Southern Hemisphere Recruiting

Discussion of NCAA Legislation: Southern Hemisphere Recruiting

This posting concerns recruiting rules for Division I institutions while recruiting prospective student-athletes who have a high school academic calendar that runs from January/February through December. So we are almost exclusively talking about southern hemisphere recruits (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.). I believe the principles outlined here would apply in DII and DII as well. This information comes to us courtesy of the Big Ten compliance office and our colleagues at The Ohio State University.

The language of Bylaw 13 is not modified in any way if the prospect being recruited is from the Southern Hemisphere (or any other location using a January – December academic year). The attached summary provides examples of how the rules apply to contacts, phone calls and official visits.


Example: Prospect is currently in his/her junior year (2005 is the junior year) and will graduate from secondary school in December 2006 (i.e., 2006 is the senior year).

1. Telephone Calls – Sports Other Than Football and Basketball: allows telephone calls beginning July 1 following the completion of the junior year. In the above example, the prospect will complete the junior year in December 2005, so phone calls can begin July 1, 2006 – which is really at the midpoint of the senior year.

2. Off-Campus Contacts: Per in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts cannot be made before July 1 following completion of the junior year. In the above example, prospect could not be contacted until after July 1, 2006.

3. Recruiting Materials – Sports Other Than Men’s Basketball: 13.4.1 allows recruiting materials starting September 1 at the beginning of the junior year. In the above example, recruiting materials can be sent beginning September 1, 2005.

4. Official Visits – Sports Other Than Men’s Basketball: permits official visits subsequent to the opening day of classes of the prospect’s senior year. In the above example, the prospect can take an official visit beginning with the start of his/her 2006 academic year (probably January or February, depending on the country) even though telephone calls cannot be made for another 3-4 months.