CRCA Announces 2019 Scholar Athlete Awards

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the scholar athletes for the 2019 season. All student-athletes who achieved the criteria described below have been named CRCA National Scholar-Athlete.

• The student-athlete has met all eligibility rules as defined by her institution
• The student-athlete was in her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of eligibility
• The student-athlete rowed in her institution’s NCAA or IRA eligible boat(s) for a minimum of 75% of the current spring races or racing in a regional conference event.
• The Head Coach of the student-athletes institution was a member in good standing of the CRCA as of May 1, 2019.

• The student-athlete has had a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher for her career (through the fall semester/quarter for the current competition year).

First Name Last name Institution Majors Division
Sydney Boles Alabama Food and Nutrition DI
McKenna Clark Alabama Human Performance Exercise Science DI
Ilaria Earl Alabama Human Performance exercise Science DI
Raien Emery Alabama Environmental Science (Undergrad); Geography (Graduate) DI
Sarah Giuliani Alabama Human Performance Exercise Science DI
Corinne Guay Alabama Social Work DI
Darcy Jennings Alabama Chemical Engineering DI
Rachel Sowell Alabama Advertising DI
Isabella DeGregorio Boston College MCAS Theology DI
Kylie Kraemer Boston College MCAS Biology DI
Alexa Liquori Boston College LSEHD Elementary Education and Applied Psychology & Human Development DI
Katherine Popolo Boston College CSOM Finance & Accounting for Finance and Consulting DI
Jacqueline Taeubel Boston College CSOM General Management & International Studies DI
Rachel Taeubel Boston College CSOM Accounting for Finance and Consulting DI
Kathryn Quirk Boston University BA Computer Science AND Master in Computer Science DI
Emma Quirk Boston University BA Earth and Environ. Sciences AND Masters in Remote Sensing in Geospatial Sciences DI
Julia Vascotto Boston University Business Admin & Mgmt. DI
Alexandra Wright Boston University Biochemistry DI
Claire Benning Brown University Environmental Studies DI
Andrea Bernhardt Brown University History of Art and Architecture DI
Adelaide Dahl Brown University Biology DI
Danielle Kahan Brown University Neuroscience DI
Julia Lynn Brown University Applied Math and Economics DI
Stacy Neul Brown University Public Health DI
Anna Odell Brown University Environmental Studies ScB DI
Alaena Roberds Brown University Applied Math and Environmental Studies DI
Louise Sommer Brown University English DI
Amy Tarczynski Brown University Economics DI
Keenae Tiersma Brown University Health and Human Biology DI
Natalie Minella Bucknell University Sociology, French DI
Grace Ott Bucknell University International Relations DI
Alex Rothstein Bucknell University Neuroscience DI
Katie Slade Bucknell University Acct + Financial Management DI
Zoe Feist Cal Poly Sci DI
Ellie Howe Cal Poly Sci DI
Dana Moffat Cal Econ DI
Krobot Anezka Canisius College International Studies DI
Bridget Brogan Canisius College Journalism DI
Heinz Lexi Canisius College Criminal Justice DI
Gamble Misa Canisius College Animal Behavior Enviromental Conservation DI
Maura Chozick Clemson University Special Education DI
Makenna Farr Clemson University Nursing DI
Bridget Kane Clemson University Marketing DI
Rebecca Pulsifer Clemson University Marketing DI
Kaley Wojciechowski Clemson University Communication DI
Marguerite (Maggie) Barran Creighton University Finance (analysis track) with a studio art minor DI
Alissa Dolan Creighton University Double major – Marketing & Business Intelligence and Analytics (Digital media track) DI
Margaret (Katie) Graham Creighton University History DI
Elizabeth Maynard Creighton University Double major – Psychology & Spanish DI
McKinley Wilson Creighton University Accounting DI
Cara Cavanaugh Dartmouth College Engineering Sciences DI
Abigail Chamberlin Dartmouth College Undeclared DI
Lily Fauver Dartmouth College Anthropology DI
Hannah Frater Dartmouth College Government DI
Grace Hannam Dartmouth College Undeclared DI
Mikayla Hubner Dartmouth College Anthropology DI
Verity Lynch Dartmouth College Geography DI
Lilienne Sexton Dartmouth College Biology DI
Rebecca Thomson Dartmouth College Biomedical Engineering DI
Mackenzie Dorsett Drexel University Screenwriting DI
Julianna Hunt Drexel University Chemistry DI
Danika Meldrum Drexel University Biomedical Engineering DI
Alexandra Natale Drexel University Biomedical Engineering DI
Amanda Reale Drexel University International Business DI
Sofia Ryan Drexel University Electrical Engineering DI
Anna Savage Drexel University Psychology DI
Rhea Bergman Duke University Public Policy DI
Marissa Donadio Duke University Biomedical Engineering DI
Rani Duff Duke University 1. History 2. Global Health DI
Leeloo Gilet Duke University Philosophy DI
Anna Jenkins Duke University Psychology DI
Reed Kenny Duke University 1. Public Policy 2. Global Health DI
Anne Klok Duke University 1. Political Science 2. Philosophy DI
Ema Kuczura Duke University 1. Public Policy 2. Global Health DI
Taji Phillips Duke University Masters of Global Health DI
Kiernan Spencer Duke University History DI
Shannon Tierney Duke University Psychology DI
Aleiia Asmundson Duquesne University Psychology DI
Emily Chadwick Duquesne University Forensic Science and Law DI
Mary Clay Duquesne University Psychology DI
Margaret Cunningham Duquesne University Marketing DI
Elizabeth Giglia Duquesne University English DI
Rachel Kaup Duquesne University Environmental Chemistry DI
Meredith O’Neil Duquesne University Speech and Language Pathology DI
Grace Burke Eastern Michigan University Neuroscience DI
Haley Dutton Eastern Michigan University Exercise Science DI
Karissa Fald Eastern Michigan University Political Science DI
Baylee Kinkade Eastern Michigan University Mathematics DI
Karson Mahaney Eastern Michigan University Exercise Science DI
Ashly Matzek Eastern Michigan University Biology DI
Addison Oblanas Eastern Michigan University Exercise Science DI
Michaela Bassett Fairfield University Politics and Communications DI
Kelsey Carthew Fairfield University International Studies and Politics DI
Annemarie Dennen Fairfield University Finance and Economics DI
Katrina Kirchgaesser Fairfield University Psychology DI
Aileen Morley-LcLaughlin Fairfield University Psychology DI
Megan Smith Fairfield University Communications DI
Mariel Staffier Fairfield University Nursing DI
Elizabeth Berejka Fordham University Mathematics DI
Debra Cheico Fordham University International Political Economy DI
Olivia Herman Fordham University US History and Government DI
Erin McGreevey Fordham University Finance DI
Lidya Ozcelik Fordham University Psychology DI
Erin Parker Fordham University Applied Accounting and Finance DI
Caroline Roncinske Fordham University Public Accounting DI
Erika Selakowski Fordham University Communications DI
Sophia Singh Fordham University Political Science and English DI
Emma Spoldi Fordham University Psychology, Pre Health Track DI
Kathryn Adams George Mason Conflict Analysis and Resolution DI
Alexandria Huffman George Mason Sociology DI
Kathleen Lackatos George Mason Government and International Politics DI
Hannah Sawn George Mason Health Administration DI
Emily Engdahl George Mason Environmental Science DI
Halina Bereday Georgetown University Psychology DI
Angela Glazer Georgetown University French/Economics DI
Schylar Jacobs Georgetown University English DI
Catherine O’Leary Georgetown University International Economics DI
Chloe Schalit Georgetown University International Politics DI
Mara Sylvia Georgetown University Finance DI
Margaux Wiener Georgetown University Sociology DI
Hope Cessford Harvard Human Evolutionary Biology DI
Grace Eysenbach Harvard Electrical Engineering DI
Desmond Goodwin Harvard History DI
Lucy Hamilton Harvard History of Art and Architecture DI
Erica Holmes Harvard Government DI
Jennifer Li Harvard Social Studies DI
Caroline Noble Harvard Human Developmental Biology DI
Rosie Poling Harvard History & Science DI
Teresa Rokos Harvard Economics DI
Rafaela Stalph Harvard Government DI
Meaghan Townsend Harvard English DI
Sophia Young Harvard Government DI
Michaela Boyle Holy Cross History DI
Paige Cohen Holy Cross English/Political Science DI
Madeline Downey Holy Cross English DI
Katherine Hegermiller Holy Cross Math DI
Tyler Sparling Holy Cross Biology DI
Nicole Conway Indiana University Elementary & Special Education DI
Antonia Frappell Indiana University English DI
Melanie Hampton Indiana University Exercise Science DI
Elizabeth Meinzer Indiana University Marketing DI
Madeleine Pierce Indiana University Speech and Hearing Sciences DI
Elizabeth Saunders Indiana University Math DI
Sydney Shuert Indiana University Public and Environmental Affairs DI
Paige Spiller Indiana University Exercise Science DI
Madison Boyer Jacksonville University Business DI
Margaret Coyle Jacksonville University Elementary Education DI
Ciara Devenuto-Wyeth Jacksonville University Physics DI
Stephanie DiIanni Jacksonville University Computing Sciences DI
Emma Napper Jacksonville University Art DI
Meredith Sprague Jacksonville University Kinesiology DI
Marlena Warren Jacksonville University Biology DI
Kaylin Edwards Kansas State Biology DI
Kennedy Felice Kansas State Kinesiology DI
Elaina Grantham Kansas State Entrepreneurship DI
Rachel Haskell Kansas State Kinesiology and Social Science DI
Madison Jensen Kansas State Human Development and Family Sciences DI
Grace Reilly Kansas State Biochemistry DI
Mikaela Bennett Kansas State Nutritional Sciences DI
Taylor Flowers Kansas State Food Science & Industry DI
Sarah Boyer Lehigh University Material Science DI
Sara Salvo Lehigh University Political Science DI
Sophia Mayone Lehigh Unviersity Chemical Engineering DI
Kerry Brosnan Manhattan College Civil Engineering DI
Shannon Colford Manhattan College Communication and Spanish DI
Meredith Domaleski Manhattan College Secondary French Enducation DI
Alia Flanigan Manhattan College International Studies DI
Rachel Foertch Manhattan College Civil Engineering DI
Shannon Forty Manhattan College Biology DI
Shannon Gleba Manhattan College Allied Health DI
Jaclyn Leighton Manhattan College Marketing and Global Business DI
Maura Mead Manhattan College Economics and Global Business DI
Ella O’Brien Manhattan College Economics DI
Alexa Schmidt Manhattan College Communication & Art History DI
Madelyn Bagley Michigan State University Human Biology DI
Meaghan Faucher Michigan State University Physiology DI
Rachel Hayes Michigan State University Computer Science DI
Mary Martha Kennedy Michigan State University Animal Science and Economics DI
Elizabeth Kingma Michigan State University Athletic Training DI
Emily Mall Michigan State University Zoology and Public Policy DI
Theresa Menzel Michigan State University Packaging DI
Halle Nielsen Michigan State University Communication DI
Clare Sutka Michigan State University Special Education DI
Johanna Uckele Michigan State University Biomedical Laboratory Science DI
Erica Flear MIT Chemistry DI
Aigneis Frey MIT Aerospace Engineering DI
Annika Heuser MIT Computational Biology DI
Dhamanpreet Kaur MIT Mathematics DI
Caitlin McCandler MIT Materials Science and Engineering DI
Grace Melcher MIT Civil Engineering DI
Rosalie Phillips MIT Mechanical Engineering DI
Annie Zhang MIT Mechanical Engineering DI
Margaret Allen Northeastern University Biology DI
Sara Corey Northeastern University Political Science / International Affairs DI
Isabel Gerber Northeastern University Physical Therapy DI
Helaina Howe Northeastern University Computer Science DI
Sydney Hudson Northeastern University Pharmacy DI
Anna Kaplan Northeastern University Electrical Engineering DI
Clara Karastury Northeastern University Behavioral Neuroscience DI
Abigail Keane Northeastern University Health Sciences DI
Ashley Knehans Northeastern University Media Art & Design DI
Adrienne Orriols Northeastern University Behavioral Neuroscience DI
Emma Samek Northeastern University Political Science / International Affairs DI
Hannah Siemens Northeastern University Mechanical Engineering DI
Christina Tsiobikas Northeastern University Cell & Molecular Biology DI
Megan Cymanski Ohio State Communication DI
Anjali Fernandes Ohio State English DI
Leonie Heuer Ohio State Human Development & Family Science DI
Grace Libben Ohio State Public Health DI
Kendell Massier Ohio State Speech & Hearing Science DI
Michaela Nordhaus Ohio State Psychology DI
Ida Petersen Ohio State Biochemistry DI
Sierra Tiede Ohio State International Studies DI
Eliza Adams Oregon State University Marketing DI
Scout Sutton Oregon State University Environmental Econ/Policy and Agricultural Business Management DI
Abigail Watts Oregon State University Finance and Management DI
Lauren Barnard Princeton Economics DI
Sarah Cheng Princeton Operational Research and Finance engineering DI
Emily Erdos Princeton Sociology DI
Hadley Irwin Princeton Philosophy DI
Molly Milligan Princeton History DI
Ellie Sawyer Princeton Economics DI
Alexis Achenbach Rutgers University Exercise Science DI
Kathleen Butler Rutgers University Exercise Science DI
Sophia Catuogno Rutgers University Chemical Engineering DI
Tessa Catuogno Rutgers University Biomedical Engineering DI
Mackenzie George Rutgers University Environmental Policy DI
Laura Hegemann Rutgers University Genetics DI
Rucha Janodia Rutgers University Cell Biology and Neuroscience DI
Sarah Johanek Rutgers University Public Health DI
Elizabeth Kogan Rutgers University Cell Biology and Neuroscience DI
Merve Pekdemir Rutgers University Industrial and Systems Engineering DI
Natalie Summerfelt Rutgers University Exercise Science DI
Kalei Asam Sacramento State Liberal Studies DI
Estel Boix Noguer Sacramento State Journalism DI
Shelby Kolbeck Sacramento State Kinesiology DI
Sydney Miller Sacramento State Communications DI
Abby Morgan Sacramento State Communications DI
Mikaela Smith Sacramento State Kinesiology DI
Jennifer Faulkner Saint Mary’s College Politics DI
Caroline Mac Mahon Saint Mary’s College Integral Liberal Arts DI
Emily Milbrath Saint Mary’s College Math and Computer Science DI
Emily Sprigings Saint Mary’s College Kinesiology DI
Kaytlin Barker San Diego State University Biology DI
Brooke Boron San Diego State University Kinesiology: Pre-Physical Therapy DI
Hannah Broadland San Diego State University Journalism: Media Studies DI
Julia Camillucci San Diego State University Interdisciplinary Studies DI
Michelle Jacob San Diego State University Journalism: Media Studies DI
Laura Keane San Diego State University Foods and Nutrition DI
Emily Fogg Southern Methodist University Major in Markets and Culture minor in Law and Legal Reasoning DI
Megan Cvitanovic Stanford Human Biology DI
Isabella Garcia-Camargo Stanford Computer Science DI
Tassica Lim Stanford Computer Science DI
Sophia Lynn Stanford Engineering DI
Grace McGinley Stanford Classics DI
Devin Norder Stanford Communications DI
Sarah Ondak Stanford Communications and Art Practice DI
India Robinson Stanford Human Biology DI
Meg Saunders Stanford Management Science & Engineering DI
Chase Shepley Stanford Political Science DI
Anika Christofferson Stanford Human Biology DI
Christine Castorino Syracuse University Psychology DI
Sarah Crummey Syracuse University Psychology / Sociology DI
Christine Habjan Syracuse University Biotechnology DI
Josephine Kiesel Syracuse University Sports Management DI
Arianna Lee Syracuse University Computer Engineering DI
Sydney Michalak Syracuse University MS Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering DI
Rachel Pierce Syracuse University Undeclared DI
Zoe Preston Syracuse University Political Science DI
Rebecca Spraggins Syracuse University Political Science DI
DaeAijah Covert Temple University Exercise & Sports Science DI
Caroline Galati Temple University Art Education DI
Rylie Hager Temple University Sociology DI
Allie Nussbaum Temple University Early Childhood Education DI
Ciara O’Sullivan Temple University Sociology DI
Danielle Ober Temple University Early Childhood Education/Special Education DI
Catherine Pazderski Temple University Political Science DI
Elaine Tierney Temple University Risk Management DI
Mariel Tucker Temple University Film & Media Arts DI
Kendall Chapman The University of Texas at Austin Radio-Television-Film DI
Ashley Jacobs The University of Texas at Austin Human Development & Family Sciences DI
Mia Cleary UCF Health Sciences DI
Lucinda Derrick UCF Health Services Administration DI
Rusne Dziugyte UCF Sport & Exercise Science DI
Ciera Jarrett UCF Biology DI
Grace Lindberg UCF Sport & Exercise Science DI
Nicole Mayer UCF Social Work DI
Marija Medelinskaite UCF Interdisciplinary Studies DI
Edvina Nesukaityte UCF Sport & Exercise Science DI
Shannon Perry UCF Sport & Exercise Science DI
Julie Poulsen UCF Human Communication DI
Rachel Rabinowitz UCF Sport & Exercise Science DI
Maria Yim UCF Hospitality Management DI
Lucy Jepson UCLA Communication Studies DI
Haley Tong UCLA Environmental Science DI
Lanea Tuiasosopo UCLA Communication Studies DI
Riley Anderson UMass Amherst Marketing DI
Aiste Balciunaite UMass Amherst Biochemistry & Chemical Engineering DI
Daniella Du Toit UMass Amherst Kinesiology DI
Caroline Gosnear UMass Amherst Marketing DI
Caroline Ricciardi UMass Amherst Nursing DI
Victoria Roach UMass Amherst Kinesiology DI
Katie Bell UNC-CH Exercise and Sports Science DI
Paige Colpo UNC-CH Media and Journalism DI
Alex Davis UNC-CH Biomedical Engineering DI
Elizabeth Farley UNC-CH Economics DI
Lauren Ferner UNC-CH Environmental Sciences DI
Liz Finnessy UNC-CH Undecided DI
Margaret High UNC-CH Media and Journalism DI
Abby Hudspeth UNC-CH Environmental Sciences DI
Elizabeth Mitchell UNC-CH Political Science DI
Julianne Peters UNC-CH Psychology DI
Caleigh Sewell UNC-CH Environmental Sciences DI
Sally Stanley UNC-CH Philosophy DI
Sofia Triana UNC-CH History DI
Kelly Williams UNC-CH Environmental Studies DI
Sara Zetterberg UNC-CH History DI
Giovanna DeVito United States Naval Academy Quantitative Economics DI
Elizabeth Downing United States Naval Academy Mathematics w/Economics DI
Sam Fox United States Naval Academy Oceanography DI
Megan Hanson United States Naval Academy Mathematics w/Economics DI
Kate Long United States Naval Academy Oceanography (Honors) DI
Maja Barnouw University of Connecticut Allied Health Sciences DI
Hayley Brant University of Connecticut Sustainable Plant & Soil Systems DI
Molly Bugos University of Connecticut Digital Media & Design (MA) DI
Jordan Crinieri University of Connecticut Teaching DI
Eleanor Dowd University of Connecticut Nursing DI
Chloe Ludden University of Connecticut Psychological Sciences DI
Kaitlyn May University of Connecticut Nursing DI
Ellen McNiff University of Connecticut Biomedical Engineering DI
Magdalene Mlynek University of Connecticut Statistics DI
Micaela Nowacki University of Connecticut Exercise Science DI
Caroline Richman University of Connecticut Accounting DI
Stephanie Rodrigue University of Connecticut Mechanical Engineering DI
Casey Becker University of Dayton Civil Engineering DI
Anna Benton University of Dayton Chemical Engineering DI
Maggie Cahill University of Dayton English DI
Elisabeth DeNardo University of Dayton Mechanical Engineering DI
Beth Hoffman University of Dayton Mechanical Engineering DI
Kiley Tempert University of Dayton Accounting DI
Madison Cann University of Delaware Public Policy DI
Sophia Elliott University of Delaware Political Science DI
Sydney Gualtieri University of Delaware Biological Sciences DI
Hannah Kirk University of Delaware Energy & Environmental Policy; Criminal Justice DI
Caroline Popielaski University of Delaware Biological Sciences DI
Sarah Shaffer University of Delaware Marketing; Operations Management; Management Information Systems DI
Isadora Weinfeld University of Delaware Nursing DI
Katie Becker University of Iowa Nursing DI
Allison Blevins University of Iowa Speech & Hearing Science DI
Rachel Canon University of Iowa Speech & Hearing Science DI
Logan Jones University of Iowa Nursing DI
Meredith (Hunter) Koenigsfeld University of Iowa Nursing DI
Carly Millerd University of Iowa International Relations DI
Rachel Valentine University of Iowa Communications, English & Creative Writing DI
London Acree University of Kansas Geography and Political Science DI
Reese Arnold University of Kansas Exercise Science DI
Shannon Cody University of Kansas Accounting DI
Lauren Fee University of Kansas Psychology and Applied Behavior Science DI
Jaryn Folk University of Kansas Aerospace Engineering DI
Kelly Koenigsman University of Kansas Middle-Level Math Education DI
Morgan Kottas University of Kansas Architecture Studies DI
Liana Ochoa University of Kansas Human Biology DI
Lilly Stewart University of Kansas Journalism – News & Information DI
Riley Varuska University of Kansas Exercise Science DI
 Gillian Burns University of Louisville Sport Administration DI
 Emily Corso University of Louisville Computer Information Systems DI
 Abigail Fitts University of Louisville Accounting & Marketing DI
 Margaret Geraghty University of Louisville Health & Human Performance DI
 Victoria Goldin University of Louisville Business Economics DI
 Lucie Heranova University of Louisville Business Economics DI
 Perie Howard University of Louisville Health & Human Performance DI
 Maddie Luette University of Louisville Health & Human Performance DI
 Sarah Thurson University of Louisville Criminal Justice DI
 Brynna Walchle University of Louisville Fine Arts DI
Halle Alitz University of Miami English DI
Rebecca Camplin University of Miami Exercise Physiology DI
Mackenzie Holmgren University of Miami Undeclared Business DI
Emily Kean University of Miami Public Health DI
Paige Badenhorst University of Michigan Organizational Studes, Environment DI
Perry Bower University of Michigan Biopsycology, Cognition & Neuroscience DI
Katherine Burns University of Michigan Industrial & Operations Engineering DI
Fleur De Jong University of Michigan Biopsycology, Cognition & Neuroscience DI
Victoria Glunt University of Michigan Industrial & Operations Engineering DI
Meghan Gutknecht University of Michigan Environment DI
Annika Hoffmann University of Michigan Comparative Literature, Political Science DI
Catherine Olson University of Michigan School of Information DI
Madeline Schneider University of Michigan Comparative Literature, International Studies DI
Erika Yasuda University of Michigan Movement Science DI
Cailey Brogan University of Notre Dame Science Computing DI
Hana Ferrero University of Notre Dame Economics DI
Kelly Fischer University of Notre Dame Finance DI
Halena Hadi University of Notre Dame Economics DI
Chloe Hemm University of Notre Dame Biochemistry DI
Samantha Manfreda University of Notre Dame Computer Science DI
Evelyn McManus University of Notre Dame Psychology DI
Julia Randall University of Notre Dame Economics DI
Colleen Visnic University of Notre Dame Finance DI
Nina Chism University of Oklahoma Health and Exercise Science DI
Maia Cruse University of Oklahoma Elementary Education DI
Louise Kuehster University of Oklahoma Chemical Engineering – Biotechnology/Chinese DI
Abby Lange University of Oklahoma Chemical Biosciences DI
Madeleine Lange University of Oklahoma Classics DI
Nicole Molina University of Oklahoma Economics DI
Amy Pasque University of Oklahoma Chemical Biosciences DI
Erin Steele University of Oklahoma Arts and Sciences – Planned Program DI
Emily Taylor University of Oklahoma Elementary Education DI
Rachel Williams University of Oklahoma International Studies/Arabic DI
Sarah Brunsberg University of Pennsylvania Finance and Behavioral Economics DI
Holly Butrico University of Pennsylvania Behavioral Economics and Marketing DI
Emmeline Endresen University of Pennsylvania Anthropology DI
Frances Kane University of Pennsylvania Science, Technology, and Society DI
Jessica Mixon University of Pennsylvania Undeclared DI
Abigail Scheetz University of Pennsylvania Political Science DI
Jacquelyn Bassett University of Portland Biology DI
Megan Del Pozzi University of Portland Social Work DI
Marissa Frazzini University of Portland Nursing DI
Sydney Gardner University of Portland Mechanical Engineering DI
Brooklin Gomez University of Portland Nursing DI
Megan Medalia University of Portland Operations & Tech Management DI
Allison Palazzotto University of Portland Psychology DI
Joselene Piedra Rodriguez University of Portland Biology DI
Tesla Pritchett University of Portland Nursing DI
Alondra Quiroga-Bernal University of Portland Nursing DI
Mollie Rutz University of Portland Political Science DI
Acacia Wellsford University of Portland History DI
Lauren Yee University of Portland Nursing DI
Brianne Zbylicki University of Portland Biology DI
MeKenzie Mattheson University of Rhode Island Women and Gender Studies and Sociaology DI
Karen Petrik University of Rhode Island Early Childhood Education DI
Allie Reilly University of Rhode Island Kinesiology DI
Erin Shober University of Rhode Island Communicative Disorders DI
Katie Usher University of Rhode Island Kinesiology and Psychology DI
Emily Winslow University of Rhode Island English and Public Relations DI
Brenna Kelly University of Rhode Island Psychology DI
Clare Adams University of San Diego International Relations DI
Isla Blake University of San Diego Undeclared DI
Nicole Moore University of San Diego International Relations DI
Ellen Schroeder University of San Diego Business Econ/Mathematics DI
Vada Thomas University of San Diego Environmental Science DI
Krete Koovit University of Southern California Economics DI
Katarzyna Pilch University of Southern California Cognitive Science DI
Marliis Reinkort University of Southern California UG: Communications DI
Madison Bickle University of Tulsa Biology DI
Julia Herrel University of Tulsa Finance DI
Sydney Pirkle University of Tulsa Exercise and Sports Science DI
Eleanor Russell University of Tulsa Masters of Athletic Training DI
Veronique Ulrich University of Tulsa Marketing DI
Elisa Vandersloot University of Tulsa Art DI
Amanda Durkin University of Washington Environmental Health DI
Carmela Pappalardo University of Washington Communication DI
Tabea Schendekehl University of Washington Art DI
Lark Skov University of Washington Linguistics DI
Jennifer Wren University of Washington Biology DI
Ellen Cayer Villanova University Global Interdisciplinary Studies: Latin American Studies DI
Elizabeth Hagerty Villanova University Mechanical Engineering DI
Ashley Hock Villanova University Humanities DI
Sarina Kao Villanova University Biology DI
Cecilia Spesia Villanova University Biochemistry DI
Mary Wright Villanova University Sciences: undeclared DI
Jamey Bulloch Virginia Media Studies/English DI
Grace Comerford Virginia Biology DI
Anna Fairs Virginia MS Higher Education DI
Shiann Gardner Virginia Women, Gender and Sexuality DI
Colette Glass Virginia Nursing DI
Gabby Grob Virginia Human Biology/Spanish DI
Heidi Long Virginia Biology/Cognitive Science DI
Sophie Pennoyer Virginia Computer Science/Studio Art DI
Lizzie Trull Virginia Commerce DI
Emma Barrett Washington State Undeclared DI
Sara Brevick Washington State Human Development DI
Isabella Cristelli Washington State Economic Sciences DI
Paige Danielson Washington State Electrical Engineering DI
Linnea Davison Washington State Psychology DI
Ivy Elling Quaintance Washington State Sport Science DI
Renee Kemp Washington State Biology DI
Kamila Ondrackova Washington State Sport Science DI
Taija Thompson Washington State Psychology DI
Hannah Welzbacker Washington State Communication and Society DI
Chloe White Washington State Biology DI
Cassia Busch West Virginia University Animal & Nutritional Sciences DI
Carly Ledbetter West Virginia University Graphic Design DI
Madisyn Lee West Virginia University Criminology DI
Abigail Patrick West Virginia University Management DI
Kaitlin Sullivan West Virginia University Nursing DI
Taylor Caudle Wisconsin Retail & Consumer behavior DI
Eliza Clifford Wisconsin Art DI
Renee Olley Wisconsin Geological Engineering DI
Elisabet Pietz Wisconsin Spanish DI
Sera Bulbul Yale History DI
Margaux Paradis Yale Sociology DI
Eloise Von der Schulenburg Yale Political Science DI
Lily Vartanian Assumption College Philosophy DII
Sarolta Adonyi Barry University Sport Management DII
Alejandra Alonso Alderete Barry University Sport Management DII
Michelle Etchebaster Martins Barry University Exercise Physiology DII
Alexandra Kalinowski Barry University International Studies DII
Tara Marinkovic Barry University Management DII
Jessika Scholz Barry University Psychology DII
Kathryn Chilelli Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Aerospace Engineering DII
Rachel Hemsworth Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Global Conflict Studies DII
Rebecca McBride Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Homeland Security DII
Lauren Stollenwerk Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Mechanical Engineering DII
Kaya Treder Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Aerospace Physiology DII
Natalia Arasa Bonavila Florida Tech Psychology DII
Theresa Gadilhe Florida Tech Accounting DII
Federica Pala Florida Tech Business Administration DII
Svetlana Ristin Florida Tech Biochemistry DII
Taylor Stoni Florida Tech Marine Biology DII
Rachel Finkelstein Humboldt State Child Development / Education DII
Kierstyn Hughes Humboldt State Pre PT / Computer Science DII
Ciera Lathe Humboldt State Psychology DII
Conzelmann Mary Elise Humboldt State Recreation / Business Administration DII
Diana Ortega Humboldt State Spanish / Criminology DII
Amanda Pope Humboldt State Biology DII
Hannah Shaprio Humboldt State Accounting / Music DII
Amelia Wagoner Humboldt State History / Education DII
Phoebe Topete Humboldt State Pre PT DII
Amelia Kanonczyk Mercyhurst University Criminal Justice DII
Megan Kilmartin Mercyhurst University Forensic Science DII
Stephany Oemcke Mercyhurst University Public Health/Business DII
Sarah Shade Mercyhurst University Sportsmedicine DII
Henley Spracklen Mercyhurst University Biliology & Public Health DII
Greta Taine Mercyhurst University Environmental Science DII
Barbara Sansur Nova Southeastern University Business Management DII
Mikayla Shelton Nova Southeastern University Behavioral Neuroscience DII
Rayna Stuart Nova Southeastern University Psychology DII
Elizabeth Berry Rollins College Psychology & Spanish DII
Nicole Hubert Rollins College Biology DII
Ashley Kinsley Rollins College Communications DII
Alyssa Rabade Rollins College Psychology DII
Erin Snyder Rollins College Chemistry DII
Nicole Vitt Rollins College Music & Psychology DII
Rachel Wasserman Rollins College Philosophy & Communication Studies DII
Megan Chalfant Seattle Pacific University Nursing DII
Kaitlin Dickinson Seattle Pacific University Nursing DII
Gillian Edgar Seattle Pacific University Business DII
Talia Ferguson Seattle Pacific University Nursing DII
Jacqueline Kemp Seattle Pacific University Communication DII
Chloe Remley Seattle Pacific University Psychology DII
Suzanne Stafford Seattle Pacific University Biochemistry DII
Madison Carter Thomas Jefferson University Textile Materials Technology DII
Jenna-Lynne D’Agostino Thomas Jefferson University Design DII
Anne Demetroules Thomas Jefferson University Communications DII
Delaney Lynam Thomas Jefferson University Occupational Therapy DII
Madison Okerson Thomas Jefferson University Psychology / Occupational Therapy DII
Jillian Paternoster Thomas Jefferson University Occupational Therapy DII
Elizabeth Zolnierzak Thomas Jefferson University Pre-Med Studies DII
Martina Saad Thomas Jefferson Univesity Pre-Med Studies DII
Madeleine Wagner UC San Diego Physiology and Neuroscience DII
Alana Zaleski UC San Diego Cognitive Science DII
Megan Dwarshuis University of Central Oklahoma Marketing and Professional Selling DII
Blair Johnson University of Central Oklahoma Speech Language Pathology DII
Erica Mitchell University of Central Oklahoma Kinesiology- Exercise/Fitness Management DII
Bailee Thomas University of Central Oklahoma Psychology/Forensic Science DII
Anneka Bostrom Western Washington Environmental Science DII
Angie Dexter Western Washington Spanish DII
Rachael Schick Western Washington Environmental Science DII
Karisa Stapp Western Washington Accounting DII
Maddie Bangasser Western Washington Health Care DII
Emma L Wheeler Bates College DIII
L. Sophia Rintell Bates College DIII
Emma York Bates College DIII
Grace Muraghan Bates College DIII
Sophie Claus Bates College DIII
Elise Grossfeld Bates College DIII
Saylor Strugar Bates College DIII
Claudia Glickman Bates College DIII
Hannah Fitts Bates College DIII
Elizabeth Fischer Bates College DIII
Elizabeth Fairman Bates College DIII
Alessandra Grossman Colby College Psychology: Neuroscience DIII
Rosie Kilcoyne Colby College Government, French DIII
Lillie Kontor Colby College Government, Economics (double) DIII
Ellie Krossa Colby College Government DIII
Cara Moynihan Colby College Physics DIII
Alison Obstler Colby College Art History, American Studies DIII
Ellie Parker Colby College Anthropology DIII
Carlin Schildge Colby College Environmental Science DIII
Katie Squires Colby College Chemistry DIII
Helen Watson Colby College Global Studies DIII
Carson Goos Hamilton College Government & Women’s & Gender Studies DIII
Julia Hartnett Hamilton College Undeclared DIII
Adriana Jonas Hamilton College Undeclared DIII
Alex Stetter Hamilton College Psychology and Public Policy DIII
Rachel Sutor Hamilton College Public Policy DIII
Vicky Xu Hamilton College Public Policy DIII
Allison Arndt Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Jennifer Brian Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Savannah Brija Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Liza Caldicott Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Kelly Csnerica Ithaca College Health Sciences DIII
Devi De Oliveira Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Michele Hyland Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Sierra Keat Ithaca College Communication Mgmt & Design DIII
Mackenzie Morean Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Lauren O’Dell Ithaca College English DIII
Allison Ritting Ithaca College Occupational Therapy DIII
Elizabeth Ryan Ithaca College Physical Therapy DIII
Sarah Eggert Johnson & Wales Baking & Pastry Arts DIII
Sophia Falconeiri Johnson & Wales Sports, Entertainment, Event-Management DIII
Nicole Gerber Johnson & Wales Culinary Nutrition DIII
Bethany Ingram Johnson & Wales Sports, Entertainment, Event-Management DIII
Tatiana Windley Johnson & Wales Sports, Entertainment, Event-Management DIII
Natalie Stroud Lewis & Clark College International Affairs DIII
Alexis Traeger Lewis & Clark College Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Hispanic Studies DIII
Grace Barton Mills College Psychology DIII
Harper Bolz-Weber Mills College Undeclared DIII
Liv Coletta Mills College Biology, Creative Writing minor DIII
Emma Hohulin Mills College Studio Art DIII
Kayd Miller Mills College Public Policy DIII
Kylee Dickinson Pacific Lutheran Political Science DIII
Madison Heaman Pacific Lutheran Business Administration DIII
Molly Ivey Pacific Lutheran Elementary Education & Global Studies DIII
Nicole Jones Pacific Lutheran Business Administration DIII
Abbie Loring Pacific Lutheran DIII
Sienna Mathes Pacific Lutheran Psychology & Sociology DIII
Anna Norman-Wikner Pacific Lutheran Elementary Education DIII
Hannah Peterson Pacific Lutheran Communications DIII
Ali Smith Pacific Lutheran Studio Art & Hispanic Studies DIII
Siobhan Warmer Pacific Lutheran Spanish & Anthropology DIII
Kyra Farr Puget Sound English DIII
Jill La Fetra Puget Sound History DIII
Leslie Machabee Puget Sound Economics DIII
Monica Schweitz Puget Sound African-American Studies DIII
Katie Snodgrass Puget Sound Psychology DIII
Lauren Wright Puget Sound Exercise Science DIII
Sabrina Belozerova Simmons University Neuroscience &Behavior DIII
Hanna Dike Simmons University Exercise Science/DPT 3+3 DIII
Allyson Fecteau Simmons University Nursing DIII
Chloe Feuerstein Simmons University History DIII
Stephanie Gaehde Simmons University Undeclared DIII
Melissa Morton Simmons University Political Science DIII
Lillian Pennington Simmons University Mathematics/Severe Special Education DIII
Peizhu Qian Simmons University Mathematics/Computer Science DIII
Rebecca Ramsey Simmons University Nursing DIII
Katherine Bernhardt Smith College Economics DIII
Vivian Brock Smith College Government DIII
Lucy Jensen Smith College Engineering Science DIII
Cali Nathanson Smith College Russian and Eastern Europe Studies and Religion DIII
Clara Slesar Smith College Conservation Biology DIII
Helena Wiatrowski Smith College Biology DIII
Kennedy Barber-Fraser Smith College History DIII
Katherine Gill St. Mary’s College of Maryland Anthropology DIII
Elena League St. Mary’s College of Maryland Biology DIII
Mira League St. Mary’s College of Maryland Economics & Public Policy Studies DIII
Kathleen Ortel St. Mary’s College of Maryland Physics DIII
Lillian Belletete Trinity College Art History DIII
Erin Gannon Trinity College Psychology and Film Studies DIII
Julia Gorka Trinity College Public Policy & Law DIII
Claire Grigglestone Trinity College Chemistry DIII
Lucy Hainline Trinity College Mathematics and French DIII
Rachel Kyriakides Trinity College Psychology DIII
Emily McLeod Trinity College Environmental Science and English DIII
Erin Murphy Trinity College English DIII
Caitlin Southwick Trinity College Sociology and Studio Arts DIII
Kirsten Thiim Trinity College Neuroscience DIII
Saralinda Schell University of Rochester Computer science DIII
Claudia Weaver University of Rochester Electrical & Computer Engineering DIII
Salena Bantz USCGA Electrical Engineering DIII
Samantha Koval USCGA Management DIII
Frances Dingivan Wellesley Spanish & Environmental Studies DIII
Maria Iannotti Wellesley English / Pre-Med DIII
Rhiannon Mulligan Wellesley Political Science & Econ DIII
Jocelyn Reahl Wellesley Geosciences DIII
Clara Babbott-Ward Wesleyan Music, Psychology DIII
Jemma Blazina Wesleyan Econ, Gov DIII
Rachelle Flowers Wesleyan Neuroscience and Behavior and Psych. DIII
Nell Highleyman Wesleyan English DIII
Samantha Hill Wesleyan Art Studio, English DIII
Sarah Osborn Wesleyan Science in Society DIII
Lydia Paddock Wesleyan Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Psychology DIII
Nikki Pallat Wesleyan Physics DIII
Sarah Paulson Wesleyan Biology DIII
Olivia Pearson Wesleyan Science in Society and Spanish DIII
Emma Porrazzo Wesleyan College of Social Studies and College of East Asian Studies DIII
Allison Quintana Wesleyan Physics and Astronomy DIII
Monica Rao Wesleyan Government and Religion DIII
Nicole Rizzuto Wesleyan Neuroscience and behavior DIII
Sonja Welch Wesleyan Chem, Econ DIII
Hannah Xu Wesleyan Neuroscience and Behavior, Psychology DIII
Molly Dexter William Smith College Biology and Critical Health Studies, minor in Chemistry DIII
Emma Falkenstein William Smith College International Relations and Anthropology, minor in French and Francophone Studies DIII
Sarah Laferrera William Smith College Psychology and Educational Studies DIII
Anna Moreau William Smith College Environmental Studies, minors in Sustainable Community Development and Biology DIII
Julia Walters William Smith College Philosophy and International Relations DIII
Eva Barinelli WPI Robotics Engineering DIII
Josephine Bowen WPI Mechanical Engineering DIII
Madeline Burke WPI Computer Science DIII
Marlies de Jong WPI Civil Engineering DIII
Amelia Harvey WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII
Madison Healey WPI Mechanical Engineering DIII
Christine Hovermale WPI Actuarial Mathematics DIII
Olivia Kiristis WPI Mechanical Engineering DIII
Ally Sichler WPI Chemical Engineering DIII
Sarah St. Pierre WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII
Sarah Maietta Boston University Kilachand Honor’s College –  International Relations Lightweight
Riona McCormick Boston University College of Arts and Sciences – History Lightweight
Megan Robinson Boston University Sargent College – Health Sciences Lightweight
Ellis Anderson Georgetown University Economics Lightweight
Michelle Choi Georgetown University Economics Lightweight
Monica Collins Georgetown University Biology of Global Health Lightweight
Caroline Cosovich Georgetown University Linguistics Lightweight
Anna Kemmerer Georgetown University Healthcare Management & Policy Lightweight
Isabel Rose Georgetown University Neurobiology Lightweight
Mia Tsudis Georgetown University Finance Lightweight
Megan Walsh Georgetown University Human Science Lightweight
Claire Albert Harvard-Radcliffe Psychology Lightweight
Tessa Buchan Harvard-Radcliffe Economics Lightweight
Claire Burch Harvard-Radcliffe Mathematics and Physics Lightweight
Gina Cusing Harvard-Radcliffe Psychology Lightweight
Clara Duffy Harvard-Radcliffe Computer Science Lightweight
Olivia Farrar Harvard-Radcliffe English Lightweight
Molly Lesser Harvard-Radcliffe Integrative Biology Lightweight
Juliet Pesner Harvard-Radcliffe Government Lightweight
Ana Watley Harvard-Radcliffe Applied Mathematics Lightweight
Sophie Anderson MIT Aerospace Engineering Lightweight
Brigid Bane MIT Biology Lightweight
Sophie Blackburn MIT Biological Engineering Lightweight
Megan Diehl MIT Materials Science and Engineering Lightweight
Sophie Herscovici MIT Urban Planning Lightweight
Haley Higginbotham MIT Biological Engineering Lightweight
Eileen Hu MIT Computer Science and Molecular Biology Lightweight
Jennifer Nwenyi MIT Chemical Engineering Lightweight
Chloe Thacker MIT Chemical Engineering Lightweight