CRCA Board Meeting Call: 2/7/2020

CRCA Board Conference Call

February 5, 2020 1:30pm (EST)

Present on the Call: Nancy, Maddie, Tessa, Pat, Jamie, Sheila, Derek, Lori, Liz, Jane, Kate, Emily, Mike, Jenn, Patrick, Megan

  • Update on membership DuesSheila (do we need to contact members in our region pay dues?)
    • Things I’ll send out to to Membership-
      • this is the CRCA Listserv Members list. If you would like an old email deleted, or see that someone on your staff is missing, make the appropriate changes as directed on the top of the page.
      • This is the most up-to-date record of membership dues. If you see an error, let me know
      • Need everyone to go into their profile on CRCA website and update it- as this information  will serve as the member directory. 
  • Salary Survey Update –Sheila
    • Sent back signed contract, will send out notice before the company is ready to contact all HC’s with survey link. We have 2 weeks to get everyone to complete it. 
  • Finance Update, if any? –Mike
    • Glenn and Mike still haven’t connected regarding transferring of duties (cutting checks).
      • Accountant (Mike Lowery) hasn’t been paid yet- from last year… 
      • Wrapping up December Conference reimbursements
  • Sponsorship Update (if any)? –Jamie
    • His plan is to get some information as a whole, as to what sorts of benefits they want, as a whole, to help direct what sorts of benefits they want
    •   In a way to maintain Pocock as a “headline” sponsorship, but then add others improve membership benefits
    • Rowing Industry Trade Association –  could be a potential sponsor to tap into later down the line
      • They have a board mtg this summer:
        • Junior Worlds – BOARD MEETING – checking if we can attend if we’re there
  • CRCA Conference FeedbackLiz/Maddie
    • Survey is created – geared towards what we want to see in the future 
    • It does Include Questions about member benefits
    • Will be sent out soon
    • Awards for 19-20, anything new or move forward with what we did last year? Emily
      • Request – wants to add an assistant coach of the year for Lightweights and “beef” up the nomination (Match the openweight process)
  • Approved “Lightweight Assistant Coach of the Year” for 2020
  • Hall of Fame, Jane
    • Form is Ready to go!
  • Update on winter trip legislation – Jenn
    • Spoke with Stephanie this morning, understanding is that we should change “trip” either call it a segment or call it winter training practice activity – 
      • Work with Stephanie for wording on legislature to put forward 
    • Will send survey to membership for their “stance” and supporting rational/opinions to help build our case for Student-Athlete Experience Committee..

Something to discuss later-  Regional Rules Seminar –May 18-20 – Columbus, Ohio;  June 1-3 – Los Angeles

Meeting adjourned.