Board Meeting Call: Sept 28, 2020

CRCA Board Call Minutes: 9/28/20 12pm Eastern

On the Call:Jane, Lori, Liz, Kate, Jenn, Tessa, Pat, Derek, Maddie, Jamie, Sheila, Mike, Meg


~International Student-Athlete restrictions? – potential new policies ( will look into further)

1. Lori-Sustainability committee:  10′

  • permission to use the press release that was sent to Maddie for “save college rowing and sports”- Maddie sharing the document. Explanation to the board, what their efforts are, etc. 
    • Concerns about “save college sports” and no CRCA wording in the press release-
  • an idea they have about USRowing and teaming up. 
    • Proposal for someone on the CRCA/IRCA be on the USRowing Board-

Maddie and Lori– will respond to the sustainability group from here Regarding press release.

2. Liz- Con’t Edu:  5′

  • Just did Bo Hanson webinar – I have received good feedback on the use of breakout rooms
  • Blindspots Workshop confirmed for Oct 22nd 1-2:30pm
  • coaches connected” session date TBD for November.

3. Liz- DEI:  10′

  • The Steering committee met this past week, we are continuing on the path of education and getting to know everyone better as we shape our objectives.  The main reason to do this is to make sure we CAUSE NO HARM when trying to make change and actually create an inclusive environment within the DEI before we start trying to create change in the CRCA.
    • Full committee meeting tomorrow, (Tuesday, 1pm Eastern)
    • Paula and Gulliver have been taking time to meet with each and every individual on the DEI ( which is still about 50+) 
    • Important to include the DEI into our strategic planning process – share with paula and gulliver to gain their insight. 
    • All the committees still have objectives – this resume drop box idea (Alyssa  O’Donnell and group working on it)  – will connect with her for website 

4. Legislative updates  5′- Nothing major since last call. Pac12 is still working on WTT legislation.

Derek – set up a zoom call,- for Yaz, Steve Kish, Jenn, Megan, etc to get convo started. 

Jenn will reach out to FISA regarding recent racing..

5. Sheila/Jane/Mike- Membership drive / nominations-  <5′

  • Memberships trickling in.USRowing memberships- renew once.
  • Nominations – Nominees will go out to region 3 and 4 to vote this week.

6. Sheila- Strategic planning: 12-15′

discuss answers to brainstorming Qs, we  may need to set aside another time to continue to discuss these.

  • Collate and synthesize the responses, looking for similar themes.
  • Develop several different versions of a draft mission statement. Consider using present tense language so the statement reflects what you are, not what you aspire to become.

Meg, Liz, Pat, Mike, Sheila – meet offline to work through answers and draft 

7. Any additional topics to discuss?  10′

  • IRCA – Jane and Sheila meeting with Melissa to discuss membership
  • Reminders:

Membership deadline October 15th – help spread the word within your regions

Next Meeting, 12pm in 2 weeks.

Adjourned at: 12:52pm