All Membership Meeting Minutes: 6/29/20

CRCA Membership Call: Monday 6/29/2020 12pm EST., ended 12:58pm. 

181 Members Registered; 187 present on call. 

  1. U23 Updated – Brett Gorman
    1. Past halfway point of virtual U23 camp– Thanks to coaches, it’s going great. Meet with athletes 3x a week for group workouts, weekly Sunday Meeting. Overall- going well.  As fall becomes uncertain, we are going to end a little earlier. Last day of Camp Sat, Aug 1st. 
    2. CRCA- LEVEL 2 Certification. 10 spots left. In order to do anything with U23, Development camps, Senior team, etc. it’s a HARD requirement.  Will post webinars for mentoring hours.  ( 30 hrs posted by end of summer- gain experience in areas you wouldn’t normally get in day to day experience)
      1. Online log to track mentoring hours- will all be online with your profile.
      2. If anything you need updated ( safesport, boating certificate, CPR, etc- it goes to Brett)
    3. USRowing Coxswain Camp – not specific to juniors- reach out to Brett.
    4. U23s Worlds for 2021– Worlds will be July 7-11, 2021. Shorter camp- will start right after conclusion of NCAAs. Will do everything they can with athletes still in school / proctoring exams, etc. Camp will be in Iowa, Andrew Carter coaching. Will also look for athletes to be doubling up- so smaller groups all together. 
    5. Trials dates – June 14th ( immediately following youth invitational) 
      1. Will update us on events for this
    6. Winter camp for U23– Talking about it right now with Tom and Laurel. Holding off right now because of COVID. Depends on what happens with fall and travel, etc.  Especially if schools cancel their Winter Training trips- might make an opportunity to offer a training option for top U23 kids. 
  2. Changes to CRCA board – Maddie Davis
    1. Nancy LaRocque stepping down as President effective immediately and leaving board at end of calendar year, Maddie Davis to serve as interim through end of year
    2. Emily Ford leaving board July 3rd
    3. Both positions will be filled in fall election 
      1. Will send out information about timeline for elections soon
  3. Financial Update – Mike Lane
    1. State of CRCA Finances
      1. Roughly $4400 checking, $20,000 savings
      2. Actively trying to put effort and research into membership dues to up the benefits and enhance what we do as a coaches group.
    2. Dues for 20-21; plans for 21-22 ( memo outlines dues and initiatives for upcoming year)
      1. 4 areas to focus on for improvement- ( memo)
  4. Strategic Plan – Maddie Davis
    1. Send all input to regional rep or
    2. We want to hear from membership- any and all ideas welcome- send to regional reps
  1. COVID Task Force Update – Kate Maxim
    1. Cost Mitigation– how do we finance risk mitigation issues? This group helps us create more questions for future rounds of survey – to help plant ideas  for things coming down the pike
    2. Risk Mitigation– survey revealed there are still a lot of “ i don’t know” answers out there
      1. It seems as though practices will be allowed to go forward- everything varies by school; in general, large group practices unlikely- contract tracing protocols being published, same as testing.  Contact logs at BH’s are important as well.  Testing protocols vary by state to state and university- 
    3. External Relations – focus on leading coaching associations – they have expansive, broad based memberships ( include juniors, NAIA, club, etc); partnerships with national governing bodies
      1. IRA is starting a coaching association as of this week
      2. Ability to hire an executive director would advance CRCA
    4. Promotional- creating a toolkit for teams- (Title 9, fundraising, also using the survey to create other resources team can use)
      1. Next survey- ready to go out mid-July — includes Qs on recruiting ( official / unofficial visits, international students- return to campus, travel/visa restrictions, etc) Also- scholarships – protection for those not wanting to return or cuts to scholarship allotment;  novice tryout process ; and finally understanding of what might happen with non-competition seasons; Training trips? Allowed?
  1. DEI Committee Update – Liz Tuppen
    1. 70 people signed up, had their first meeting ( about 60 people. Kick start for creating a strategic plan. Meet monthly as a group, subcommittees meet more often. 
  1. Legislative Update – Jenn Langzettel
    1. We have a new liaison at the NCAA, he’s GREAT. He says we need to look at having a conference put forward an idea ( COVID related) and have the CRCA back it- to get it to the table and get some changes made- hopefully get it into the Q and A. 
    2. D2- quiet period extended through the end of July. 
    3. D3- not in Q and A- deposited incoming freshmen can participate in voluntary 
    4. D1- dead period, extended through Aug 31.
    5. WTT Legislation — our contact is working to determine what is the best way to get it into legislation this year. Is also going to contact the group that put out the latest interpretation and see if it can be relaxed for this year ( esp. Given COVID). Thinks there is a simpler way to get this done. If none of those work- we will have universities and a conference push this forward. 
    6. Financial Aid proposal: 2019-119- even though tabled, it’s still a very HOT topic, and is still being discussed. He mentioned it’s probably on a more urgent timeline – going to reach out to 2 committees to see where it is at. 
  1. Continuing Education Update – Liz Tuppen
    1. Jen Fry- Wednesday, 1-3pm eastern. 
    2. July 9th 1p-2pm Eastern- Coaches Panel with 5-7 coaches to discuss how they have been hosting discussions with their teams.
      1. Moderated by organization RISE.

Two D3 universities (Bowdoin and TCNJ) have already already announced the cancellation of all fall and winter sports.  Has anyone heard of any other universities talking of fall cancellation?

Williams as well


Pac-12 also considering a halt on non- championship sports – no competition

***Everyone should ASK their university/ administrators- if there is no fall racing- are they still being held to roster requirements… Ask Strategic questions along the way when it comes to Novice tryouts: from a Title 9 standpoint- what constitutes a “tryout”

~From Martin Stone 

At Notre Dame – walk on tryouts and roster count pushed to 2nd semester. This is what the admin asked from us.

Q:Has an invitation been extended to the men’s coaches currently trying to form a rowing coaches organization to join CRCA?

Maddie and Sheila have been in contact with Chris Clark and John to help get theirs up and running- 

From Bebe Bryans :

I’ve talked to Coach Clark about this and will continue to do so.  I doubt very much they will want to join the CRCA but working closely together would be a great idea.

Caroline King:

~ACRA, the Club Rowing Assn, also has a coaches’ organization. More potential allies…

Meeting Adjourned. 12:58pm.