Lightweight Committee Conference Call

CRCA Lightweight Conference Call Minutes

Present: Bucknell-Kish/Wolleben, Georgetown-O’Connor, Lehigh-Meltzer, MIT-Kostrewski, Stanford-Acosta, Buffalo-Logue, Wisconsin-Miller, IRA-Caldwell (first 20′ of call)

Gary Caldwell, ECAC Director of Rowing, regarding lwt women and the IRA

Gary provided an update regarding IRA and the events of the summer that lead to maintaining the lightweight eight but not maintaining the lwt four. Proposal that we presented as a committee was initially accepted by a small group of Stewards on July 18th. Upon further review, the lwt four was eliminated by the Stewards. This was greatly influenced by the fact that the lightweight men’s proposal did not include a four.  Gary suggested that we work with our individual university administrators to secure support within the Board of Stewards. There are folks in the heavyweight men’s community that are pushing for recognition by the NCAA. Lightweight men and women are not included in those proposals. Lightweight women’s programs need to look into the future and plan.  Gary pointed out that there are very specific rules regarding the lightweight men and women at the IRA and that we should give those a close look.  Discussion after Gary left the call centered on whether to revisit the issue of the lightweight four and make an attempt to have it included as an exhibition similar to the past two years. Everyone on the call agreed that we would not push the idea of the lightweight four. Instead, we need to look long term and figure out what we need to do to secure the future of the lightweight women’s championship.

Selection and Voting for Lightweight Athlete and Lightweight Coach of the Year

Based on the elimination of the four, All Americans from the 4 are not an issue.  Everyone on the call agreed to eliminate the nomination process for coach of the year. Instead, it was proposed that all head coaches competing at the IRA would be eligible and that every coach would be required to vote, but not for themselves. The question remains as to whether every lightweight committee member, or every CRCA member, is also required to be included in that vote. Steve will ask the CRCA for clarification regarding this point.

CRCA Lightweight Athlete Selection Criteria Protocol and Weigh-In Procedure

Positive feedback about both from the entire group. Discussion about hydration testing and how certain programs are utilizing it while others do not feel that their training staff would support it.  Similar to a couple of years ago, Kish suggested another round of sharing regarding the systems that each program is currently using. Kish will circulate the request.  Regarding the first date for a certified weigh-in, everyone on the call agreed that the last Friday, Saturday or Sunday in March should be included a viable weigh-in date.  Clarification: If an athlete that does not have five racing opportunities from the last weekend in March through the weekend of the Eastern Sprints, then a simple certified Friday afternoon weigh-in, without a race the next day, will suffice.

Increasing the outreach of the IRA-CRCA Weigh-In Procedure

Kish suggested that continue to work on consistency among the weigh-in procedures of all the championship regattas (WIRA, PCRC, SIRA, Northeaster Regionals, USRowing Nationals).  Kish will solicit a committee member to continue working on this project.

Co-Chair needed for the CRCA Lightweight Committee

The committee is a standing committee, which means a CRCA board member is required to be the chair. Steve Kish is currently on the CRCA board, as VP/Treasurer but his term could end this fall. It is important that someone on the committee step up and volunteer to be co-chair. It would be even better if someone worked to become a CRCA board member. Cecile Tucker was the co-chair of the committee but she is no longer a collegiate coach and therefore ineligible.  Kish will put out email asking for volunteers interested in being co-chair of the committee or perhaps for even running for the CRCA board.

Confirmation of Regular Job Assignments for spring 2009

Kostrewski: collection and review of pre-IRA weigh-in forms
Younts: coordination of CRCA awareness: academic, all-american, coach of the year
Kish: seeding poll


Harvard is definitely hiring a lightweight coaching staff, Oklahoma might be interested in rowing lightweight boats in the future, and Tulsa is working to have an eight for this year.  Regarding the IRA-selection committee for at-large bids, there is a meeting for IRA affiliate schools after the HOCR. Kish will look into this and get back to the group.

Submitted by Liz Meltzer.