Membership Meeting

December 3, 2010 – USRowing Convention – Hartford, CT


CRCA General Membership Meeting Minutes

Submitted by: Steve Kish

Start time: 12:43pm EST

BOD members present: Steve Kish, Jane LaRiviere (on phone), Liz O’Leary, Steve Pritzker, Robbie Tenenbaum, Tessa Spillane, Brett Sickler, Jimmy King and Bill Zack.  Absent: Martin Stone, Robin Meiggs and Karen Klinger.

Opening Comments – Bill reported that we have approximately $40,000 between checking and savings and that funds would be available for waivers and discounts for attendees to the CRCA Coaches Conference.  Bill introduced Pocock as our title sponsor.  John Tytus spoke to the group briefly.  Committee chairs were introduced.



Committee Reports


Championship and Competition – Bill reviewed the change in the DIII championship and how the 1st and 2nd eights would now be racing in separate events.  He noted that Anne McCoy is now on the NCAA Rowing Committee and that Marshall Foley has cycled off.


Legislative Review – Bill will continue tracking the two pieces of possible legislation regarding the changing of the graduate assistant position to simply a paid position as well as the issue of allowing more off-campus recruiters to the academic year for programs that have a lightweight team. 


Hall of Fame – Liz announced that the 2010 inductee was Dr. Christine Grant.  She urged members to give some thought as to future nominees and noted that the nomination forms are on the website.


Membership – Steve K. urged all to encourage their assistant coaches to join.

Awards – Jimmy will join Tessa as co-chair.  Discussion centered on whether the first team coxswain is required to be the coxswain of the first eight.


Nominating – Bill noted that five positions on the BOD will be opening one year from now.


Lightweight – Steve K. will be the co-chair with MIT lightweight coach Claire Martin-Doyle.


Coaches Poll – Steve P. noted that there is a coaches poll for all three divisions and that a post season poll will begin.


Coaching Education – Brett announced that the Coaching Conference will be held in conjunction with Youth Nationals in Oak Ridge.



Other Items


The by-laws need to be amended to change the Hall of Fame, Lightweight and Polling committees from Ad Hoc to Standing.  Members have until May to contact the BOD if they disagree.


There will be some version of a meeting at the NCAAs.


Mark Bedics is no longer our direct liaison to the NCAA.  Tina Krah has returned as the DI liaison.


Emily Ford asked about the possibility of raising the coxswain weight.  Kevin Sauer suggested lowering the boat weight and raising the coxswain weight.



Meeting Adjourned at 1:10pm