CRCA Announces 2018 Scholar Athlete Awards

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the scholar athletes for the 2018 season. All student-athletes who achieved the criteria described below have been named CRCA National Scholar-Athlete.

• The student-athlete has met all eligibility rules as defined by her institution
• The student-athlete was in her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of eligibility
• The student-athlete rowed in her institution’s NCAA or IRA eligible boat(s) for a minimum of 75% of the current spring races or racing in a regional conference event.
• The Head Coach of the student-athletes institution was a member in good standing of the CRCA as of May 1, 2018.

• The student-athlete has had a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher for her career (through the fall semester/quarter for the current competition year).

First Name Last name Institution Majors Division
Alyssa Dunnington Boston College Sociology DI
Kylie Kraemer Boston College Biology DI
Jacqueline McDonnell Boston College English DI
Elizabeth McKernan Boston College Secondary Education and History DI
Victoria Mulkern Boston College History DI
Claire Orzel Boston College English and Communications DI
Andrea Bernhardt Brown University Art and Architecture DI
Caitlin Cleary Brown University History DI
Geena Fram Brown University Psychology DI
Julia Lynn Brown University Applied Mathematics DI
Jen Mundelius Brown University Business Entrepreneurship and Organization, Health and Human Biology DI
Anna Odell Brown University SC B Environmental Science DI
Sophie Overall Brown University Political Science –International and Comparative DI
Sophie Paine Brown University Political Science, Education DI
Alaena Roberds Brown University Applied Mathematics DI
Amy Tarczynski Brown University Economics DI
Mascioli Allison Bucknell University Markets, Innovation & Design DI
Bixby Caroline Bucknell University International Relations, Spanish DI
King Emma Bucknell University International Relations, French DI
Ott Grace Bucknell University International Relations DI
Winter Kimberly Bucknell University Political Science, Women’s Gender Studies DI
Minella Natalie Bucknell University Sociology DI
Mikaela Schaller Bucknell University International Relations DI
Heinz Alexandra Canisius College Criminal Justice DI
Horner Grace Canisius College Adolescent Education DI
Fabian Jessica Canisius College Criminal Justice/Psychology DI
Turner Michelle Canisius College Health & Wellness DI
Gamble Misa Canisius College Animal Behavior, Ecology & Conservation DI
Beaulieu Patricia Canisius College Animal Behavior, Ecology & Conservation DI
Rebecca Pulsifer Clemson Univeristy Marketing DI
Jennifer D’Anthony Clemson University Bioengineering DI
Sarah Decker Clemson University Agribusiness and Spanish DI
Makenna Farr Clemson University Nursing DI
Emily Radziwon Clemson University Health Sciences DI
Amelia Shein Clemson University English DI
Rebecca Simonetti Clemson University Food Science & Human Nutrition DI
Aliute Udoka Clemson University Animal & Veterinary Sciences DI
Alexa Marcasciano Cornell University Undeclared DI
Caroline Ressler Cornell University Bio and Society DI
Katherine Schretter Cornell University Engineering DI
Marguerite Barran Creighton University Financial Analysis and Accounting DI
Alissa Dolan Creighton University Marketing and BIA DI
Madeline Eyer Creighton University Psychology DI
Alyssa Freitas Creighton University Exercise Science DI
Madison Heinrich Creighton University Nursing DI
Caitlyn Ward Creighton University Physics DI
Mckinley Wilson Creighton University Accounting DI
Mackenzie Dorsett Drexel University Film and Video DI
Catherine Haas Drexel University Business DI
Julianna Hunt Drexel University Chemistry DI
Meghan Knecht Drexel University Biomedical Engineering DI
Danika Meldrum Drexel University Biomedical Engineering DI
Bailey Price Drexel University Environmental Science DI
Paige Propp Drexel University Business DI
Amanda Reale Drexel University Business DI
Sofia Ryan Drexel University Biomedical Engineering DI
Kayley Slicer Drexel University Psychology DI
Jennifer White Drexel University Sport Managment DI
Christine Wojciechowicz Drexel University Biology DI
Rhea Bergman Duke University Public Policy DI
Marissa Donadio Duke University Biomedical Engineering DI
Katherine Maitland Duke University 1. Biology  2. Evolutionary Anthropology DI
Kiernan Spencer Duke University History DI
Shannon Tierney Duke University Psychology DI
Mary Katherine Byrne Duquesne University History and Secondary Education DI
Mary Clay Duquesne University English DI
Margaret Cunningham Duquesne University Marketing DI
Samantha Dunn Duquesne University Psychology DI
Jessica Goldstein Duquesne University Biology DI
Rachel Kaup Duquesne University Forensic Science & Law DI
Lauren Murray Duquesne University Physician Assistant DI
Meredith O’Neil Duquesne University Speech & Language Pathology DI
Amanda Pellegrino Duquesne University Biomedical Engineering DI
Brittney Raible Duquesne University Accounting DI
Sarah Anderson Eastern Michigan University Health Administration DI
Haley Dutton Eastern Michigan University Exercise Science DI
Karissa Fald Eastern Michigan University Political Science DI
Baylee Kinkade Eastern Michigan University Math DI
Karson Mahaney Eastern Michigan University Exercise Science DI
Ashly Matzek Eastern Michigan University Biology DI
Addison Oblanas Eastern Michigan University Exercise Science DI
Hannah Taylor Eastern Michigan University Elem Education DI
Michaela Bassett Fairfield University Political Science and Communications DI
Kelsey Carthew Fairfield University International Studies and Politics DI
Kerry Clarke Fairfield University Information Systems and Finance DI
Annemarie Dennen Fairfield University Finance and Economics DI
Lina Foncello Fairfield University Sociology DI
Aileen Morley-McLaughlin Fairfield University Psychology DI
Roncinske Caroline Fordham University Public Accounting DI
Napoli Catherine Fordham University Communication and Culture DI
Ohresser-Joumard Danae Fordham University International Political Economy DI
Selakowski Erika Fordham University Comunications+Culture DI
McGreevey Erin Fordham University Finance DI
Parker Erin Fordham University Applied Accounting+Finance DI
Dillon Katherine Fordham University International Political Economy DI
Shuman Kristen Fordham University Communications DI
Megan Gooding George Mason University Community Health DI
Anne Graf George Mason University Community Health DI
Sawn Hannah George Mason University DI
Nicole Van Oort George Mason University DI
Shelby Butt Georgetown University International Politics DI
Angela Glazer Georgetown University French DI
Alexandra Harron Georgetown University Global Business DI
Sophie Kershaw Georgetown University Justice and Peach DI
Alliemarinda Phillips Georgetown University Undeclared DI
Abigail Reinhold Georgetown University Int. Political Economics DI
Isabelle Rose Georgetown University Neurobiology DI
Chloe Schalit Georgetown University International Politics DI
Mara Sylvia Georgetown University Business DI
Lily Tyndall Georgetown University American Studies DI
Isabelle Belzil Gonzaga Business Marketing DI
Lauren English Gonzaga Nursing DI
Marie Hayman Gonzaga Sport Management DI
Isabella Spies Gonzaga Political Science / Environmental Science (Double Major) DI
Stephanie Eble Harvard MCB DI
Grace Eysenbach Harvard Electrical Engineering DI
Desmond Goodwin Harvard History DI
Erica Holmes Harvard Government DI
Kathleen Malloch Harvard Neurobiology DI
Hailey Novis Harvard Neurobiology DI
Hannah Osborn Harvard Social Studies DI
Katherine Playfair Harvard Applied Math DI
Teresa Rokos Harvard Economics DI
Rafaela Stalph Harvard Government DI
Sophia Young Harvard Government DI
Katherine Hegermiller Holy Cross Math DI
Mikayla Manyin Holy Cross Undeclared DI
Caroline O’Connor Holy Cross History DI
Tyler Sparling Holy Cross Biology DI
Morgan McKay Indiana University Biology w/ Anthropology Minor DI
Elizabeth Meinzer Indiana University Marketing, Management, and Spanish DI
Madeleine Pierce Indiana University Speech and Hearing Sciences DI
Elizabeth Saunders Indiana University Mathematics DI
Paige Spiller Indiana University Exercise Science DI
Madison Black Jacksonville University Marketing DI
Margaret Coyle Jacksonville University Elementary Education DI
Alexandria Kyriakidis Jacksonville University Film DI
Stacey Price Jacksonville University Kinesiology DI
Alexandria Pulliam Jacksonville University Political Science DI
Jessica Shipkowski Jacksonville University Kinesiology DI
Samantha Bendrick Kansas State University Masters Curriculum and Instruction DI
Mikaela Bennett Kansas State University Nutritional Sciences DI
Marissa Butrum Kansas State University Education (English) DI
Kaylin Edwards Kansas State University Biology DI
Kennedy Felice Kansas State University Kinesiology DI
Taylor Flowers Kansas State University Food Science DI
Elaina Grantham Kansas State University Entrepreneurship DI
Rachel Haskell Kansas State University Kinesiology DI
Ross Molly Kansas State University Masters Nuclear Engineering DI
Madison Rebel Kansas State University Biology DI
Grace Reily Kansas State University Biochemistry DI
Sabrina Bordash Lehigh University Psychology DI
Sarah Boyer Lehigh University Material Science Engineering DI
Elise Fredericks Lehigh University Marketing DI
Katherine Fletcher Loyola University of Maryland Economics DI
Maureen Frauenheim Loyola University of Maryland Biology DI
Keenan Gibbons Loyola University of Maryland History DI
Emma Jantzen Loyola University of Maryland Elementary Education DI
Emily Mansour Loyola University of Maryland Engineering DI
Amanda Merlino Loyola University of Maryland Accounting DI
Natasha Murray Loyola University of Maryland Engineering DI
Maeve Ponticiello Loyola University of Maryland Political Science DI
Rhys Schueren Loyola University of Maryland Communication DI
Katelyn Beebe Marist College Communication DI
Beatrix Bradford Marist College Environmental Science DI
Kelsi Cottrell Marist College Biochemistry DI
Caroline Defrancesco Marist College Psychology DI
Sydney Ford Marist College Communication DI
Caitlin Green Marist College Fashion Merchandising DI
Amanda Guy Marist College Communication DI
Elisabeth Kamm Marist College Biology DI
Isabelle Koch Marist College Psychology DI
Caroline Withers Marist College Communication DI
Morgan Zuch Marist College Psychology/Special Education DI
Madelyn Bagley Michigan State University Human Biology DI
Meaghan Faucher Michigan State University Physiology DI
Kasidy Higgins Michigan State University Social Relations and Policy DI
Lindsey Klei Michigan State University Kinesiology DI
Emily Mall Michigan State University Zoology and Public Policy DI
Nicole Marek Michigan State University Music Education DI
Halle Nielsen Michigan State University Communication DI
Clare Sutka Michigan State University Special Education- Learning Disabilities DI
Johanna Uckele Michigan State University Bimoedical Laboratory Science DI
Rebecca Uebele Michigan State University Packaging DI
Abbey Diener MIT Chemical Biological Engineering DI
Erica Flear MIT Chemistry DI
Aigneis Frey MIT Aerospace Engineering DI
Caitlin McCandler MIT Materials Science and Engineering DI
Audrey Pillsbury MIT Chemistry and Music DI
Vickie Wang MIT Mathematics and Physics DI
Giovanna DeVito Navy Quantitative Economics DI
Sam Fox Navy Oceanography DI
Megan Hanson Navy Mathematics w/Economics DI
Mady Malczynski Navy Operations Research DI
Victoria Meyer Navy Honors English DI
Bethany Spangler Navy Systems Engineering DI
Anna Kaplan Northeastern University Electrical Engineering DI
Clara Karastury Northeastern University Behavioral Neuroscience DI
Jocelyn Mongillo Northeastern University Human Services DI
Adrienne Orriols Northeastern University Behavioral Neuroscience DI
Eva Schlehr Northeastern University Health Sciences DI
Hannah Siemens Northeastern University Mechanical Engineering DI
Sarah Tokos Northeastern University Mechanical Engineering DI
Talya Cohen Old Dominion University Teacher Preparation DI
Ave McFadden Old Dominion University Speech Pathology DI
Taylor Phy Old Dominion University Teacher Preparation DI
Irena Tobola Old Dominion University Biology DI
Danielle Yoxthimer Old Dominion University Criminal Justice, Sociology DI
Eliza Adams Oregon State University Business and Marketing DI
Olivia Ashby Oregon State University Business and Marketing DI
Scout Sutton Oregon State University Agricultural Science and Environmental Economics and Policy DI
Abigail Watts Oregon State University Business DI
Kristen Albrecht Princeton Molecular Biology DI
Lauren Barnard Princeton Economics DI
Rebecca Blevins Princeton Psychology DI
Sarah Cheng Princeton Operation research and financial Engineering DI
Jessica Dyroff Princeton Economics DI
Kate Elfers Princeton Woodrow Wilson School DI
Emily Erdos Princeton Sociology DI
Brittany Bell Robert Morris Environmental Science DI
Kate Cecchi Robert Morris Accounting DI
Elizabeth Cottrell Robert Morris Biology DI
Lindsay Feltz Robert Morris Computer Information Systems DI
Kathryn Gossel Robert Morris Management/Marketing DI
Kestra Harrison Robert Morris Media Arts DI
Sarah Heastings Robert Morris Communications – International Studies DI
Miriam Levenson Robert Morris Data Analytics DI
Gabriella Conmy Rutgers University Exercise Science and Sport Studies DI
Vailey Eberhard Rutgers University Communication DI
Laura Hegemann Rutgers University Genetics DI
Julia Hendricks Rutgers University Biological Sciences DI
Rucha Janodia Rutgers University Cell Biology and Neuroscience DI
Sarah Johanek Rutgers University Public Health DI
Sara Pagano Rutgers University Health Administration/Psychology DI
Kori Warren Rutgers University Planning and Public Policy DI
Estel Boix Noguer Sacramento State Journalism DI
Cassidy Bouchard Sacramento State Psychology DI
Elizabeth Ditoiu Sacramento State Government DI
Elena Galvez Sacramento State Kinesiology DI
Abby Morgan Sacramento State Communications DI
Jennifer Faulkner Saint Mary’s College Politics DI
Abbie McGill Saint Mary’s College Psychology: Neuroscience DI
Sara Avery San Diego State Liberal Arts and Sciences DI
Laura Keane San Diego State Kinesiology – Fitness Specialist DI
Tara Montgomery San Diego State Psychology DI
Daria Peck San Diego State Business Administration – Management DI
Emaleigh White San Diego State Political Science DI
Catherine Abajian Seattle University Economics DI
Molly Hammond Seattle University Psychology DI
Emily Nielson Seattle University Nursing DI
Rebecca Ravitz Seattle University Criminal Justice Theory & Criminology DI
Maya Wormwood Seattle University Digital Design DI
Emily Fogg SMU Markets and Culture Law and legal reasoning DI
Adelaide Moore SMU Mechanical Engineering & Math DI
Ekiomoado Olumese SMU BioChemistery Health and society  French DI
Alyssa Sands SMU Applied physically in Sport Management and Health Management DI
Gabriella Smith SMU Economics and finical applications Art DI
Caroline Snyder SMU Mechanical Engineering & Math DI
Anika Christofferson Stanford Human Biology DI
Lindy Clute Stanford Linguistics DI
Megan Cvitanovic Stanford Human Biology DI
Devin Norder Stanford Management Science & Engineering DI
India Robinson Stanford Human Biology DI
Alie Rusher Stanford Human Biology DI
Meg Saunders Stanford Undeclared DI
Leigh Warner Stanford Human Biology DI
Rachael Caldwell Syracuse University Public Health BS DI
Sarah Crummey Syracuse University Psychology BA DI
Christine Habjan Syracuse University Biotechnology BS DI
Haley Jones Syracuse University Geography BA & Advertising BS DI
Arianna Lee Syracuse University Computer Engineering BSCSE DI
Zoe Preston Syracuse University Political Science BA DI
Sydney Rodriguez Syracuse University Advertising BS DI
Kayla Rubinstein Syracuse University Policy Studies BA DI
Rebecca Spraggins Syracuse University Political Science BA DI
Christina Tobias Syracuse University Computer Engineering MSCSE DI
Allie Nussbaum Temple University Early Childhood Education DI
Ciara O’Sullivan Temple University Sociology & Political Science DI
Danielle Ober Temple University Early Childhood Education/Special Education DI
Mariel Tucker Temple University Film and Media Arts DI
Rachel Engel The Ohio State University Communication DI
Anjali Fernandes The Ohio State University English DI
Morgan Hummel The Ohio State University Sport Industry DI
Cassandra Johnson The Ohio State University Communication DI
Kaylee Koker The Ohio State University Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity DI
Helen Sudhoff The Ohio State University Environmental Policy and Decision Making DI
Mia Cleary UCF Health Sciences – Pre Clinical DI
Sydney Hays UCF Sport and Exercise Science DI
Grace Lindberg UCF Sport and Exercise Science DI
Edvina Nešukaitytė UCF Sport and Exercise Science DI
Julie Poulsen UCF Human Communication DI
Rachel Rabinowitz UCF Sport and Exercise Science DI
Jasmine English UCLA Economics & Political Science DI
Lucy Jepson UCLA Communication Studies DI
Haley Tong UCLA Environmental Science DI
Lanea Tuiasosopo UCLA Communication Studies DI
Maja Barnouw UConn Allied Health Sciences DI
Molly Bugos UConn Management DI
Eleanor Dowd UConn Nursing DI
Molly Fitzpatrick UConn Nursing DI
Emily George UConn Physiology and Neurobiology DI
Kaitlyn May UConn Nursing DI
Ellen McNiff UConn Biomedical Engineering DI
Caroline Richman UConn Finance DI
Julia Schnelting UConn Applied and Resource Economics DI
Kathryn Stevens UConn Physiology and Neurobiology DI
Kelsey Anderson UMass Amherst Political Science DI
Aiste Balciunaite UMass Amherst Biochemistry DI
Charlotte Bleiler UMass Amherst Kinesiology DI
Daniella Du Toit UMass Amherst Kinesiology DI
Rebecca Mills UMass Amherst Kinesiology DI
Meghan Ouellette UMass Amherst Marketing DI
Charlotte Adkins University of Alabama Human Development DI
Tayla Cabana University of Alabama Human Performance Exercise Science DI
Makena Clark University of Alabama Human Performance Exercise Science DI
Raien Emery University of Alabama Bachelor’s Program: Environmental Sciences; Secondary Program- Master of Science: Geography DI
Danielle Kem University of Alabama Biology & Spanish DI
Nicole Lane University of Alabama Food & Nutrition DI
Anne Lehmann University of Alabama Chemical Engineering DI
Monica McGraw University of Alabama Human Performance Exercise Science DI
Emily Navin University of Alabama Accounting DI
Rachel Sowell University of Alabama Advertising DI
Lindsey Taylor University of Alabama Chemical Engineering DI
Beu Blimel University of California, Berkeley Biology DI
Dana Moffat University of California, Berkeley Economics DI
Taylor Alexander University of Dayton Communications – International Studies DI
Gwen Bartot University of Dayton Accounting DI
Casey Becker University of Dayton Civil Engineering DI
Anna Benton University of Dayton Chemical Engineering DI
Liz DeNardo University of Dayton Mechanical Engineering DI
Jaclyn Franz University of Dayton Exercise Physiology DI
Kiley Tempert University of Dayton Accounting DI
Courtney Burnham University of Delaware Exercise Science DI
Laura Donohue University of Delaware Pre-Veterinary & Animal Biosciences DI
Emily Dunham University of Delaware Elementary Education DI
Sophia Elliott University of Delaware Political Science DI
Sydney Gualtieri University of Delaware Biological Sciences DI
Mia Natale University of Delaware Exercise Science DI
Sarah Shaffer University of Delaware Marketing & Management Information Systems DI
Emma Spillman University of Delaware Neuroscience DI
Kaitllyn Thomesen University of Delaware MBA in Healthcare Management DI
Isadora Weinfeld University of Delaware Nursing DI
Rachel Canon University of Iowa Speech and Hearing Science DI
Kaelynn Heiberg University of Iowa Sociology DI
Logan Jones University of Iowa Nursing DI
Gemma Kerr University of Iowa Journalism & Mass Communication DI
Hunter Koenigsfeld University of Iowa Nursing Interest DI
Reese Arnold University of Kansas Exercise Science DI
Kate Englander University of Kansas Biochemistry DI
Meghan Karoly University of Kansas Exercise Science DI
Kelly Koenigsman University of Kansas Middle-Level Education DI
Morgan Kottas University of Kansas Architectural Studies DI
Lilly Stewart University of Kansas News and Information DI
Valerie Swisher University of Kansas Social Work DI
Kaelyn Thierolf University of Kansas Secondary Level Education DI
Margret Winter University of Kansas Exercise Science DI
Gillian Burn University of Louisville Sports Administration DI
Rebecca Busk University of Louisville Business Economics DI
Abigail Fitts University of Louisville Accountancy, Marketing DI
Kirsti Harrison University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Perie Howard University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Maddie Luette University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Callie McGowan University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Elizabeth Patrick University of Louisville Marketing DI
Rachael Schmetzer University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Sophie Schulz University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Kimberly Streetz University of Louisville Bioengineering DI
Rebecca Yaklic University of Louisville Biology DI
Allison Zimmermann University of Louisville Exercise Science DI
Alexa Aguilar University of Miami Creative advertising DI
Halle Alitz University of Miami English DI
Bridget Boland University of Miami Sport administration DI
Taegan Lynch University of Miami Exercise Physiology DI
Jane Moore University of Miami Political Science DI
Lily Wittle University of Miami Marine Science DI
Perry Bower University of Michigan Biopsych Cognition & Neuroscience DI
Kendall Brewer University of Michigan Sociology DI
Flick Cain University of Michigan Sociology DI
Victoria Glunt University of Michigan Industrial & Operations Engineering DI
Alexis Jones University of Michigan Biochemistry DI
Rae Oleshansky University of Michigan Sociology DI
Kathleen Peng University of Michigan Nursing DI
Erika Yasuda University of Michigan Movement Science DI
Emily Appold University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI
Kortney Luedloff University of Minnesota Management Information Systems DI
Lauren Miller University of Minnesota Neuroscience and Psychology DI
Allison Schmidt University of Minnesota Economics DI
Allison Sterneman University of Minnesota Graphic Design DI
Natalie Stratton University of Minnesota Biology DI
Elyse Terlion University of Minnesota Finance DI
Gabrielle Tripps University of Minnesota Child Psychology DI
Katie Bell University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Exercise and Sports Science DI
Paige Colpo University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Journalism/Peace, War and Defense DI
Adelaide Cooke University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Biology/Chemistry DI
Morgan Donnelly University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Strategic Communications/Sports Administration DI
Elizabeth Farley University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Economics DI
Lauren Ferner University of North Carolina Chapel Hill undeclared DI
Hannah Fisher University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Undeclared DI
Margaret High University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Journalism DI
Kathryn Johnson University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Biochemistry DI
Jacqueline Kenny University of North Carolina Chapel Hill English DI
Madeline Lavin University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Political Science DI
Laura Naylor University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Psychology/Biology DI
Sally Stanley University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Philosophy DI
Sofia Triana University of North Carolina Chapel Hill History DI
Sara Zetterberg University of North Carolina Chapel Hill History/English DI
Stephanie Dubois University of Notre Dame Economics & Sociology DI
Jeanne Farnan University of Notre Dame Philosophy & Preprofessional DI
Kelly Fischer University of Notre Dame Finance DI
Genevieve Johanni University of Notre Dame Accountancy & Economics DI
Reilly Kearney University of Notre Dame Computer Science DI
Treasa O’Tighnearaigh University of Notre Dame Biological Sciences/Economics DI
Julia Randall University of Notre Dame Economics DI
Lauren Saunee University of Notre Dame PreProfessional Science & Psychology DI
Meredith Swartz University of Notre Dame International Economics DI
Elizabeth Walter University of Notre Dame English DI
Andrea Batchev University of Oklahoma Chemical Biosciences DI
Nina Chism University of Oklahoma Health and Exercise Science DI
Emily Coffman University of Oklahoma Mathematics DI
Rubie Hays University of Oklahoma Elementary Education DI
Abby Lange University of Oklahoma Chemical Biosciences DI
Madeleine Lange University of Oklahoma Classics – Latin DI
Hannah Scholl University of Oklahoma Meteorology DI
Sarah Henry University of Pennsylvania Business DI
Frances Kane University of Pennsylvania Undecided DI
Laurie Ellen Moore University of Pennsylvania Classics DI
Regina Salmons University of Pennsylvania English DI
Abigail Scheetz University of Pennsylvania Social Policy DI
Natasha Wood University of Pennsylvania Public Policy DI
Kiana Anderson University of Rhode Island Applied Mathematics and Finance DI
Meghan Ellis University of Rhode Island Public Relations DI
MeKenzie Mattheson University of Rhode Island Gender and Women’s Studies/Sociology DI
Lucy Moyes University of Rhode Island Supply Chain Management DI
Karen Petrik University of Rhode Island Communications and Elementary Education DI
Allie Reilly University of Rhode Island Kinesiology DI
Lauren Smith University of Rhode Island Public Relations and Communications DI
Emily Winslow University of Rhode Island Public Relations and English DI
Clare Adams University of San Diego International Relations DI
Sam Ahlman University of San Diego Environmental and Ocean Science DI
Jane Bird University of San Diego Marketing DI
Nicole Moore University of San Diego International Relations DI
Jennifer Davis University of Tennessee Kinesiology & Leadership Studies DI
Alex Dawson University of Tennessee Speech Pathology DI
Gina Michael University of Tennessee Pre Med DI
Katherine Porter University of Tennessee Biological Sciences, MICR & Leadership Studies DI
Samantha Barber University of Tulsa Psychology DI
Colleen Giesbrecht University of Tulsa Exercise and Sports Sciences DI
Julia Herrel University of Tulsa Energy Management and Finance DI
Madeline Lyons University of Tulsa Nursing DI
Sydney Pirkle University of Tulsa Exercise and Sports Sciences DI
Eleanor Russell University of Tulsa Exercise and Sports Sciences, MS DI
Veronique Ulrich University of Tulsa Marketing DI
Elisa Vandersloot University of Tulsa Fine Art DI
Hannah Vissers University of Tulsa Sociology DI
Adi Hendlin University of Virginia Mechanical Engineering DI
Jane Hudson University of Virginia Psychology DI
Sophie Pennoyer University of Virginia INTER-Computer Science DI
Elizabeth Trull University of Virginia Arts and Sciences, Undeclared DI
Carmela Pappalardo University of Washington Russian DI
Calina Schanze University of Washington Finance DI
Kenzie Waltar University of Washington English DI
Jennifer Wren University of Washington Biology DI
Eliza Clifford University of Wisconsin Art DI
Monica Gerber University of Wisconsin Retailing & Consumer Sciences DI
Lily Hansen University of Wisconsin Communication Disorders DI
Renee Olley University of Wisconsin Geological & Geographical Engineering DI
Elisabet Pietz University of Wisconsin Spanish DI
Gabrielle Simons University of Wisconsin Physical Education & Kinesiology DI
Alexandra Siverling University of Wisconsin Pre Veterinary Medicine DI
Jordyn Alves USC Psychology DI
Chloe Chrysikopoulos USC Theatre DI
Ida Jacobsen USC Comparative Literature & Global Studies DI
Krete Koovit USC Economics DI
Katarzyna Pilch USC Cognitive Science DI
Marliss Reinkort USC Communications DI
Ellie Burg Washington State Human Development DI
Paige Danielson Washington State Electrical Engineering DI
Ivy Elling Quaintance Washington State Undeclared DI
Renee Kemp Washington State Undeclared DI
Jenna Mangiagli Washington State Human Development DI
Emily Morrow Washington State Criminal Justice DI
Kamila Ondrackova Washington State Undeclared DI
Taija Thompson Washington State Kinesiology DI
Carly Ledbetter West Virginia University Graphic Design DI
Lize Morris West Virginia University Nursing DI
Jacqueline Spiropoulos West Virginia University Sociology DI
Kaitlin Sullivan West Virginia University Nursing DI
Elizabeth Young West Virginia University Geography; History DI
Iqbal Anisa Yale Ecology/Evolutionary Biology DI
Horvat Katherine Yale History DI
Gleason Katherine Yale Economics DI
Lindsay Liliane Yale Enviromental Studies DI
Paradis Margaux Yale Sociology DI
Alison Nordell Yale American Studies DI
Bulbul Sera Yale History DI
Deans Sophie Yale Sociology DI
Kotryna Lasaite Barry University M.S. Movement Science DII
Eva Patyi Barry University Art History DII
Cierra Salzano Barry University M.S. Entrepreneurial Management DII
Alyssa Crystal Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Aeronautical Science DII
Natalia Arasa Bonavila Florida Institute of Technology Psychology DII
Theresa Gadilhe Florida Institute of Technology Business Admin/Accounting DII
Julie McCarthy Florida Institute of Technology Ocean Engineering DII
Federica Pala Florida Institute of Technology Business Admin DII
Summer Rhodes Florida Institute of Technology Construction Management DII
Svetlana Ristin Florida Institute of Technology Biochemistry DII
Taylor Stoni Florida Institute of Technology Marine Biology DII
Holly Hay Franklin Pierce Univ Criminal Justice DII
Kaitlin Morin Franklin Pierce Univ Accounting/Finance DII
Mary Elise Conzelmann Humboldt State University Kinesiology/Recreation Administration DII
Rachel Finkelstein Humboldt State University Child Development DII
Ciera Lathe Humboldt State University Psychology DII
Janelle Mendoza Humboldt State University Biology DII
Diana Ortega Humboldt State University Criminology / Forensic Science DII
Amanda Pope Humboldt State University Pre-Med DII
Abigail Pratt Humboldt State University Marine Biology DII
Amelia Wagoner Humboldt State University History DII
Sarah Doelp Jefferson Pre-Med Studies DII
Kaitlin Johnson Jefferson Interior Design DII
Braedyn Kistler Jefferson Health Sciences DII
Delaney Lynam Jefferson Health Sciences DII
Madison Okerson Jefferson Psychology DII
Martina Saad Jefferson Pre-Med Studies DII
Rachael Tobinus Jefferson Psychology DII
Elizabeth Zolnierzak Jefferson Health Sciences DII
Florentine Baron Mercyhurst University Psychology DII
Leah Griffin Mercyhurst University Sports Medicine DII
Madison Parry Mercyhurst University Physics/Environmental Science DII
Ellen Reifenberger Mercyhurst University Intelligence Studies DII
Marnie McLean Nova Southeastern University Exercise & Sport Science DII
Elizabeth Berry Rollins College Psychology DII
Kelly Farrell Rollins College English DII
Ashley Kinsley Rollins College Communications DII
Alisha Koti Rollins College International Business DII
Alyssa Rabade Rollins College Psychology DII
Erin Snyder Rollins College Chemistry DII
Nicole Vitt Rollins College Music, Psychology DII
Rachel Wasserman Rollins College Philosophy, Communication Studies DII
Kaitlin Dickinson Seattle Pacific University Nursing DII
Simone Herzberg Seattle Pacific University Psychology DII
Jacqueline Kemp Seattle Pacific University Integrated Studies DII
Chloe Remley Seattle Pacific University Psychology DII
Trista Cripe University of Central Oklahoma Nursing DII
Megan Dwarshuis University of Central Oklahoma Human Resource Management DII
Grace Hutchingson University of Central Oklahoma Kinesiology DII
Andrea Messenger University of Central Oklahoma Biology DII
Erica Mitchell University of Central Oklahoma Kinesiology DII
Madelyn O’Brien University of Central Oklahoma Finance DII
Angie Dexter Western Washington University Spanish DII
Ashley Yandt Western Washington University Psychology DII
Ariel McAffrey Nova Southeastern University Exercise & Sport Science DII
Victoria Porretti Nova Southeastern University Athletic Training DII
Mikayla Shelton Nova Southeastern University Behavioral Neuroscience DII
Rayna Stuart Nova Southeastern University Psychology DII
Lisette Villarreal Nova Southeastern University Biology DII
Hanna DeBruyn Bates College Neuroscience DIII
Hannah Fitts Bates College Physics DIII
Claudia Glickman Bates College Religious Studies & German DIII
Grace Jurkovich Bates College Politics & Gender & Sexuality Studies DIII
Rosemary Kyne Bates College Psychology DIII
Grace Murnaghan Bates College Economics DIII
Lena Rintell Bates College Sociology DIII
Emma Wheeler Bates College Geology & French DIII
Amelia Wilhelm Bates College Chemistry DIII
Helen Carroll Colby College Psychology: Neuroscience DIII
Alessandra Grossman Colby College English, Sociology DIII
Ellie Krossa Colby College Government DIII
Ling MacLean Colby College Global Studies, East Asian Studies DIII
Helen Watson Colby College Global Studies DIII
Paige Alexander Franklin & Marshall College Art History DIII
Teresa Chappell Franklin & Marshall College Creative Writing, French DIII
Dorothy Coplan Franklin & Marshall College Environmental Science DIII
Leah Issokson Franklin & Marshall College Science and Philosophical Studies of the Mind DIII
Sarah Labovitz Franklin & Marshall College Undeclared DIII
Rebecca McCain Franklin & Marshall College Business, Spanish DIII
Helen Nelson Franklin & Marshall College English, French DIII
Margaret Stoner Franklin & Marshall College Government DIII
Alexandra Brantl Hamilton Sociology DIII
Claire Callahan Hamilton Art DIII
Rachel Cooley Hamilton Art/Biology DIII
Julia Hartnett Hamilton Economics DIII
Ann-Sophie Koglin Hamilton Biology DIII
Rachel Sutor Hamilton Public Policy DIII
Savannah Brija Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Maggie Broughton Ithaca College Philosophy / Religion DIII
Elizabeth Burns Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Liza Caldicott Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Emily Campagna Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Victoria Demiris Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Colby D’Onofrio Ithaca College Health Sciences DIII
Karina Feitner Ithaca College Psychology DIII
Sierra Keat Ithaca College Communication Mgmt & Design DIII
Allison Ritting Ithaca College Occupational Therapy DIII
Christina Carbone Johnson & Wales University Food Service Entrepreneurship DIII
Jaym Henderson Johnson & Wales University Food Service Management DIII
Kendall Graham Lewis & Clark English DIII
Natalie Stroud Lewis & Clark International Affairs DIII
Ashley Garber Lewis & Clark  Sociology/Anthropology DIII
Laura Schultz Mills College Computer Science DIII
Rebecca Conner North Park University Philosophy AND Environmental Science (Double major) DIII
Mackenzie Davidson Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Kylee Dickinson Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Claire Hartwig Alberg Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Molly Ivey Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Nicole Jones Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Camille Lemke Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Sienna Mathes Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Hannah Peterson Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Madison Sanders Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Sarah Stafford Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Ashley Stiles Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Siobhan Warmer Pacific Lutheran University DIII
Kyra Farr Puget Sound English DIII
Kayla Hipp Puget Sound History DIII
Leslie Machabee Puget Sound Business Leadership Program DIII
Lily O’Connor Puget Sound Molecular & Cell Biology DIII
Monica Schweitz Puget Sound Communication Studies DIII
Katie Snodgrass Puget Sound Psychology DIII
Veronica Bennett Simmons College Nursing DIII
Hannah Dike Simmons College Physical Therapy DIII
Allyson Fecteau Simmons College Nursing DIII
Peizhu Qian Simmons College Computer Science DIII
Rebecca Ramsey Simmons College Nursing DIII
Madison Summers Simmons College Biology DIII
Kennedy Barber-Fraser Smith College History DIII
Vivian Brock Smith College Government DIII
Sally Carttar Smith College Geoscience DIII
Anna Freund Smith College Chemistry DIII
Lisa Guido Smith College Government DIII
Emily Mallard Smith College Psychology DIII
Cali Nathanson Smith College Religion and Russian Studies DIII
Helena Wiatrowski Smith College Biology DIII
Sarah Beckmann Trinity College English DIII
Erin Gannon Trinity College Psychology and Film Studies DIII
Julia Gorka Trinity College Public Policy & Law DIII
Caitlin Southwick Trinity College Sociology and Studio Arts DIII
Kirsten Thiim Trinity College Neuroscience DIII
Sarah Thomas Trinity College German Studies and Political Science DIII
Jillian Armenia Tufts University Biology DIII
Sera Busse Tufts University Biology DIII
Madeleine Clarke Tufts University Community Health / Nutrition DIII
Emma Conroy Tufts University Economics / Environmental Studies DIII
Grace Fabrycky Tufts University Sociology / Political Thought DIII
Miranda Finestone Tufts University International Relations / History DIII
Prairie Hammer Tufts University Biochemistry DIII
Erika Madrian Tufts University Biochemistry DIII
Arielle Mann Tufts University Chemistry DIII
Madeline Orzeske Tufts University International Relations DIII
Annelise Ryan Tufts University Community Health DIII
Miriam Weiss Tufts University International Relations/ Economics DIII
Micaela Holmes University of Rochester Electrical & Computer Eng. DIII
Gianna Macri University of Rochester Computer Engineering DIII
Gillian Schwartz University of Rochester Brain & Cognitive Science DIII
Claudia Weaver University of Rochester Electrical & Computer Eng. DIII
Weaver Elaine USCGA Marine and Environmental Sciences DIII
Ashbey Kathryn USCGA Marine and Environmental Sciences DIII
Emily Booth Washington College Psychology DIII
Kelin McCloskey Washington College Psychology & Sociology DIII
Olivia Robb Washington College Psychology DIII
Lauren Bazley Wellesley Economics DIII
Molly Hoyer Wellesley Comparative Literature DIII
Stephanie Kim Wellesley Biological Sciences/Pre-Med DIII
Rhiannon Mulligan Wellesley Economics DIII
Sydney Stento Wellesley Neuroscience DIII
Clara Babbott-Ward Wesleyan Music DIII
Jemma Blazina Wesleyan Econ and Government DIII
Rachael Crunkleton Wesleyan Psychology DIII
Rachelle Flowers Wesleyan Neuroscience and Psychology DIII
Nicki Gershberg Wesleyan Molecular Biology and Biochem DIII
Nell Highleyman Wesleyan English DIII
Sarah Osborn Wesleyan Science and Society DIII
Emma Porrazzo Wesleyan College of East Asian Studies DIII
Allison Quintana Wesleyan Astronomy and Physics DIII
Sophia Shoulson Wesleyan College of Letters and German DIII
Sonja Welch Wesleyan Chemistry and Econ DIII
Anna Moreau William Smith College Environmental Studies DIII
Carey Jane Sevier William Smith College Psychology DIII
Eva Barinelli WPI Robotics Engineering DIII
Josephine Bowen WPI Mechanical Engineering DIII
Madeline Burke WPI Computer Science DIII
Diana Celaj WPI Aerospace Engineering DIII
Alexandra Connor WPI Chemical Engineering DIII
Marlies de Jong WPI Civil Engineering DIII
Madison Healey WPI Mechanical Engineering DIII
Christine Hovermale WPI Mathematical Sciences DIII
Olivia Kiristis WPI Mechanical Engineering DIII
Sarah Maietta Boston University International Relations Lightweight
Riona McCormick Boston University History Lightweight
Michelle Choi Georgetown University Economics Lightweight
Quinlan Cummings Georgetown University Political Economy Lightweight
Carly Glickenhaus Georgetown University Economics Lightweight
Megan Walsh Georgetown University Human Science Lightweight
Julia Baumel Harvard Government Lightweight
Maria Boyle Harvard Anthropology Lightweight
Gina Cusing Harvard Psychology Lightweight
Electra Lang Harvard English Lightweight
Molly Lesser Harvard Integrative Biology Lightweight
Mckenzie Parks Harvard Applied Mathematics Lightweight
Juliet Pesner Harvard Governement Lightweight
Marissa Saenger Harvard Engineering Sciences Lightweight
Mykayla Sandler Harvard Molecular & Cellular Biology Lightweight
Samantha Shao Harvard Neurobiology Lightweight
Brigid Bane MIT Biology Lightweight
Kelly Barton MIT Mathematics Lightweight
Sophie Blackburn MIT Biological Engineering Lightweight
Eileen Hu MIT Computer Science and Molecular Biology Lightweight
Elizabeth Martin MIT Computer Science and Molecular Biology Lightweight
Annika Rollock MIT Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Lightweight
Sylvia Sarnik MIT Biological Engineering Lightweight
Kate Scott MIT Materials Science and Engineering Lightweight
Chloe Thacker MIT Chemical Engineering Lightweight
Shea Cours Stanford Psychology Lightweight
Samantha Dore Stanford Political Science Lightweight
Isabella Garcia-Camargo Stanford Computer Science Lightweight
Keagan Hanley Stanford International Relations Lightweight
Serena Harber Stanford Human Biology Lightweight
Taylor Harris Stanford Biomechanical Engineering Lightweight
Hannah Levy Stanford Psychology Lightweight
Laura Stickells Stanford Communications Lightweight
Allison Tielking Stanford Computer Science Lightweight
Micah Trautwein Stanford Human Biology Lightweight
Brianna Wynne University of Wisconsin Nutritional Sciences-Dietetics Lightweight