Lightweight Committee Conference Call

CRCA Lightweight Conference Call Notes
11/3/2011, 1pm EST

Tulsa (Rodney Mott, Kevin Harris)
Harvard (Michiel Bartman)
MIT (Claire Martin-Doyle, Amelia Booth)
Stanford (Al Acousta)
Georgetown (Miranda Paris, Hank Zimmerman)
Buffalo (Kerri Kanaley)
Bucknell (Steve Kish)

IRA/Weigh-in Procedures
All participants agreed on the date of the first countable spring weigh-in as the 4th Friday in March.

All participants approved a three-member panel to vet any IRA weigh-in/rules questions. The committee members for 2012 are Al Acousta, Stanford, Kerri Kanaley, University at Buffalo and Miranda Paris, Georgetown University. The committee will submit their recommendations to Gary Caldwell who will make the final decision as IRA Regatta Director.
*Not discussed on call, but logistics/details of this committee need to be worked out – Al, Miranda, Kerri and Claire will discuss and let coaches know how to bring forward an issue.
IRA Weigh-in protocol will be distributed to the CRCA listserve, posted on the CRCA website and Claire will ask Gary Caldwell to include it in the IRA registration packet.
Exceptions to the IRA weigh-in protocol for “emerging” programs will not be made.

NCAA Legislation
Earlier this year, Lori Dauphiny, provided a legislative proposal to the CRCA membership to increase the number of permissible off-campus recruiting coaches during the academic year for schools with both open and light programs. According to Bill Zack, the current status is the following,

“Good news, bad news on that proposal. We did get enough of a consensus from the membership that we can put that legislation forward. The bad news is that we were not able to get it into the current legislative process. So that and changing the grad assistant position to just a paid position are two initiatives that we have approved but need to get going properly.
US Rowing Convention/IRA Meeting
Erik Miller, Michiel Bartman, Al Acousta, Claire Martin-Doyle and Steve Kish plan to attend.