biology DI
Lauren Fehr University of Alabama International Studies DI
Maggie Gillespie University of Alabama Public Relations & Political Science DI
Danielle Kem University of Alabama Biology DI
Nicole Lane University of Alabama Food and Nutrition DI
Emily Navin University of Alabama Accounting DI
Jennifer Parker University of Alabama Criminal Justice and French DI
Rachel Sowell University of Alabama Advertising DI
Shannon Sweatt University of Alabama Public Relations DI
Lindsey Taylor University of Alabama Chemical Engineering DI
Taylor Alexander University of Dayton Communications / International Studies DI
Kayla Contardi University of Dayton Pre-Physical Therapy DI
Madison Conway University of Dayton Biology DI
Elisabeth DeNardo University of Dayton Mechanical Engineering DI
Jaclyn Franz University of Dayton Exercise Physiology DI
Meghan Garriott University of Dayton English DI
Olivia McGann University of Dayton Dietetics DI
Kiley Tempert University of Dayton Accounting DI
Carly Alexander University of Delaware Health Behavior Science/Health Sciences Occupational Therapy Track Double Major DI
Claire Brown University of Delaware Economics/Finance Double Major DI
Courtney Burnham University of Delaware Exercise Science DI
Laura Donohue University of Delaware Pre-Vet Medicine & Animal Biosciences/Wildlife Ecology Conservation Double Major DI
Mia Natale University of Delaware Exercise Science DI
Hannah Scholes University of Delaware Environmental Engineering DI
Sarah Shaffer University of Delaware Marketing/Management Info Systems Double Major DI
Emma Spillman University of Delaware Neuroscience DI
Kaitlyn Thomesen University of Delaware Quantitative Biology/Economics Double Major DI
Elizabeth Weglein University of Delaware Apparel Design DI
Victoria Bricker University of Iowa Health & Human Physiology DI
Rachel Canon University of Iowa Speech & Hearing Science DI
Kaelynn Heiberg University of Iowa Sociology & Ethics and Public Policy DI
Gemma Kerr University of Iowa Journalism & Mass Communication DI
Rebecca Busk University of Louisville Business Economics DI
Erin Enk University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Abigail Fitts University of Louisville Business Accounting DI
Kiara Loucks University of Louisville Sports Administration DI
Callie McGowan University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Elizabeth Patrick University of Louisville Marketing DI
Rachael Schmetzer University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Sophie Schulz University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Kimberly Streetz University of Louisville Bioengineering DI
Allison Zimmermann University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Alexa Aguilar University of Miami Createve Advertising DI
Taegan Lynch University of Miami Exercise Physiology DI
Lily Wittle University of Miami Marine Science DI
Emily Appold University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI
Margaret Bieber University of Minnesota Spanish studies DI
Anna Cruse University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI
Lauren Gonsalves University of Minnesota Genetics/Cell Biology DI
Erika Guenther University of Minnesota Journalism DI
Kortney Luedloff University of Minnesota Management Infosystems DI
Lauren Miller University of Minnesota Neuroscience DI
Maighdlin Shaughnessy University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI
Allison Sterneman University of Minnesota Graphic Design DI
Emily Stock University of Minnesota Biology DI
Elyse Terlion University of Minnesota Finance DI
Olivia Zoner University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI
Bethany Brake University of North Carolina Quantitative Biology DI
Paige Colpo University of North Carolina Journalism and Peace, War and Defense DI
Morgan Donnelly University of North Carolina Strategic Communication and Sports Admiinstration DI
Kathryn Johnson University of North Carolina Biochemistry DI
Allison Martin University of North Carolina Economics and Mathematical Decision Sciences DI
Kelly Williams University of North Carolina Environmental Studies DI
Mallory Young University of North Carolina Biology DI
Moira Hamilton University of Notre Dame Film, Television & Theatre and American Studies DI
Samantha Hedrick University of Notre Dame Mathematics and Statistics DI
Reilly Kearney University of Notre Dame Computer Science DI
Fischer Kelly University of Notre Dame Business DI
Pierce Molly University of Notre Dame Computer Science DI
Treasa O’Tighnearnaigh University of Notre Dame Biological Sciences and Economics DI
Lauren Saunee University of Notre Dame Pre-Professional and Psychology DI
Catherine Wagner University of Notre Dame Biological Sciences DI
Zoey Binder University of Pennsylvania Health & Societies DI
Sarah Henry University of Pennsylvania Finance; Marketing DI
Laurie Moore University of Pennsylvania Classical Studies DI
Natalie Reynolds University of Pennsylvania Classical Studies DI
Regina Salmons University of Pennsylvania English DI
Alexandra Takei University of Pennsylvania Finance; Marketing DI
Natasha Wood University of Pennsylvania Hispanic Studies DI
Megan Delpozzi University of Portland Psychology DI
Kiva Goodman University of Portland Nursing DI
Maddie Goodwin University of Portland Accounting DI
Lauren Jesse University of Portland Nursing DI
Jessica Mann University of Portland Engineering DI
Melanie Martinell University of Portland Computer Science DI
Megan Medalia University of Portland Business Administration DI
Lauren Reid University of Portland Accounting DI
Alyssa Soete University of Portland Nursing DI
Acacia Wellsford University of Portland History DI
Kaitlin Yap University of Portland Nursing DI
Brianne Zbylicki University of Portland Biology DI
Kiana Anderson University of Rhode Island Applied Math and Finance DI
Meghan Ellis University of Rhode Island Public Relations DI
MeKenzie Mattheson University of Rhode Island Gender and Women’s Studies and Sociology DI
Lucy Moyes University of Rhode Island Supply Chain Management DI
Karen Petrik University of Rhode Island Elementary Education and Communications DI
Allie Reilly University of Rhode Island Kinesiology DI
Danielle Wolf University of Rhode Island Marketing DI
Chloe Chrysikopoulos University of Southern California Theatre DI
Ida Gortz Jacobsen University of Southern California Global Studies and Comparative Literature DI
Kaelyn Ibold University of Southern California Cinematic Arts Critical Studies DI
Krete Koovit University of Southern California Economics DI
Maria Gearing University of Tulsa Nursing DI
Colleen Giesbrecht University of Tulsa Exercise and Sports Sciences DI
Skylar Luttjehuizen University of Tulsa Speech and Language Pathology DI
Madeline Lyons University of Tulsa Sport and Exercise Sciences DI
Hannah Vissers University of Tulsa DI
Kameryn Corcoran University of Virginia Kinesiology DI
Joanna Gurman University of Virginia Kinesiology DI
Mackenzie King University of Virginia Mechanical Engineering DI
Dana Lueker University of Virginia Global Studies DI
Marissa Patrick University of Virginia Biomedical Engineering DI
Amanda Durkin University of Washington Environmental Studies DI
Anouschka Fenley University of Washington English; Law, Societies, & Justice DI
Margaret Phillips University of Washington Comparative History of Ideas DI
Anna Calina Schanze University of Washington Business DI
Jalyn Stinardo University of Washington Psychology/Diversity DI
McKenzie Waltar University of Washington English DI
Jennifer Wren University of Washington Pre-Major (A&S) DI
Rosalind Brezynski University of Wisconsin Computer Science & Math DI
Eliza Clifford University of Wisconsin Fine Art DI
Monica Gerber University of Wisconsin Retailing & Consumer Behavior DI
Liliana Hansen University of Wisconsin Communicative Disorders DI
Renee Olley University of Wisconsin Civil Engineering DI
Alexandra Siverling University of Wisconsin Pre-Veterinary Sciences DI
Julia Arthur US Naval Academy Oceanography DI
Isabelle Babb US Naval Academy Systems Engineering DI
Aria Dang US Naval Academy Operation Research DI
Annie Laurie Gibson US Naval Academy Astrophysics DI
Megan Hanson US Naval Academy Quantitative Economics DI
Miranda Kosmides US Naval Academy Ocean Engineering DI
Madeleine Malczynski US Naval Academy Operation Research DI
Victoria Meyer US Naval Academy English DI
Lauren Schrock US Naval Academy Political Science and Chinese DI
Megan Goodman USD International Relations DI
Meredith Hoggatt USD Mechanical Engineering DI
Morgan Lester USD Finance DI
Vada Thomas USD Environmental & Ocean Sciences DI
Karli Wittenberg USD Biochemistry DI
Margaret Cavanaugh Villanova University Communications and Cultural Studies DI
Ellen Cayer Villanova University Cultural Studies and Spanish DI
Jacqueline Denning Villanova University Biology DI
Elizabeth Hagerty Villanova University Mechanical Engineering DI
Hailey Hurteau Villanova University Economics and Political Science DI
Kiera McCloy Villanova University Finance and Real Estate DI
Briggs Mroz Villanova University Environmental Studies and communications DI
Morgan Mroz Villanova University Biology DI
Kayla Rubin Villanova University Psychology DI
Julia Taladay Villanova University Political Science and History DI
Mihaela-Teodora Berindei Washington State University Accounting DI
Paige Danielson Washington State University Electrical Engineering DI
Nicole Hare Washington State University Marketing DI
Jessi Howe Washington State University Civil Engineering DI
Jenna Mangiagli Washington State University Human Development DI
Emily Morrow Washington State University Criminal Justice DI
Taija Thompson Washington State University Undeclared DI
Emily Deming West Virginia University Psychology DI
Amy Hoaglund West Virginia University Multidisciplinary Studies DI
Elizabeth Hooper West Virginia University Business DI
Carly Ledbetter West Virginia University Graphic Design DI
Louisa Morgan West Virginia University Industrial Engineering DI
Jacqueline Spiropoulos West Virginia University Sociology DI
Sarah Williams West Virginia University Exercise Physiology DI
Elizabeth Young West Virginia University Geography; History DI
Sophie Deans Yale University Sociology DI
Kate Horvat Yale University European History DI
Anisa Iqubal Yale University Ecology/Evolutionary Biology DI
Lydia Keating Yale University Cognitive Science DI
Yeonsoo Lee Yale University Ecology and Evolutionary Biology DI
Lily Lindsay Yale University Environmental Studies DI
Jessica Michaels Yale University Economics DI
Kate O’Brien Yale University Psychology Education DI
Schuyler Ritchie Yale University American Studies DI
Katherine Coughlan Florida Institute of Technology Ocean Engineering DII
Hana Ito Florida Institute of Technology Business Admin/Marketing DII
Samantha Martinez Florida Institute of Technology Chemical Engineering DII
Federica Pala Florida Institute of Technology Business Administration DII
Taylor Stoni Florida Institute of Technology Marine Biology DII
Kyra Anderson Humboldt State University Marine Biology DII
Monette Carolyn Humboldt State University Psychology DII
Ciera Lathe Humboldt State University Psychology DII
Diana Ortega Humboldt State University Criminology/Spanish DII
Abby Pratt Humboldt State University Biology DII
Leah Griffin Mercyhurst University Integrated Marketing/Communication DII
Catherine Johnston Mercyhurst University Accounting DII
Sarah Kosiorek Mercyhurst University Anthropology/Archeology DII
Taylor Rider Mercyhurst University Applied Forensic Anthropology DII
Kelsey Riggs Mercyhurst University Biology- Neuroscience DII
Hanna Schumacher Mercyhurst University Graphic Design DII
Nicole Baliszewski Nova Southeastern University Psychology DII
Marnie McLean Nova Southeastern University Exercise Science DII
Victoria Poretti Nova Southeastern University Athletic Training DII
Rayna Stuart Nova Southeastern University Psychology DII
Maria Soledad Gonzalez Romero Philadelphia University Animation DII
Ahna Huss Philadelphia University Fashion Merchandising DII
Kaitlin Johnson Philadelphia University Interior Design DII
Martina Saad Philadelphia University Pre-Med Studies DII
Rachael Tobinus Philadelphia University Psychology DII
Elizabeth Berry Rollins College Psychology , Spanish DII
Ashley Kinsley Rollins College Communications DII
Alyssa Rabade Rollins College Psychology DII
Erin Snyder Rollins College Chemistry DII
Rachel Wasserman Rollins College Philosophy, Communications DII
Emily Monday Seattle Pacific Food & Nutrition DII
Britney Baker University of Central Oklahoma Kinesiology DII
Trista Cripe University of Central Oklahoma Nursing DII
Erica Mitchell University of Central Oklahoma Kinesiology DII
Madelyn O’Brien University of Central Oklahoma Finance DII
Emily Bartlett Western Washington University Science and Engineering DII
Madison Moelhman Western Washington University Science and Engineering DII
Karisa Stapp Western Washington University Business and Economics DII
Molly Ware Western Washington University Science and Engineering DII
Abigail Bierman Bates College Interdisciplinary Studies (Animal Behavior), Music DIII
Claudia Glickman Bates College Religious Studies DIII
Grace Jurkovich Bates College Politics DIII
Molly Pritz Bates College Sociology DIII
Lena Rintell Bates College Sociology DIII
Katherine Traquina Bates College Women & Gender Studies, Environmental Studies DIII
Jessica Vocaturo Bates College Politics DIII
Jane Liu Bryn Mawr College Biology DIII
Emily Kate O’Brien Bryn Mawr College Psychology DIII
Emily Spiegel Bryn Mawr College Biology DIII
Hannah Terz Bryn Mawr College Biochemistry DIII
Bobbi Alman Colby College Global Studies DIII
Maddie Andrews Colby College Biology DIII
Sophie Bartels Colby College Global Studies, Latin American Studies DIII
Annie Byrnes Colby College History DIII
Libby Huber Colby College English, Education DIII
Ellie Krossa Colby College Government DIII
Lydia Larson Colby College Global Studies, Government DIII
Ling MacLean Colby College Global Studies, East Asian Studies DIII
Emily Muller Colby College Global Studies, Government DIII
Teresa Chappell Franklin & Marshall College Chinese, Creative Writing DIII
Jillian Goss-Holmes Franklin & Marshall College Chinese, Business DIII
Leah Issokson Franklin & Marshall College Public Health DIII
Helen Nelson Franklin & Marshall College French DIII
Margaret Stoner Franklin & Marshall College Government DIII
Alexandra Brantl Hamilton College Sociology DIII
Claire Callahan Hamilton College Art/Economics DIII
Rachel Cooley Hamilton College Art/Biology DIII
Victoria Xu Hamilton College Public Policy DIII
Madison Bess Ithaca College Journalism DIII
Savannah Brija Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Elizabeth Burns Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Colby D’Onofrio Ithaca College Health Sciences DIII
Victoria Demiris Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Karina Feitner Ithaca College Psychology DIII
Jackie McDevitt Ithaca College Communication Mgmt & Design DIII
Rebecca Veninsky Ithaca College Environmental Studies DIII
Emily Vosburg Ithaca College Clinical Exercise Science DIII
Julia Williamson Ithaca College Television Radio DIII
Elise Bray Johnson & Wales Tourism & Hospitality DIII
Christina Carbone Johnson & Wales Food Service Entrepreneurship DIII
Sarah Eggert Johnson & Wales Baking & Pastry Arts DIII
Jaym Henderson Johnson & Wales Baking & Pastry Arts and Food service management DIII
Megan Reid Johnson & Wales Baking & Pastry Arts DIII
Megan Glavin Lewis & Clark College Sociology/Anthropology DIII
Ellie McClane Lewis & Clark College Undecided DIII
Natalie Stroud Lewis & Clark College Undecided DIII
Payton Wright Marietta College Petroleum Engineering DIII
Melissa Berkay Mills College English DIII
Ellen Berke Mills College English DIII
Marilyn Claes Mills College Art History DIII
Sarah Dawson Mills College Environmental Science DIII
Emma Hohulin Mills College Studio Art DIII
Annie Wolf Mills College Biology DIII
Nicole Jones Pacific Lutheran Univ. Business DIII
Sienna Mathes Pacific Lutheran Univ. Psychology DIII
Hannah Peterson Pacific Lutheran Univ. Communications DIII
Sarah Stafford Pacific Lutheran Univ. Kinesiology DIII
Siobhan Warmer Pacific Lutheran Univ. History & Hispanic Studies DIII
Camille Lemke Pacific Lutheran Univ. Communications DIII
Sydney Otey Pacific Lutheran Univ. Sociology & Hispanic Studies DIII
Colleen Albert RIT New Media Design DIII
Tiffany Cao RIT Biomedical Sciences DIII
Amy Guthrie RIT Electrical Engineering DIII
Delora Kunz RIT Engineering DIII
Erin Loughran RIT Chemical Engineering DIII
Hayley Richardson RIT Chemical Engineering DIII
Colleen Ryan RIT Biomedical Sciences DIII
Francesca Scumaci RIT Industrial Engineering DIII
Claire Thomas RIT Packaging Science DIII
Veronica Bennett Simmons College Nursing DIII
Karina Bercan Simmons College Computer Science DIII
Alexa Frongillo Simmons College Mathematics DIII
Eleanor Pullan Simmons College Nursing DIII
Elizabeth Rea-Wilson Simmons College Marketing & Economics DIII
Madison Summer Simmons College Biology DIII
Elsie Eastman Smith College Geoscience DIII
Lisa Guido Smith College Government DIII
Nomfuneko Mafunda Smith College Chemistry DIII
Jesse Tibbits Smith College Psychology DIII
Sarah Beckmann Trinity College English DIII
Erin Gannon Trinity College Psychology DIII
Julia Gorka Trinity College Public Policy & Law DIII
Lexi Zanger Trinity College Environmental Science DIII
Sera Busse Tufts University Biology DIII
Emma Conroy Tufts University Environmental Studies / Economics DIII
Miranda Finestone Tufts University History DIII
Natalia Kastenberg Tufts University History / French DIII
Bibi Lichauco Tufts University International Relations DIII
Erika Madrian Tufts University BioChemistry DIII
Madeline Orzeske Tufts University International Relations DIII
Annelise Ryan Tufts University Community Health DIII
Caroline Talbert Tufts University History / French DIII
Maia Tarnas Tufts University Middle Eastern Studies / Community Health DIII
Miriam Weiss Tufts University International Relations DIII
Hannah Lehman University of Puget Sound Art History; Politics & Government DIII
Lily O’Connor University of Puget Sound Molecular & Cell Biuology DIII
Becky Shelton University of Puget Sound Natural Science (Biology) DIII
Jacqueline Van Ardenne University of Puget Sound Chemisty DIII
Johnson Zuri University of Puget Sound Natural Science (Biology); Environmental Policy & Decision Making DIII
Crystal Hoffman University of Rochester International Relations DIII
Gillian Schwartz University of Rochester Brain & Cognitive Sciences DIII
Claudia Weaver University of Rochester Elec & Computer Engineering DIII
Laura Beck USCG Academy Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering DIII
Megan Sackett USCG Academy Electrical Engineering DIII
Emily Booth Washington College Psychology/Pre-Med DIII
Jacquelyn Creitz Washington College Math and Computer Science DIII
Danielle Huston Hakey Washington College Environmental Science DIII
Kelin McCloskey Washington College Psychology and Sociology DIII
Madeleine Morrissette Washington College Biology DIII
Kathryn Barth Wellesley Biochemistry DIII
Lauren Bazley Wellesley Economics DIII
Sianna Casey Wellesley American Studies DIII
Molly Hoyer Wellesley Comparative Literature DIII
Stephanie Kim Wellesley Biological Sciences DIII
Alex Klufas Wellesley Mathematics DIII
Annie Schnitzer Wellesley German DIII
Sydney Stento Wellesley Neuroscience/History DIII
Julia Wainwright Wellesley Biological Sciences DIII
Emma Halter Wesleyan Neuroscience DIII
Nell Highleyman Wesleyan English DIII
Ava Miller-Lewis Wesleyan Spanish and English DIII
Olivia Pearson Wesleyan Spanish DIII
Emma Porrazzo Wesleyan College of Social Studies DIII
Allison Quintana Wesleyan Physics and Astronomy DIII
Sophia Shoulson Wesleyan College of Letters DIII
Kate Suslovic Wesleyan American Studies DIII
Margaret Cameron William Smith College Economics and International Relations DIII
Alyssa Deem William Smith College Biology with a Women’s Studies minor DIII
Hannah Glenshaw William Smith College Africana Studies with minors in French and Francophone Studies and Social Justice Studies DIII
Karoline Loretan William Smith College English and French and Francophone Studies with a minor in International Relations DIII
Lauren Pomerantz William Smith College Individual Major in Neuroscience: Biopsychology with a minor in Chemistry DIII
Gemma Holt Williams College Environmental Policy & English DIII
Caroline Kessler Williams College Undecided DIII
Gabrielle Markel Williams College Math and Geoscience DIII
Josie Maynard Williams College Undecided DIII
Ava Palmo Williams College Undecided DIII
Eileen Russell Williams College Undecided DIII
Rebecca Smith Williams College Biology DIII
Emory Strawn Williams College Economics & Political Science DIII
Katie Swoap Williams College Biology DIII
Audrey Allen WPI Chemical Engineering DIII
Eva Barinelli WPI Robotics Engineering DIII
Madeline Burke WPI Computer Science DIII
Diana Celaj WPI Aerospace Engineering DIII
Alexandra Connor WPI Chemical Engineering DIII
Jennifer Golden WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII
Victoria Loehle WPI Electrical & Computer Engineering DIII
Catherine Matyas WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII
Emily Richardson WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII
Paula Sardi WPI Biomedical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering DIII
Sarah St. Pierre WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII
Mariah Ippolito Boston University Graphic Design Lightweight
Leslie Fung Fordham University Applied Accouting & Finance Lightweight
Catherine Napoli Fordham University Communications & Culture Lightweight
Maura O’Donnell Fordham University Computer Science Lightweight
Erin Parker Fordham University Applied Accounting & Finance Lightweight
Megan Walsh Georgetown University Human Science Lightweight
Cleo Wienbar Georgetown University International Affairs Lightweight
Kelly Barton MIT Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Lightweight
Sophie Blackburn MIT Biological Engineering Lightweight
Anne Kelley MIT Mathematics and Computer Science Lightweight
Michelle Lauer MIT Computer Science Lightweight
Sylvia Sarnik MIT Biological Engineering Lightweight
Prianca Tawde MIT Biomechanical Engineering Lightweight
Chloe Thacker MIT Chemical Engineering Lightweight
Priya Veeraraghavan MIT Computational Biology Lightweight
Sharon Wu MIT Computer Science and Molecular Biology Lightweight
Audrey Brown University of Tulsa Undecided Lightweight
Stephanie Call University of Tulsa Chemical Engineering Lightweight
Lindsay Crute University of Tulsa Chemistry Lightweight
Audrey Dalgarno University of Wisconsin Biology Lightweight
Alexandra Fochios University of Wisconsin International Business Lightweight
Mirha Girt University of Wisconsin Molecular Biology Lightweight
Eleanor Martin University of Wisconsin Finance, Investment Banking Lightweight
Brianna Wynne University of Wisconsin Nutritional Sciences Lightweight