Legislative Mtg Minutes

CRCA Legislative Committee Meeting

February 2, 2021

  1. Legislation proposal options for erg lending
    1. Request an exception so rowing can lend ergs to student-athletes as a piece of conditioning equipment
    2. Request that an erg be shifted to a piece of sport specific equipment. (preferred option)
      1. This would allow for lending without issue
      2. Must request exception for use of erg for conditioning activities during out-of-season weeks
        1. Swimming has an exception in place for utilization of sport specific equipment for more effective conditioning.
        2. Ice Hockey has an exception in place for utilization of sport specific equipment for safety while conditioning.
          1. Ice hockey got a letter of support from a medical profession familiar with the sport
        3. Sheila Rinozzi will request a letter of support from Dr. Mark Nowak regarding the need for erg usage for more effective conditioning.
        4. Jenn Langzettel will work with NCAA Liaison to discuss if this is a good option
          1. Also speak with D2 and D3 to ensure this will not cause an issue for them
    3. The Board would like to have this go out to the membership to ensure we have sufficient support for this proposal.
      1. This will ensure that it is non-controversial legislation and is more likely to get approved
  2. Dead Period – D1
    1. Current COVID Dead Period Ends April 15th
    2. Do we wish to extend the dead period, shift to a quiet period, open for full recruiting.
      1. Committee discussed the importance of executing a safe spring season
      2. We do not feel that shifting to face-to-face contact is the safest option for our coaches and teams
      3. At this time we would like to maintain a Dead Period until July 1st to allow for our competitive season to end before opening to recruiting.  
        1. What about an evaluation period from April 15 – June 30??
    3. We need to get a survey out to the membership
  1. Next Meeting 2/17/21 @ 1:00pm