March 26, 2003

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The University of California, Yale University and Princeton University topped the USRowing Collegiate Coaches Preseason Polls for men’s eights, lightweight men’s eights and lightweight women’s eights, respectively, USRowing announced Wednesday. The first USRowing/Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association for NCAA Division I, II, and III women’s eights will be released next week.

In the men’s eight, the defending Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) champions from California garnered six of the eight first-place votes to take the top spot in the preseason poll. Washington, which finished third at last year’s IRA Championships, is ranked second to begin the season. The University of Wisconsin, which finished second at the IRAs, received the other two first-place votes but ranked fourth overall in the poll. Harvard University is ranked third, while Northeastern University rounded out the top five.

In the lightweight men’s eight, Yale University was the unanimous choice for the top spot in the poll, taking home all seven first-place votes. Yale was followed by the United States Naval Academy, Harvard, Princeton and Dartmouth College. Yale and Navy finished first and second, respectively, at last year’s IRA Championships.

In the lightweight women’s eight, the defending IRA champions from Princeton took home five of the six first-place votes. Radcliffe, which ranked fourth overall in the poll, garnered the other first-place vote. Wisconsin, coming off a runner-up finish to Princeton at the IRAs, ranked second followed by Stanford University. Georgetown University rounded out the top five.

Regular season polling in the men’s varsity eight and the men and women’s lightweight eights will begin next week and run through the end of the collegiate racing season. In addition, USRowing and the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association administer the Women’s NCAA Division I, II and III Collegiate Varsity Eights polls, which will start next week.

USRowing Collegiate Men’s Varsity Eight Poll
Team (1st-Place Votes) Points
1. University of California at Berkeley (6) 155
2. University of Washington 149
3. Harvard University 137
4. University of Wisconsin (2) 133
5. Northeastern University 118
6. Cornell University 117
7. Princeton University 115
8. Brown University 92
9. United States Naval Academy 90
10. Yale University 75
11. Dartmouth College 71
12. University of Pennsylvania 60
13. Oregon State University 58
14. Stanford University 46
15. Syracuse University 38
16. Temple University 37
17. University of Michigan 36
18. Dowling College 30
19. Boston University 23
20. Rutgers University 23

Others receiving votes: Georgetown University 15, Columbia University 4, Gonzaga University 2, Marist College 2, Marietta College 1, Trinity College 1, and University of Virginia 1.

USRowing Collegiate Women’s Lightweight Eight Poll
Team (1st-Place Votes) Points
1.  Princeton University (5) 119
2.  University of Wisconsin 110
3.  Stanford University 102
4.  Radcliffe (1) 93
5.  Georgetown University 89
6.  Villanova University 79
7.  University of Delaware 73
8.  Mercyhurst College 60
9.  Long Beach State University 56
10.  San Diego State University 55
11. University of California at Berkeley 54
12. University of Central Florida 45
13. University of California at San Diego 43
14. Humboldt State University 38
15. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 28

Others receiving votes: University of California at Santa Barbara 24, University of California at Davis 21, St. Mary’s College 20, College of Holy Cross 19, University of Massachusetts 18, Creighton University 10, and University of Colorado 7.

USRowing Collegiate Men’s Lightweight Eight Poll
Team (1st-Place Votes) Points
1.  Yale University (7) 140
2.  United States Naval Academy 127
3.  Harvard University 115
4.  Princeton University 114
5. Dartmouth College 97
6t. Columbia University 96
6t. Cornell University 96
8.  University of Pennsylvania 84
9.  Georgetown University 74
10. Rutgers University 72
11. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 60
12. University of Delaware 46
13. Boston College 34
14t. University of California at Santa Barbara 24
14t. College of Holy Cross 24

Others receiving votes: Fordham University 17, Georgia Tech 15, St. Joseph’s University 11, University of California at Los Angeles 8, University of California at Berkeley 7, University of California at Davis 6, and University of Minnesota 6.