Board Meeting Call: 9/1/20

CRCA Board Call: Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 11am Eastern

Present on the Call:


  1. Sustainability Committee- Lori/Sheila
    1. Dave is working with Catherine Sheehan for marketing/pr. Creating content. 90” stories. What’s the narrative?  How/ where can we publicize? What’s the end goal?
    2.  Her ideas on messaging which discussed a 3-tier structure.   1) Olympic Sports banding together 2.) Looking sport specific and possibly using other organizations such as USRowing   3.) how to equip each University
  1. USOPC Call Update (Sustainability and Education covered)- Liz/Sheila
  1. Cont. Education Committee-  Liz / Maddie
    1. Upcoming Speaker: Bo Hansen, DEI edu
    2. Call with USRowing about Convention this week or next
  1. Legislative Updates- Jenn
    1. WTT update? — still worth pursuing- Pac 12
    2. Survey sent out about dead period- due Friday to NCAA
    3. D2 waiver for sport sponsorship along with other waivers
  1. COVID-Survey group – Kate
    1. Deadline last night, will have results/summary by the end of the week
  1. Sponsorship Update- Jamie
    1. Playing phone tag with Chip
  1. Misc.
    1. Membership Drive- email ready to go out- was waiting for all the surveys to be over with. 

Meeting end, 12pm EST.

Next Meeting in 2 weeks, time TBD.